chapter 5 the gender role revolution n.
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Chapter 5 The GENDER-ROLE REVOLUTION PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. New Era Interactive English Level 3 Chapter 5 The GENDER-ROLE REVOLUTION

  2. Reading one Reading two Writing skill Translation skill

  3. Teaching Objective • Understand the main idea of reading 1 and 2 • Learn to identify causes and effects • Appreciate the technique employed by the writer: the use of defining strategies in his definition of words and expressions.

  4. Teaching Objective • Master the key language points and grammatical structures in the text. • Recognize and use the bibliographic citation • Understand the limitations of Dictionaries in translation

  5. Reading oneWomen’s Changing Roles

  6. Warm-up questions • Reading skill: identifying causes and effects • Background information • Text structure • Language study

  7. Warm-up Questions

  8. Warm-up Questions • 1. Who do the most of house chores in your family? And Who has the say in your family? • 2. Are Chinese women enjoy more freedom than women in other countries?

  9. Warm-up Questions • 3. Do you think the society offers the same job opportunities to women as to men in China? Why? • 4. What determines the roles of men and women in the family?

  10. Reading Skill Identifying causes and effects

  11. Identifying causes and effects • Learn to identify causes and effects in readings can help better understand the relationship between main ideas.

  12. Identifying causes and effects In cause and effect analysis, the causes usually refers to one or several actions, events, attitudes, and conditions in the past, which explains why something happened. It helps to answer the Why? • Why causes

  13. Identifying causes and effects What happen after effects • The effect, on the other hand, examines the consequences of the cause. It answers the question So What?

  14. Identifying causes and effects In reading one , you will find what the conditions for women are (causes) and how their roles change accordingly (the effects). Please fill in the following chart with the effects you can find when you read through the text.

  15. Identifying causes and effects EFFECTS OF CONDITIONS FOR WOMEN CAUSES EFFECTS

  16. Background Information


  18. Bali,well known as a paradise island, a land of a thousand gods, thousand temples, thousand dances, is located at the Pacific Ocean, is part of the Republic of Indonesia just below the equatorial line, on latitude 8 degree south and longitude 115 degree east.

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  20. There is the combination of the friendly people, the natural attractions, the great variety of things to see and do, the year-round pleasant climate, and the absence of security problems. And then there is Bali's special "magic", which is difficult to explain.

  21. As soon as you step off the plane you might sense the difference. In the villages you'll notice the quietness and wisdom in old people's faces, and the interest and respect in the young's. Old men sit at the road side caressing their fighting cocks. Beautifully dressed women walk proudly through rice fields and forests carrying offerings on their heads to the next temple. There is the smell of flowers, and in the distance you hear the sound of gamelan music.

  22. Gods and spirits have been an important part of Bali's daily life for hundreds of years. Gunung Agung – Bali's holy mountain – is internationally regarded as one of the eight "Chakra" points of the world. This may be more than an coincident. Watch out, the moment you feel the magic of this island, you're addicted for the rest of your life.

  23. Text Stucture

  24. Text Stucture • 1.Men and women had same set roles in the earliest times. • 2. Men have all the privileges in the patriarchal societies. • 3. There have exceptions in history. • 4. Women are under the domination of men in the Middle East. • Part I (para1-6) The roles of men and women in patriarchal society • Part II (para7-9) The reason for the set roles of women Women’s role has been set by child birth

  25. Text Stucture 1.The principle agent of change is attributed to improved contraception. 2.Women take full part in different works of life. 3. Women win protection from law. • Part III (para10-12) Women’s roles changing in recent 100 years • Part IV (para13) Women deserving respect and opportunities

  26. Language Study

  27. defer to (sb/sth) yield to sb or their wishes, judgment, etc, usu because of respect On technical matters, I defer to the experts. I defer to your greater experience in such things.

  28. access n. accessible adj. accessibiliy n. (1) ~ to : a means of approaching or entering a place; e.g. The only access to the farmhouse is across the fields. Some theaters still don’t have wheelchair access.

