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Science Jeopardy!. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 400. 400. 400. 400. 400. 400. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500. 100. What two forms of energy does the fire from a burning candle release?. Answer:

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    1. Science Jeopardy! 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500

    2. 100 What two forms of energy does the fire from a burning candle release? Answer: Light and heat (heat=thermal)

    3. 200 • What word means any material that conducts heat and electricity? • Give one example of a material that conducts heat and electricity. Answer: Metal and water

    4. 300 Name 2 materials that are insulators. Answer: Wood, plastic, rubber

    5. 400 Draw a diagram showing the transfer of energy. Put the words in the correct order and draw arrows to indicate energy transfer. Alligator algae minnow Blue Heron sun bass Answer: sun>algae>minnow>bass>blue heron>alligator **Arrow should be pointing to where the energy is going.**

    6. 500 • Frogs are a major predator of fireflies. Explain how energy from the sun is transferred through a firefly to a frog. Answer: The student demonstrates that energy flows from the sun to a producer (plant) to a consumer such as a firefly then to the frog.

    7. 100 At night, thousands of stars are visible from Earth, but during the day we can only see one star, the Sun. Why is the Sun the only star visible to us during the day? Answer: The sun’s light prevents other stars from being seen.

    8. 200 When Jorge looks at the night sky he sees different phases of the moon depending on the time of the month he observes the moon. Why does the moon have different phases during the month? Answer: The moon revolves around the Earth each month.

    9. 300 Put these in order from smallest to largest: Galaxy solar system Universe planet Answer: planet, solar system, galaxy, universe

    10. 400 Carl read a science fiction story in which a woman traveled to a planet in another galaxy. He knows that travel to other galaxies is not yet possible. What is the main reason why humans are not able to travel to other galaxies. Answer: Planets in other galaxies are too far away. It would take longer than one human lifetime to reach another galaxy at the speeds we are currently able to travel.

    11. 500 Mercury and Jupiter are planets in our solar system. Which of these two planets takes longer to travel around the sun? Explain why. You may draw a diagram to help you explain. Answer: Jupiter because it is farther from the sun and has a bigger orbit.

    12. 100 Tim has a wagon that weighs 150kg and a wagon that weighs 200kg. Which wagon requires the most force to move? The wagon that weighs 200kg.

    13. 200 Jacori wants to compare the number of caterpillars in two different areas of the schoolyard. What is the most appropriate way for Jacori to compare the number of caterpillars in two different areas of the schoolyard? Answer: Use a data table to show the number of caterpillars in each area.

    14. 300 Pierre wants to find out if a plant grows taller when given a new fertilizer called EverGrow. He plants seeds in pots and adds the proper amount of fertilizer according to the directions. What else should Pierre do to find out if EverGrow really does make plants grow taller? Answer: He should grow some seeds without fertilizer and compare.

    15. 400 Joe’s little sister slipped in the bathtub and fell. The next day Joe’s mother put a bath mat with a bumpy surface on the floor of the tub. What force was Joe’s mother trying to increase? Answer: Friction

    16. 500 Juan and Kathleen bought model rocket kits. They built identical rockets with identical engines. Juan, however, glued small pieces of a broken bicycle reflector to his rocket to make it more visible in the sky. A. If everything is the same on both rockets except for the reflector pieces, which rocket will travel higher when they are launched at the same time? B. Why would the rocket you selected in part A travel higher? Answer: A. Kathleen’s rocket should go higher than Juan's. B. Kathleen’s rocket has less mass and less air resistance. The reflectors give Juan’s rocket more mass than Kathleen’s.

    17. 100 Name 3 things plants need in order to live. Answer: light, water, carbon dioxide

    18. 200 Some plants have thick and waxy layers on top of their leaves. This reduces water loss from evaporation. Where would a plant without waxy leaves grow successfully. Answer: Where there is plenty of water.

