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Data Center Trends to Watch in 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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Data Center Trends to Watch in 2017

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Data Center Trends to Watch in 2017 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IT leaders and industry experts have started to redo their current data centers with the new emerging technologies and this change in IT environment will drive transformation. The coming year will surprise us with many advanced solutions, while also raise concerns related to security of these innovative technologies. Read full article to know the trends and challenges expected in near future.

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2016 turned out to be a year of challenges for data center

professionals and this indicates that the coming time will be even

challenging. Some of the trends such as the emergence of disruptive

technologies, growth in computing power, optimized security

standards etc., will continue. IT infrastructures are experiencing

considerable development and the new technologies are straining

power and density. While data explosion will persist, here are a few

predictions that we must watch in the near future.

Installing new technologies

In order to respond to the growing demands and to stay ahead in the

competitive world, data center have to adopt newer and smarter

technologies. This would assist in keeping a record of real time status

of the equipment and environmental conditions in the facility to

maintain a smooth flow of operations.


The new equipment includes sensors that measure the overall

situation of the IT environment and also monitors network

equipment that further helps in maintaining uptime and reduce

CapEx. New and upgraded version of IT equipment will keep

emerging and it will work to keep the data centers going always.

Security challenges

The rise of new technology is not only multiplying the usage of

resources, but it is also posing as a risk factor that demands better

security. For instance, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud solutions

and software-defined architecture all combined are raising security

concerns that need to be fixed. Business sector such as government,

healthcare, BFSI are in particular focusing more on security,

however, protecting data the traditional way has become a thing of

past and there needs to be a new solution that can tighten business



Experts suggest that security should be integrated into the entire

business operation such as DevOps must be replaced with DevSecOps

for better security.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is the new buzzword and we must have heard it

thousand times that by 2020, 25 Billion devices will be connected,

globally. But this is merely an informative sentence for us readers

but it means more than a jargon for the IT operators. The more the

devices connected, the larger data it will produce. This increases the

greater demand for storage and maintenance and directly data

center service providers are pressurized. Thus, data centers will have

to cope up with the evolving technology and build and utilize

solutions that will help with the management.



As a result, data centers will have to become more agile and

responsive to manage the increasing workload smoothly and

automation could be one of the many beneficial solutions. On the

other hand, automation of DC management activities will soon turn

out to be a standard solution to cut down work load and manual

errors and speed up receptiveness to machine failures. In the long

run to upgrade data center solutions, IT operators will have to

acquire new set of skills and shed the repetitive procedures such as

provisioning storage. These IT companies will need to do away with

single domain experts that deals with older technologies and higher

a completely new set of expertise that are well-known with the

changing trends.


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