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  1. BIRTHDAYGREETINGS Suming ChenJohn HwangDamandip Sanghera

  2. What’s the need? • The ability to give someone a birthday card over Facebook. • The current way of saying “Happy Birthday” over Facebook does not allow for any creative or visual personalization of the message.

  3. How to address the need? • We will be catering to the mutual friends of the birthday card recipient. • The idea of having a group of mutual friends being able to send out a birthday card to a birthday friend and being able to contribute content cooperatively. • This approach will allow the user to see what mutual friends they have with the birthday person, and then the user has a chance to send invitations to those mutual friends so that they can help build the birthday card.

  4. Demonstration

  5. Architecture Diagram

  6. User Study Methodology • Since our application is really focused on the fact that users can band together to group sign a card, we thought it would be best to watch two people concurrently try to create a card and contribute to it. • Our method of observing these activities was to be with the pair in real life and record the time they spent on each feature. • We would ask them, time to time, if they had any complaints or suggestions, while we recorded the data onto our laptops. • We used a Likert scale to quantify the user’s experience.

  7. Summary of User Study • The users seemed to like the colors and fonts. They also thought the navigation was smooth compared to other Facebook applications.  • It seemed that the users felt like the final product was worth the effort, since the slideshow would be displayed for everyone to see. • Another general consensus among users was that it was annoying not have a back button. • A pair of the users we interviewed had a problem as one of them sent the card before the other had even had a chance to contribute anything.

  8. Conclusions of User Study • Add an option to delete unwanted photographs.  • Add a back button to the Upload Pictures and Palette/Drawer page, so that a user could have an easier time navigating.  • Put a reminder at the top of the screen so that only the user who initially created the card can send the card.  

  9. DesignChanges • A “ready system” will be implemented so that contributors to the card can tell the creator of the card when they have finished contributing, so the creator knows when to send the card. • Improve the palette/drawer.  Most users seemed to find it not as intuitive and easy to use as the Graffiti application.  • Our palette/drawer saves a picture much slower than the Graffiti application, so the foremost improvement we would have to make is to lessen the time it takes to save the picture.  • Adding music to the contributions page.