g4 simulation status and validation strategy n.
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G4 simulation: status and validation strategy

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G4 simulation: status and validation strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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G4 simulation: status and validation strategy. Goals Contributors Status Needed plots Future tasks. EMC clusters. HER. LER. Luminosity. Beam-beam. Goals of the simulation. Tool for remediating interactions of beam related backgrounds

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g4 simulation status and validation strategy

G4 simulation: status and validation strategy




Needed plots

Future tasks

MDI meeting

goals of the simulation

EMC clusters





Goals of the simulation
  • Tool for remediating interactions of beam related backgrounds
    • Degraded electrons from beam-gas interactions (Coulomb, Bremstrahlung)
    • Debris from Bhabha scattering (gamma-nuclear, electro-nuclear)

In BaBar detector components

    • DCH, EMC most vulnerable (from B. Peterson plenary, Feb. 2004)
  • Prediction of backgrounds in 2005/6 IP upgrade relative to current levels
    • Changes to B1, Q1 fields to ameliorate parasitic losses, reduce by*

MDI meeting

g4 based simulation of pep beam backgrounds
G4-based simulation of PEP beam backgrounds
  • What has been added to the G4 simulation:
    • improved interaction physics models:
      • Bertini cascade model (hadronics)
      • “high precision” package for neutrons (thermalization, capture)
    • Bhabha generators:
      • bbbrem (forward beam Bremsstrahlung)
      • bhlumi (small angle radiative)
    • Geometry:
      • detailed model of vacuum chambers and magnets through Q5
      • neutron counters
    • Magnetic fields:
      • B1, Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5 main fields
      • correctors
      • solenoid fringe field outside measurement grid
    • Analysis packages:
      • BgsUser: MC truth, TURTLE, GHits (G4) - ntp666
      • PepBkgMon: Trigger, digis


MDI meeting

  • Coordination of G4-based simulation: - W. Lockman
  • Machine lattice & apertures (TURTLE): - T. Fieguth, R. Barlow
  • bhabha generators (bbbrem, bhlumi): - N. Blount, WL
  • PEP beam line geometry: - M. Bondioli, G. Calderini, WL
  • PEP beam line magnetic field model: - G. Bower, WL
  • hadronics: - D. Wright
  • Analysis ntuples: - WL
  • Validation: optics and apertures: - WL, GRB, TF, GC
    • SVT analysis: - Brian Petersen
    • DCH analysis: - M. Cristinziani
    • DRC analysis: - D. Aston, GRB, J. Va’vra
    • EMC analysis: - C. Edgar
    • neutron physics: - GRB

MDI meeting

  • Generators:
    • bbbrem: validated, deployed (WL)
    • bhlumi: validated, deployed (NB)
  • Nuclear interaction modeling:
    • e/g nuclear processes added
    • HP package deployed
      • neutron fission and capture added
    • Bertini cascade model validated and deployed
    • neutron thermalization, capture, n-alpha processes being validated (GRB)
      • n+p -> Dg (in DRC water tank)
      • 10B5 + n -> 7Li3 + 4He2 (in neutron counters)

MDI meeting

  • Vacuum chamber geometry:
    • detailed models of Q2 septa
      • important source of backgrounds
    • LER complete through Q5
    • HER complete through Q4
    • validated visually
      • against CAD model and drawings
      • vrml fly-through
      • x-ray cross section plots
    • G4 vs. TURTLE LER vacuum chamber hit comparison
      • combined check of optics and apertures
      • minor aperture differences between G4 and TURTLE at front face of forward Q2 septum

MDI meeting


slope: 40mm/mr

dx(z=-789 cm)

O(1) TRANSPORT: 36 mm/mr

dx’(z=+771 cm) (radians)

  • Magnets and fields:
    • B1, Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5, correctors, solenoid field+fringe
    • validated against:
      • magbends (repaired a sign error in SKEW QUAD SK1 rotation)
      • TURTLE (beam ellipse study)
      • Transport (launch angle study)

MDI meeting

  • Analysis ntuple:
    • common framework for single-beam and luminosity related background studies by subsystems experts with access to
      • Monte Carlo information:
        • Truth
        • TURTLE
        • GHit
      • Trigger and raw data information
  • Samples:
    • Data
    • Monte Carlo
      • forward beam Bremsstrahlung (bbbrem)
      • radiative Bhabha (bhlumi)
      • LER coulomb and Bremsstrahlung scattered TURTLE rays
  • Subsystems: please analyze
      • see planning document

MDI meeting

needed plots data samples
Needed plots/data samples
  • Single beam:
    • LER, HER single beam vacuum chamber dose rates from TURTLE simulation
    • HER rays for G4 studies
    • subsystem occupancy plots
  • Colliding beam:
    • Bhabha vacuum chamber dose rates (E*s) from TURTLE simulation with updated apertures
    • subsystem occupancy plots

MDI meeting

extra slides
Extra slides

MDI meeting

future monte carlo tasks
Future Monte Carlo tasks
  • TURTLE rays:
    • corresponding to PEP-II upgrade lattice
  • Geometry:
    • Add missing SVT material outside the tracking volume
      • flat cables
      • matching cards
    • improve model of B1/Q1 synchrotron masks
    • Add Q5 HER forward and backward vacuum chambers
    • replace cloned parts of the vacuum chamber
    • Follow updates to real vacuum chamber:
      • forward Q2 septum
      • Q4/Q5 HER
    • Add IFR shielding wall
  • Magnetic fields:
    • inside permanent magnet Samarium cobalt

MDI meeting