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An AIM listed Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company

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An AIM listed Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An AIM listed Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company whose near term tactical objective is to: “Build a strong stable platform of assets, generating sufficient cash flow to operate and grow the business.” Who We Are.

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An AIM listed Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company

whose near term tactical objective is to:

“Build a strong stable platform of assets, generating sufficient cash flow to operate and grow the business.”

who we are
Who We Are
  • Sefton Resources, Inc., a British Virgin Island corporation, in the business of oil and gas production through wholly owned subsidiaries TEG Oil & Gas USA Inc. and TEG Mid-Continent Inc. Corporate offices located in Denver, Colorado.
  • The company trades on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market. The trading symbol isSER.
management bios
Management Bios

Jeremy Delmar-Morgan Non-executive Director; Chairman of the Board, Sefton

Over twenty-five years’ experience in the investment and brokerage community. Recently Chairman of Hitchens Harrison, Deputy Director of the Board of the London Symphony Orchestra and Director of a number of private companies. A member of Sefton’s compensation committee and Chairman of the audit committee.

Jim Ellerton Executive Director and CEO, Sefton

Thirty years’ experience in the development and evaluation of oil and gas prospects throughout the major basins of North America. Was one of the original founders of Sefton Resources.

Harry Barnum Executive Director, Sefton; President, TEG USA, Inc.

Vice President of Operations and Engineering for Sefton, and the President of TEG Oil & Gas USA, Inc. Has more than twenty-five years’ industry experience and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Company’s California assets.

Bruce Mackay Executive Director, Sefton; President, TEG Mid-Continent

Vice President Legal, Land and Business Development for Sefton. Has more than thirty years’ industry experience and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Company’s Kansas assets.

Tony Ashton Non-executive Director

A trained Geologist with over forty-five years in the Oil and Gas industry. In 2001, retired as CEO and President of Canada Southern Petroleum LTD. A member of Sefton’s Audit Committee and Chairman of the compensation committee.

where we are
Where We Are
  • Main core area of activity is the East Ventura Basin in California. Sefton owns 100% of two oil fields -- Tapia Canyon (heavy gravity oil) and Eureka Canyon (medium gravity oil) -- both of which have over twenty years of expected production life.
  • Sefton has approximately 50,000 acres, nine miles of gathering and processing facilities in the Forest City Basin of Eastern Kansas with Coal Bed Methane gas prospects in addition to conventional oil and gas prospects.
investing criteria
Investing Criteria
  • Partially developed reserves – with long life
  • Areas located near markets, industry friendly and available support services
  • Control of assets (over 50% and operations)
  • 30% or greater annual rate of return
  • Ability to use modern technology (SAGD; Horizontal Drilling, etc.)
corporate history
Corporate History
  • Tapia: Single asset project
  • IPO: December 2000 (£1,000,000)
  • Blow-out (Nov. 2002)
  • Dilution of equity rather than debt
  • Resume drilling at Tapia
  • Increase assets (geography/commodity diversification)
  • Monetize single asset (Tapia) for maximum cash flow
  • Bank facility 2007 (ability to develop multiple assets)
  • Excellence award for Operations (2009 – California)
  • Solid revenue/profits
  • Develop multiple assets
  • Seek greater market capitalization via investor relations and acquisitions/mergers
teg usa area of operation
TEG USA - Area of Operation

TEG USA operates in the Ventura Basin, North of Los Angeles.

Tapia Canyon Field is located in LA County.

Eureka Field is located in Ventura County.

oil field map of the east ventura basin california

1 km.

Oil Field Map of the East Ventura Basin, California


Los Angeles County

Ventura County

TAPIA OIL FIELD - Los Angeles County, California

Location of Sefton Resources leases showing hilly topography


Interstate 5

tapia oil field snow 3 well log example from sefton resources q1 2008 drilling program
TAPIA OIL FIELD - Snow #3 Well LogExample from Sefton Resources Q1 2008 drilling program

The oil zone is under-reamed to 12” to 14” to allow for an effective filter pack.


Uniform gravel is pumped into the annular space between the screen and formation sand


A stainless steel wire-wrapped screen is placed in the oil productive well bore.


The gravel and screen allow the oil and gas to produce into the well while filtering out formation fines.


The well is drilled through the oil zone & casing pipe is cemented in place.


