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ALUMNI. What are they thinking???. Why Survey Our Alumni?. Alumni are a primary “constituency” and they can tell us much about how we are doing – they are the long term pulse of the University

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What are they thinking???

why survey our alumni
Why Survey Our Alumni?
  • Alumni are a primary “constituency” and they can tell us much about how we are doing – they are the long term pulse of the University
  • Engaged and successful Alumni can be some of our best ambassadors, mentors and employers of successive generations of alumni
why survey our alumni1
Why Survey Our Alumni?
  • From a fiscal standpoint, alumni are our largest volume resource
  • Alumni work in many of the businesses we wish to reach and may have influence in their decisions –their presence gives us leverage when approaching the businesses who employ them.
  • We know that as of 5 years ago, some had significant, identifiable ability to give – but an alumni with ability does not necessarily equate to an alumni gift.
who did we ask
Who did we ask?
  • Surveys were mailed to 2,500 of just less than 25,000 “mail-able” alumni
  • Majors were divided in a “left brain/right brain” manner to the extent possible.
  • An array of alumni statistically representative of the current alumni body was surveyed with a focus on the decades from the 50’s through the 90’s.
  • An introductory postcard, two copies of the survey and two reminders were mailed. Responses were received in the mail and online.
  • 91 of the 2500 were returned by the Post Office
  • 459 surveys were completed at least in part. (5 of these had IDs removed).
what type of questions did we ask
What type of questions did we ask?
  • Are you satisfied with your Purdue University Calumet experiences to date?
  • Are the University’s communications relevant?
  • What can we do for you and what would you consider doing for Purdue Calumet?
  • Are your resources engaged in other activities? If so, what type of activity?
How satisfied are you with your experiences as a former student at PUC?
  • 35.1% - Very satisfied
  • 40.8% - Moderately satisfied
  • 19.9% - Neutral
  • 2.4% - Somewhat dissatisfied
  • 0.7% - Very dissatisfied
  • 1.5% - did not answer
What is your current level of involvement in the following types of organizations or activities?Most often chosen:
  • Religious
  • Frequent 26.9%
  • Often 20.3%
  • Moderate 16%
  • Service
  • Frequent 13.9%
  • Often 14.6%
  • Moderate 26.0%
our alumni are busy people they report they are moderately active in
Social Groups 35.5%

Community 26.9%

Service Orgs 26.0%

Cultural/The Arts 25.8%

Continuing Ed 22.7%

Professional 21.9%

Youth Oriented 21.2%

Environmental 20.3%

Religious 16.6%

Political 14.3%

Adult level sports 13.0%

Pre-school-12 (PTA) 10.2%

PAAC 2.4%

Our alumni are busy people – they report they are moderately active in:
what about paac
What about PAAC?
  • 66.9% of respondents state that they know about the Alumni Association but have not participated.
  • 63.1% of respondents are not familiar with the services offered by the Alumni Association.
how can your alumni association and the university website serve you
Professional Development Seminars

Career Services

Discount Internet Access

Group Insurance

License Plates

E-learning Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

How can your Alumni Association and the University website serve you?
can you hear us now
How often do you hear from Purdue University Calumet?

1.1% Weekly

5.5% Monthly

45.5% Quarterly

30.9% Annually

8.6% Not at all

8.2% No response

How often would you like to hear from us?

0.4% Weekly

13.5% Monthly

43.0% Quarterly

24.5% Annually

12.4% Not at all

6.2% No response

Can you hear us now?
Have you ever been asked for a gift by Purdue University Calumet?
  • 80.1% Yes
  • 5.5% No
  • 11.0% Unsure
  • Do you currently make monetary donations to Purdue University Calumet?
  • 22.1% Yes
  • 70.2% No
  • 4.4% Can’t say
if not why not
If not, why not?
  • 20.1% Couldn’t afford
  • 15.5% I do not believe that PUC needs my financial support

Common threads:

  • “I would rather donate to charitable organizations”
  • “It is supported by my tax dollars”
  • “I give to West Lafayette”
  • “I paid my tuition”

What are

YOU thinking?