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Week 15

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Week 15 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Week 15. Monday May 5 th JF #9 The monster learns that the most respected men in society have wealth and influence, is this true today in our society? Explain.

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Monday May 5thJF #9 The monster learns that the most respected men in society have wealth and influence, is this true today in our society? Explain.

  • Objectives: & what I take away:1) read and make reflections on reading 2) read and discuss novel chapter 18 3) review the key ideas of chapter 17 4) hand in practice for assessment 5) independent reading and note taking of chapter 19 6) record meaningful learning for the day.
  • I can SSR (8 + 2) and record something meaningful from my reading
  • I can read chapter 18 with the class – take notes and do a timeline - on the other side I will do my quiz for chapter 17.
  • I can take the quiz for chapter 17 from the next slide on my notes page and hand it in.
  • I can hand in my homework – record of chapter 17
  • I can, on my own, read chapter 19 after the quiz, and make a question or more from each page of chapter 19 – it will have answers for each question and be handed in tomorrow
  • I can remember to do a take away.
chapter 17 review quiz
Chapter 17 review quiz
  • The Creature demanded that Victor make this for him:
  • In the 4th paragraph the Creature says he is malicious for this reason:
  • If Victor does as the Creature requests, where will the Creature go?
  • Victor says he mistrusts the Creature for the serious injuries that he has already done to Victor – explain how the Creature is responsible for William’s death – why him? And Justine – how did he set her up?
  • What is Victor’s decision to the Creature’s request?
  • Would you have made the same decision? Explain.
  • Can it ever be okay to do something so wrong (like what Victor has agreed to do) so as to save lives and preserve good? Explain.

8 – 10. Finish this: Something from the story that I wonder about, or a question it has raised for me is:

funsies name that book
Funsies – name that book:
  • Author: Bo Lyne
  • Title: Basic Knots
  • Author: Piers Earz
  • Title: careers in Jewelry
  • Author: Dale E. Chorz
  • Title: Clean Your Room
  • Author: Earl E. Rizer
  • Up at Dawn
  • Classic novel of the insect world: The prince and the…
  • Paupa
Tuesday May 6thJF #10 In what way is the creator of a monster really the monster? I can hand in my journals.
  • Objectives: & what I take away1) sharing observations of chapter 19 with peers 2) discussing chapter 19 3) read with others chapter 20 and make meaning of the chapter 4) practice reading strategies to improve comprehension.
  • I can meet with my reading group and share my questions and answers to chapter 19 – we will present a few to Mr. Norton when he comes around to collect them.
  • I can read with my reading group chapter 20. We can complete all the parts of the reading/book club handout – each person doing one or more parts. We can hand it in.
  • I can do a take away.
funsies tom swifties
Funsies: Tom Swifties
  • How are the elements organized? Tom asked
  • Periodically.
  • Have you seen my brain? Tom asked,
  • Absentmindedly
  • I’ve got plumbing to do! Tom
  • Piped up.
  • Something to make you go hmmm…
  • Why does the sun darken skin but lighten hair?

Wednesday May 7thJG #1 Should the creature be held responsible for murder and for framing an innocent person, or should he be considered deranged by grief and unable to control himself because he is a victim of forces beyond his control? (remember the Creature is not even 5 years old)

  • Objectives: 1) independent reading and meaningful record 2) reading for meaning – own study guide 3) reading for meaning and demonstrating thinking about reading
  • I can SSR (8 + 2) and record something meaningful from my reading
  • I can read chapter 21 with the class and take notes to hand in at the completion of it –write what is important to you, significant to you, new to you, etc. Hand it in before I go out the door. I am writing my own study guide!
  • I can have chapters 22 – 23 read by Friday. I will create either a question and answer from each page or I will select a quote from each page and comment on it. I can do a combination of these if I choose. See next slide
  • I can do a take away before I leave
how to set up chapters 22 23 close reading evidence 17 pages
How to set up chapters 22 – 23 close reading evidence (17 pages):

Chapter and page # 22 p. 175

1. Question?

1. Answer

Page # p.176

2. Quotation:

2. Comment:

Page # p.177

3. Question?

3. answer

funsies context of meaning
Funsies: context of meaning
  • Why can’t banks keep secrets?
  • Too many tellers
  • What did the farmer say when he saw that his harvest of corn was stolen?
  • Aw shucks!
  • What are wedding plan arguments called?
  • Altar-cations
  • Why didn’t Cinderella make the team?
  • Because she always ran away from the ball.

Thursday May 8thJG #2 Explain the following quote and tell if you agree or disagree (remember Mary Shelley is 18 when she says this) “. . . the companions of our childhood always possess a certain power over our minds which hardly any later friend can obtain.” Really think about it – re-read it!...

  • Objectives: 1) reading for meaning – own study guide 2) reading for meaning and demonstrating thinking about reading 3) getting a sense of place and distance
  • I can observe the map on the next slide that shows the journeys of Victor and his Creature
  • I can read chapters 22 – 23 and do the assigned work for tomorrow
  • If I am done I can work on my topic grid – which is due on Friday May 16th – no late work.
  • I can do a take away
english language logic more things that make you go hmmm
English language logic, more things that make you go hmmm..
  • Before they invented drawing boards, what did they go back to?
  • If all the world is a stage (Shakespeare), where is the audience sitting?
  • If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still #2, and where is the #1?
  • If you ate pasta and antipasti, would you still be hungry?
friday may 9 th jg 3 fwf
Friday May 9thJG #3 FWF
  • Objectives: 1) read independently and making meaningful connections 2) complete the chapters to the novel 3) collaborate and work on topic grid 4) develop portfolio
  • I can SSR (8 + 2) and record something meaningful from my reading
  • I can read chapter 24 by Monday and have 5 stumper questions ready to hand in and to try and stump Mr. Norton.
  • I can work on the topic grid assignment – class days for it are next week Thursday and it is due Friday!!! No late ones will be accepted!
  • I can do a take away.
portfolio update
Portfolio update
  • Put up a post that introduces your site/portfolio
  • Add tech essay
  • Add gothic story
  • Add a journal from set A & set B
  • Add one take away so now you have two or more on the site
  • Add to the goals page