Towards a smarter grid a control perspective
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Towards a Smarter Grid: A Control Perspective. Professor, PhD, Jakob Stoustrup Department of Electronic Systems, Automation & Control Aalborg, Oct. 4, 2012. Why we need smart grid control…. Why we need new ctrl. architectures…. Why we need short term control….

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Towards a smarter grid a control perspective

Towards a Smarter Grid: A Control Perspective

Professor, PhD, Jakob Stoustrup

Department of Electronic Systems,

Automation & Control

Aalborg, Oct. 4, 2012

Examples of smart grid projects @ dept electronic systems automation control
Examples of Smart Grid Projects@ Dept. Electronic Systems, Automation & Control

  • EDGE

  • SmartC2Net

  • IVIP

  • iPower

  • Smart & Cool

  • Market Integration of Virtual Power Plants

Edge system reserves
EDGE: System Reserves

Smartc 2 net

  • Enable robust smart grid control utilizing heterogeneous third-party communication infrastructures


  • Variable communication network performance

    • caused by variable traffic load and accidental faults

    • affecting quality of input data and timeliness of control actions

  • Security threats

    • due to additional network interfaces and

    • the use of off-the-shelf communication technology

Smartc 2 net consortium
SmartC2Net Consortium

8 partners from 6 European countries (AT, DK, GE, IT, PT, NL)

+ Expert Advisory Board (5 DSOs)

IFIV: Remote control of heat pumps for smart grid purposes

  • Purpose: to moveconsumptionaccording to wind power production.

  • Elspotprices and wind power productioncorrelates.

  • Balance Responsible Party (BRP) optimizeElspotpurchasebased on

  • Elspotpriceestimates

  • Weatherforecast

  • House parameters

The BRP controls the individual heat pumps.

For eachhour an amount of energy is bought in advance.

Each house is controlled by the VPP in orderkeep the house temperature within a predefined band using the boughtenergy.

The VPP calculates the possibleregulating power eachhour.


Tested on 6 inhabited single family houses.

Results for one house 18-19 April 2012 is shown.

Spot plan power is the purchasedenergy for the house.

Active plan power is the real time control signal to the house.

Heat pump power is measured power from the heat pump.

It is seenthat the active plan is approximately the same as the spot plan power.

The room temperature is within the comfortbounds.

A lowthresholdvalue on the heatedwater tank temperature forces additional heat pump starts.

Participants opening

Total 35 Partners ( 32 Legal entities)

22 Industrial companies

  • 9SMV’s : (Develco Products, ENFOR Greentech Solutions, QEES, Greenwave Reality, Zense Technology, Nilan, Saseco)

  • 6 following companies : ( Electronic Housekeeper, Gridmanager, KPMG, Lodam Electronics, NeoGrid Technologies, Vestfrost Solutions)

  • 8 Large companies : DONG, Danfoss, Grundfos, Vestas, IBM, NEAS (Nordjysk Elhandel), COWI, Balslev

    10 Universities and Recognized institutes

  • 4 Danish : AAU ( Allborg University), DTI (Teknologisk Institut), DSKD (Kolding Designskole), DTU (Risoe, CET, IMM, MAN)

  • 5 International : (Lund, Dublin, Illinois, Berkley, National Consumer Research Center -Finland)

  • 1 Organization : DE (Dansk Energi - DEFU)

Project packages overview
Project Packages overview

Platform Management Anders Troi

WP 0

  • Basic research

  • Business research

  • IPR driven research

  • Test and demonstration

  • Networks

  • Business models

Jacob Østergaard

Frank Elefsen

Domestic Demand Response

WP 1

Industrial Demand Response

WP 2

Distribution Grid Operation

WP 3

Control and Market Operation

WP 4

Socio-economic and Investor Evaluation

WP 5

Consumer Behaviour

WP 6

Information Sharing Platform

WP 7

Smart cool adaptive balancing of consumption in supermarkets
Smart & Cool: Adaptive balancing of consumption in supermarkets

The overall goal of the project is to allow an increase in penetration of wind energy in the power grid. This will be realized by the optimal distribution of consumption in refrigeration systems and electricity production.

  • Participants:

  • DONG Energy

  • Danfoss


  • AAU, ES, Automation & Control

  • KVCA

  • Size:

  • 4 PhD students

flexibility in energy consumption (cool) - at AAU supermarkets

flexibility in consumption and production (cool-smart) - at DTU

flexibility in energy production and consumption (smart-cool) - at AAU

flexibility in energy production (smart) - at AAU

4 PhD students

Market integration of virtual power plants
Market Integration of Virtual Power Plants supermarkets

  • Industrial PhD student: Mette Kirschmeyer Petersen

  • Partners: DONG Energy, Aalborg University

Challenge: how to aggregate distributed energy resour-ces optimally