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The bridge of friendship PowerPoint Presentation
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The bridge of friendship

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The bridge of friendship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The bridge of friendship

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  1. I bambini e le bambine della classe IIIA della scuola Primaria di Passignano sono lieti di presentarvi una storia: The boys and girls of the class IIIA of the Primary school in Passignano are happy to introduce you a story:

  2. The bridge of friendship

  3. Two farmers lived on the banks of a river, one on the right bank and the other on the left one. They quarrelled every day.

  4. At midday they stayed under the trees’ shadow and slept, while their sons sat on the banks of the rivers and they got bored.

  5. One day the water of the river became lower and the sons of the two men, jumping on the stones, met together.

  6. They started telling each other the stories of the right and left bank of the river.

  7. The parents realized that their children knew many new things.

  8. The boys told their parents about their meetings and the adults decided to build a bridge with the stones of the river.

  9. It was a very beautiful bridge made like an arch, similar to the rainbow the sun draws on the sky after a storm.

  10. This is the translation into English of the letter we wrote to our European friends. Dear friends, We are the boys and girls attending the class IIIA of the Primary school in Passignano. We do not know each other, but our teacher Gabriella was with you during your visit in Italy last November: she visited Florence with you and showed you the castle of Passignano. Our teacher told us that in Florence you visited an important museum, Galleria degli Uffizi, where there are the work of many important artists, famous all over the world. Also, you saw the river Arno which runs through the town. The most famous bridge is Ponte Vecchio, where there many wonderful jewelry stores. The castle of Passignano is located in the high part of the village. There are also many ancient houses, ruined by the time. From over there, you can see the Trasimeno lake and its three islands: Minore, Maggiore and Polvese island. Italy is a very beautiful country and we imagine that your country is wonderful too. At school we read a story named «The bridge of friendship», that we are sending you together with this letter. The story is about a bridge that unites two worlds and makes two kids friends. With many best wishes from the pupils and teacher Gabriella.