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Tel Aviv University Blavatanik School of Computer Science Google Workshop for Web Technologies, 2009-2010. Birthday+. Eugene Rozenberg Olga Vingurt Irena Letuchaya Jenia Zilber. What’s Birthday+ all about(1). Share your events with your friends. Share your wish list with your friends.

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Presentation Transcript
Tel Aviv University

Blavatanik School of Computer Science

Google Workshop for Web Technologies, 2009-2010


Eugene Rozenberg

Olga Vingurt

Irena Letuchaya

Jenia Zilber

what s birthday all about 1
What’s Birthday+ all about(1)
  • Share your events with your friends.
  • Share your wish list with your friends.
  • Event reminder.
  • If you are looking for a present for your friend and don’t know what to buy, just look in the friend’s wish list.
what s birthday all about 2
What’s Birthday+ all about(2)
  • Group Gift - participation management
    • If the present is cheap, you can buy it alone.
    • If the present is valued, you want to participate partly in selected present with other friends.
look feel 1
Look & Feel (1)
  • Events tab
    • Display future events in a list
    • Manage your own events
    • If you click on a friend’s event, you will see his wish list
  • Wish list tab
    • Manage your wish list
look feel 2
Look & Feel (2)
  • I buy tab
    • Presents I chose to give (alone and as a group member)
    • You can cancel if you don’t want to give
    • You can see updates for the item you’re buying as a group
    • Chat with your group
existing features
Existing Features

View your friends events

Manage your events

Manage your wish list

Reserve and buy a gift for a friend


iGoogle gadget container for the application


OpenSocial for retrieving friends

AppEngine + BigTable (database + site repository)

GQL (work with BigTable)

RPC Calls

team work
Team work
  • Each member have separate area of expertise
    • Server side: server logic, GQL, RPC (1 members)
    • Client side: GWT, Open Social, RPC (3 members)
    • Build class client/server architecture (2 members)
problems 1

GWT Gadget has huge bug with RPC Calls structure

RemoteServiceProxy does a POST to send data and iGoogle container seems not to support POST anymore.


Make POST request with OpenSocialmakeRequest.

problems 2
  • DAL objects couldn't serialize for GWT
    • So we had to separate business object to DB objects and data transfer objects.
problems 3
  • Big Table problem
    • We have a base class and a child class.
    • Persist child items only.
    • Members of base class wasn't saved in the database.
    • We need two classes, one of them aggregated the other.
    • The primary key that was suitable for the main class was string. But it didn't allow the aggregated classes to be connected to father.
  • Solution
    • removing inheritance and partially code duplication
    • Change primary key to be of type "Key“
problems 31
  • Google's JDOQL
    • Implementation (datanucleous) isn't complaint to a standard. We had issues with parameters passing that work different than in standard.
problems 4
  • Running in Hosted mode during development - debug as Gadget
    • Can’t debug in OpenSocial container iGoogle.
  • Solution
    • Haven't found a solution yet
next features
Next Features

Improve GUI (work with CSS)

Manage a group of friends that want to buy a present together for specific event

Calendar reminders for events (AppEngineGoogle Calendar API)

Close group email reminder

Work with CRON (remove unclosed groups from database after the event expired)


nice to have features
Nice to have features

Make virtual money transfer to person that will buy a group present, using Google Checkout.

Import friends’ events from other social networks.