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Regressing – The Britney

Regressing – The Britney. (includes bursting into tears/whining/simpering/tantrum). Flirting –The Marilyn . Outsourcing – The Blair. Attacking First – The Madea. Being Direct – The Leader . Sotomayor. Clinton. Peggy Klaus. Secret Weapons. Soft Skills. Are teachable

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Regressing – The Britney

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  1. Regressing – The Britney (includes bursting into tears/whining/simpering/tantrum)

  2. Flirting –The Marilyn

  3. Outsourcing – The Blair

  4. Attacking First – The Madea

  5. Being Direct – The Leader Sotomayor Clinton

  6. Peggy Klaus

  7. Secret Weapons

  8. Soft Skills • Are teachable • Encompass personal, social, communication, and self-management behaviors. • Cover a wide spectrum of abilities and traits: self-awareness, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, adaptability, critical thinking, attitude, initiative, empathy, confidence, integrity, self-control, organization, likability, problem solving, leadership, time-management

  9. Soft Skill: “De-Fuse and Ask” 1. De-fuse: Take the situation down a notch. • Breathe, take a walk if you have to, remind yourself of your Big Goal • Avoid making statements of defense, excuse, or attack 2. Ask a question • Anything interrogative works, as long as it moves the conversation forward. Examples: • “Can you help me?”, or “What can I do next time?” or, What do you think I should do now?”

  10. Before I used to…and now I

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