  29. (2) ~ to sb/sth : the opportunity or right to use sth or approach sb. e.g. Students can still have access to the library at summer vacation. Journalists were denied access to the president.

  30. access v. (1) to approach, enter or use sth eg. Students can still access to the library at summer vacation. (2) to open a computer file in order to get information from or put information into it eg. She accessed three different files to find the correct information.

  31. in terms of (1) as regards sth The job is great in terms of salary but there are disadvantages. (2) from the basis of sth She judges everyone in terms of her own standards.

  32. Cf. on equal terms : as equals ; with neither side being superior to the other不相上下, 相匹敌 I hope you are able to trade on equal terms with overseas companies. On one’s own terms/sb else’s terms: with conditions that one/sb else decides 照自己(旁人)的意思或决定做某事 If he agrees to do this, it will be on his own terms.

  33. confine v. (1)~ sb/sth to sth: to restrict or keep sb/sth within certain limits I wish the speaker would confine himself to the subject (2) to keep a person or an animal in a small or enclosed space After operation, she was confined to bed for a week. I would hate to be confined in an office all day.

  34. confined adj. small and enclosed It was difficult to work in such a confined space. . the state of being confined cf. confines n. (pl.) limits; borders; boundaries beyond the confines of human knowledge confinement n.

  35. in consequence of as a consequence of The child was born deformed in consequence of an injury to its mother. as a result of

  36. lesser adj. [attrib] not as great or important as the other or others He is stubborn, and so is she, but to a lesser degree. The lesser-known islands The artist’s lesser works

  37. “ For lesser offenses, a husband can simply declare ‘divorce you’ three times for a divorce to be legally binding.” To lesser extent, a husband can divorce his wife legally only if the husband says “I divorce you” three times.

  38. binding adj. placing a legal obligation on sb. 有约束力的, 有束缚力的 e.g. The agreement is binding on both parties. This regulation is binding on everybody. 本规则皆须遵守。

  39. render v. to cause sb/sth to be in a specified condition 使成, 致使 e.g. Hundreds of people were rendered homeless by the earthquake. He was rendered helpless by an accident.

  40. fall into (1)be caught by sb’s trap They fell righ into our trap. (2)be dividll righed into This topic falls naturally into three sections.

  41. (3) to begin or have by chance fall into sleep I fell into conversation with someone who said he knew you.

  42. be responsible for • have the duty or job of doing sth. so that someone can be blamed if there is something wrong Parents are responsible to their children for teaching them the differences between the right and wrong. (2)be the cause of Smoking is responsible for many cases of lung cancer.

  43. in view of taking sth. into account In view of weather, the event will be held indoors. being shown to the public The whole design of the new school is on view at the hall. on view

  44. “Women who could not control when they were likely to have children, could not be expected to dedicated themselves to a long term education or rise through levels of responsibility in a job.” Woman’s career is often interrupted by giving birth to a child and thus it is impossible to get promoted in her job.

  45. dedication n. dedicate v. dedicatedadj. ~ oneself/sth. to sth./doing sth.: to give or devote oneself , time, effort, etc. to a good cause or purpose She dedicates her life to helping the poor.

  46. dedicatedadj. dedication n. She is totally dedicated to her work. I admire your dedication to your work

  47. attribute v. attributed adj. ~ sth to (sb/sth) to regard sth as belonging to, caused by or produced by This play is usually attributed to Shakespeare. She attributed her success to her hard work and a bit of luck.

  48. attributed adj. The fall in price is attributable to a sharp reduction in demand. Cf. : a quality forming part of the nature of a person or thing Patience is one of the most important attributes in a teacher. attribute n.

  49. agent n. (1) a person who does sth or causes sth to happen原因; 动因; the agent of his own ruin (2) a force or substance that produces an effect or change引起变化的力量或物质: a chemical agent Rain and sun are the agents which help plants to grow.

  50. “ …they in turn became role models for younger women who began to see life beyond making meals and caring for infants.” At the same time , they became the younger women’s models . The younger women follow them up to take full part in different works of life in addition to making meals and caring for babies at home.