the tapestry of friendship n.
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The Tapestry of Friendship PowerPoint Presentation
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The Tapestry of Friendship

The Tapestry of Friendship

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The Tapestry of Friendship

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  1. The Tapestry of Friendship —Ellen Goodman

  2. About the author • Ellen Goodman • She is an American original. Her abundant talents--intellect, wit, style, news judgment--set her apart with an élan uniquely her own. Her Pulitzer Prize winning commentary appears in more than 375 newspapers.

  3. Ellen Goodman, is a Boston Globe Online columnist and a stylish writer with a humanizing touch on any issue, public or personal. She is widely acclaimed as a voice of sanity, and readers depend on her to help them make sense of their changing lives and relationships.

  4. What’s friendship? • F: Friendly • R: Respect • I: Integrity • E: Encouraging • N: Nice • D: Diversity • S: Sincerity • H: Helpful • I: Individual • P: Politeness

  5. What can friendships give? • Fun • Ways To Share Feelings • Learn New Skills • Find Understanding and Support • Ways To Feel Needed And Useful • You Can Be Yourself

  6. The kinds of friendships • Same Gender • Male-female • Group

  7. Warm-up questions • What’s your standard when you choose friends? • Do you think there are real friendship between men and women?

  8. Language Work • budget: v. 政府将一千万英镑纳入教育预算。 • chase:V. follow someone or something rapidly in order to catch them She chased the thief for 100 yards. make someone or something leave or run away (chase sb/sth out) 她把猫赶出了厨房。

  9. 3. to try hard to make someone notice you and pay attention to you, because you want to have a sexual relationship with them He’d chased after her for three years, but she finally married another man. It was embarrassing-Louise spent the entire party chasing me. • 4. to use a lot of time and effort trying to get something such as work or money The solicitor’s doing everything she can to chase the contract.

  10. drastic v. 他的观点引起激烈的争论。 Our budget needs drastic revision. trendy:trendy clothes • The trendy rock group is only a flash - in - the - pan.

  11. flick v. 1.我们去看电影吧。 2. to make something move away by hitting or pushing it suddenly or quickly flick sth from/off flick sth away/off

  12. Papa flicked the ash from his cigar. • 我拂去他肩上的头皮屑。 • attach vt. • The picture was attached to the wall by a nail. • This middle school is attached to a normal college. • She is very attached to old customs and habits.

  13. attachment n. • The computer has various attachments. • I have a special attachment for this city. • She’s on attachment to the Ministry of Defence. • wretched adj.

  14. very badly or ill I lay in bed feeling thoroughly wretched. 2. Making you feel annoyed or angry 多么讨厌的天气呀! 3. extremely bad or of very poor quality 恶劣的生活条件 4. unlucky or pitiful The wretched man has lost all his money.

  15. grieve v • Vt: make you very unhappy It grieves me to see him in such bad health. • Vi: feel sad, (especially because someone you love had died) She was grieving for the dead baby. 我为自己的行为感到痛心。

  16. grievance n. have/nurse a grievance against sb

  17. About the text • This text is taken from Close to Home, which was published by The Boston Globe Company / Washington Post Writers Group in 1979. • This text distinguishes two kinds of friendship: that between men and that between women. It can be divided into four parts.

  18. Part I paragraph 1-2 • In this part the author reveals what kind of film the woman had just seen and what attitude she had to it.

  19. Part II paragraph 3-6 • This part describes the woman’s observation of the shift of focus of the cinema and advances the argument for the distinction between the two types of friendship: that between men and that between women.

  20. Part III paragraph 7-18 • This part discusses in detail the distinctions between the Male Buddiness and the Female Friendship.

  21. Part IV paragraph 19 • This part is the Conclusion of the text, which restates the distinction between the two types of friendship.