    19. 200 • What are producers and why do consumers need them in order to live? Answer: Plants are producers because they produce their own food through photosynthesis. Humans and other consumers must eat producers or animals that ate producers in order to obtain the energy needed to survive.

    20. 400 All trees need sunlight, water (H2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2). Some trees are taller than others and may have a better chance of surviving than shorter trees. • In a heavily forested area, what source of energy would a taller tree have more of than a shorter tree? • Why would that source of energy give the taller tree a better chance of survival in a heavily forested area than a shorter tree. Answer: A. Taller trees in heavily forested areas can receive more sunlight because nothing blocks the sunlight. B. With more sunlight available, a taller tree can make enough food for itself through photosynthesis. The taller tree may block the sunlight so that shorter trees may not receive enough light to make the needed food.

    21. 500 Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores are all consumers. A. Explain the differences between an herbivore, a carnivore, and an omnivore. B. How do all of these depend on plants to live? Answer: A. Herbivores eat only plants, carnivores eat only animals, omnivores eat both plants and animals. B. Without plants there would be no food for any animals. Only plants can convert the sun’s energy into food.

    22. 100 American Alligators are reptiles that can live in coastal swamps from North Carolina to the tip of Southern Florida. Why are American Alligators unable to survive in places like Alaska? Answer: Alligators are cold-blooded. They need heat to regulate their body temperature.

    23. 200 The skeletal system in the human body helps maintain body shape. Which of the following is another function of the human skeleton? Answer: Protecting the organs in the body.

    24. 300 The timber wolf now inhabitsportions of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The timber wolf is a natural predator of elk, deer, and smaller animals such as rabbits. The mountain lion feeds on similar animals. How would the introduction of the mountain lion into Yellowstone National Park most likely affect the population and food source of the timber wolves? Answer: The mountain lion and the timber wolf would compete for the same food sources. This would decrease the population of the timber wolf. There would also be decreases in the food sources that both the mountain lion and the timber wolf eat.

    25. 400 Many animals such as walruses, seals, polar bears, and penguins live in polar regions. What characteristic do these animals in the polar regions share that shows how they have adapted to cold weather? Walrus seal polar bear penguin Answer: Thick body covering (NOT fur- penguins are birds and are covered in feathers.)

    26. 500 Many animals live on the African plain and compete for the limited food supply. Each type of animal, including the lion, the zebra, the antelope, and the giraffe, has become adapted to a different niche within this environment. Select one of these animals and describe a specialized trait. Explain how this trait helps it to survive. Answer: Answers will vary- should show that student knows that living things compete in a climatic region with other living things and that structural adaptations make them fit for an environment.

    27. 100 What causes day and night on the Earth? Answer: The Earth rotates on its axis.

    28. 200 While visiting the museum of natural history, Marta read the following description on one of the exhibits: “Deep under Earth’s surface there is a layer of red-hot liquid rock called magma. When pressure builds up, it forces the magma, together with ash, smoke, and steam, to burst up through cracks in the ground.” What was the subject of the exhibit? Answer: Volcanoes

    29. 300 How is weathering different from erosion? Answer: Weathering involves the wearing down of materials which then stay where they are. Erosion involves transporting or moving those materials to another place.

    30. 400 Bonus: Answer by working as a team!!! Seasons in North America change as the Earth moves around the sun. Draw a diagram showing Earth’s position around the Sun during each of the four seasons in North America. Be sure to label the North Pole and seasons for each of your drawings. Answer: diagram should be correct and labeled.

    31. 500 Ashley’s science group is doing a report on the sun’s energy and the Earth. Ashley is asked to explain to the class why it is cold at the North and South Pole and hot at the equator. How could she explain this using a flashlight and a globe? Answer: She could explain by shining the flashlight at a globe near the equator. The flashlight will be the sun’s rays. Not much light will reach the poles so not much heat will reach the poles either. Therefore it is colder at the poles and hotter at the equator.