Oil-saturated sandstone


TAPIA OIL FIELD Typical gravel-pack filter screen completionas used on new oil wells

TAPIA OIL FIELD - Snow Lease WellsEnvironmentally conscious operations in Californiadevelopment from centralized pads minimizes surface impact
tapia oil field improved facilities tank and water re injection facilities have all been upgraded
TAPIA OIL FIELD - Improved FacilitiesTank and water re-injection facilities have all been upgraded
TAPIA OIL FIELD - Steam GeneratorCurrently steaming wells on Snow Lease –trailer mounted for mobility within oil field
tapia oil field yule oil sand structure map showing future well locations and shallow gas deposit

(To Be Used For Steam Source Fuel)

TAPIA OIL FIELD Yule oil sand structure map showing future well locations and shallow gas deposit
eureka oil field geochemical survey 1 500 acre sefton leasehold area







Phase 2 Infill Survey


Eureka Oil Field - Geochemical Survey1,500 Acre Sefton Leasehold Area

Contoured areas indicate Phase 2 positive hydrocarbon signature overlay on Phase 1 survey

teg mid continent area of operation
TEG Mid-Continent Area Of Operation

The Forest City Basin and Eastern Kansas

project overview
Project Overview
  • TEG MidContinent has secured 43,000 acres in the Anderson and Franklin County project and 7,000 acres in the Leavenworth County project.
  • “Anderson and Franklin counties have tremendous CBM potential, and they are economically attractive when gas prices and marketing conditions are favorable” (Onat Report). In addition, there are significant underlying conventional oil and gas opportunities.
  • Leavenworth County has non-depleted conventional gas fields that have not produced in over 10 years as a result of no active gas gathering facilities tying to major transportation pipelines. Providing gathering facilities to existing and future wells will open up this whole area, including recently discovered CBM opportunities.
anderson county land facilities map

Anderson County Land & Facilities Map

Major pipelines ▼

Acquired pipeline & facilities 

Major Oil Fields ▼

PETROL WAVERLY ACQUISITIONTEG MidContinent acquired pipeline and a gas gathering/water disposal system, including 17 inactive wells and 2 salt water disposal wells
In addition, the acquisition provides sales outlet, a 10 mmcf per day processing facility and a “tap” into Quest’s pipeline which provides TEG MidContinent with access to major gas markets
teg midcontinent bourbon arch net coal map
TEG MidContinent Bourbon Arch Net Coal Map

“A net coal isopach of all significant coal seams indicates that thickness varies from 0 to 22 ft. in the Bourbon Arch area with an average of 9 ft. (Johnson, 2004).

Net coal thickness of the TEG MidContinent leases is 11 to 22 ft. in Anderson County, and 13 to 19 ft. in Franklin County”.


Successful operations in the Forest City Basin dictate that multi-zone completions be avoided.

Once wells are completed, properly designed infrastructure and low pressure gathering compression are critical.

All CBM wells will penetrate underlying Mississippian surface where a majority of conventional oil and gas fields are located.

schematic for conventional oil and gas prospects on mississippian just below deepest coal
Schematic for Conventional Oil and Gas Prospects on Mississippian (Just Below Deepest Coal)
leavenworth acreage and pipelines 7 000 acres acquired
Leavenworth Acreage and Pipelines – 7,000 Acres Acquired

Cholla Pipeline 


Pipeline 

provides gathering for third party gas, our own projects, and access to interstate



vanguard pipeline


TEG MidContinent has executed a Letter of Intent to acquire the Vanguard Pipeline which consists of approximately 10 miles of 8” line, 10 miles of 4” line, and 6 miles of 3” line. The cost of the acquisition is $115.000.00

what s next for the company

What’s Next for the Company


٠Improve investor relations

٠ Merger/acquisition (s) for additional growth/expansion


Tapia٠Cyclic Steam

٠ Secure long term gas/water supplies

٠ Drill remaining wells/steam flood

Eureka٠ Surface geology to tie to geochemical survey

٠ Drill wildcat well(s)


Anderson (CBM and Conventional)

٠Complete pilot drilling program

٠ Mississippian geologic study

٠ Gas contract

٠ CBM/conventional oil and gas exploitation

Leavenworth (Conventional and CBM)

٠Complete Vanguard pipeline acquisition

٠ Test line/bring to active status

٠ Acquire additional land/workover existing wells

٠ Gas contracts/drill additional wells

٠ Transport third party gas

  • Strong management team
  • Specific criteria for investments
  • Develop strong cash flow from multiple assets (commodity and geographic location)
  • Growth via internal prospect development, multiple financing vehicles (cash flow, debt, equity and joint venture), and acquisitions/mergers