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Competitive Fall

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Competitive Fall
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  1. Competitive Fall 1st Session U11/U12 – Individual Defending

  2. When you get there • Session will be Warm-up game (10-15minutes) – Work (30-40 minutes) – Play (10-15 minutes) • Coaches will have groups of 6 to start and then will get players added to their group • Focus on details the more detailed and specific you are with your teaching and feedback the better our players will develop • “I like how you used your laces and struck thru the center of the ball” is better then “Nice hit of the that ball” • Some groups you will need to provide the energy so be prepared with a few silly things mixed in but get back to business ASAP

  3. Key • Coach • Players • Players w/ball • Cones • Balls • Pugg • Goal

  4. Warmup- Copycat Juggle v patner Each player gets a partner to start playing against Partner A does one juggle (ie. Top of foot) and catches it Partner B needs to do the same and add one (ie. Top of foot, head) and catch it This goes on until one partner cannot complete the pattern When this happens they each find anew partner KEYS Be creative and have fun Challenge you and your partner Discourage thighs with better players

  5. Activity 1 – Delay Game Break group into two teams One team is defending, the other is attacking Attackers are trying to get across the field without being surrounded by defenders Defenders are trying to get in the way of the attackers so they can’t get across space Absolutely no touching is allowed No ball then add a ball KEYS Move your feet and anticipate where the attacker wants to go Can you get the attacker to go sideways or backwards Can you and your teammates box a player in? Body shape players have to have a low center of gravity to be mobile Backsides can’t be high and weight must be on balls of feet Go

  6. Activity 2 – 1v1 to Cones Pair players up with one ball between 2 players Players will play 1v1 to pair of cones once a player hits one cone they attack the other Defenders can’t tackle the ball they have to wait for a big touch or poor touch and then take the ball Once ball changes possession roles switch KEYS Patience and composure Move your feet and let the attacker make the error Pounce on the big or bad touch How do you use your body to win the ball versus just feet – “stepping in” Low center of gravity Side on – Where are you showing the attacker? Review foot work of when attacker cuts you so that you drop front foot to get side on again and are able to run Can’t get caught flat

  7. Activity 3 – 1v1 to Big and Counters Two teams one will attack big goal others will attack two counter goals If defenders win the ball get them to shot early Make sure to switch side of the servers and defenders accordingly KEYS Closing down speed on pass Get there as quickly as possible to get shooters head down Touch tight Talk about distance that you defend at. The closer to goal the closer to the shooter you need to be Kicking the ball out of bounds is not good enough – “win it build with it” Frustration for the attacker means job well done Toe poke/push pass zone

  8. Activity 4 – Play Split the players onto two teams Play 3v3 to start and play no larger then 5v5 with a few subs if necessary. Make sure to adjust the field a little more space is better then too small Have a pile of balls near each end line when you run out of balls go collect One team could play to goal w/sweeper/GK KEYS Effort is number 1 priority if effort is not sufficient pull player out and have them watch until the are ready to give effort Willingness to Defend and Attack Look for patience to pounce on “big or bad” touch True success is winning it and starting the attack

  9. Thanks Have fun, be detailed, be demanding!

  10. U11/U12 Off-Season Session 1 Warmup- Copycat juggle v partner • One partner does one juggle • The other partner does the same thing plus a new juggle • Can mandate the players catch it after if they are good enough • If player cannot do the juggling sequence, they lose and each finds a new partner to play • Creativity • Challenge yourself and your partner • Should be a self run game Activity 1 – Delay Game • 2 teams; switch roles after a few rounds • One team is trying to get to the other side of the field the other is trying to prevent it • Players can’t touch • Defending team can box players in • Keep score of the number of players that are stopped • Composure • Quick feet and low center of gravity • Anticipate • This is really challenging • Pair players up with one ball • Attacker tries to hit cone defender tries to prevent it • No tackling only can take the ball on “big bad” touches • Change of possession change roles • Hit cone roles remain the same keep score Activity 2– 1v1 to Cones • Patience and composure • Foot work • Body posture • What should D look at? • A backwards or slow attacker is success • 2 teams – keep score • 1 team attacks big goal other team attacks 2 counter goals • Keep pace quick • When group runs out of balls collect them Activity 3– 1v1 to big & Counter Goals • Close ground quickly! • Get shooters head down • Composure win the ball and score • Kick it out of bounds not good enough • 3v3 up to 5v5 with subs if necessary • Shooting mentality • Mechanics specific to individual • Surface choice Play • - Decisions - Ownership - Technique - Attacking - Standards - Enjoyment The Woodbury Way