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Competitive Fall S eason

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Competitive Fall S eason. Week of September 3 U9/U10 – Dribbling. When you get there. Session will be Play (until you have 8 players) – 11+ Warm-up (8 minutes) – Work ( 35 minutes) – Play ( 8 minutes ) Take attendance

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Competitive Fall S eason

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competitive fall s eason

Competitive Fall Season

Week of September 3

U9/U10 – Dribbling

when you get there
When you get there
  • Session will be Play (until you have 8 players) – 11+ Warm-up (8 minutes) – Work (35 minutes) – Play (8 minutes)
  • Take attendance
  • Go thru names again – the better you know names the better control you can have
  • Play to start once you have 8 players begin session
  • Take time to teach 11+ which will slow us down a bit but it is important to show movements
  • Some groups you will need to provide the energy so be prepared with a few silly things mixed in but get back to business ASAP
11 http f marc com 11plus
11+ -

To see the 11+ in action go to:

  • Coach
  • Players
  • Players w/ball
  • Cones
  • Balls
  • Pugg
  • Goal
play 4 goal game
Play – 4 Goal Game


Split the players on to two teams

Play 3v3 to start and play no larger then 5v5 with a few subs if necessary. Make sure to adjust the field a little more space is better then too small

Have a pile of balls near each end line when you run out of balls go collect

Each team defends two goals and attacks two


Attack open goal

Push D to one side of field and attack open space

Look for opportunities to shoot

Can players shoot on the move?


activity 1 pacman tag
Activity 1 – PacmanTag


Every player with a ball

Start players by carrying ball then transition to dribbling

Select two players as the ghosts to chase the Pacman

When a Pacman gets touched they become a ghost by putting on a penny


Be quick

Challenge players to use different surfaces

Body shape players must stay low and be explosive

Changes of direction

Get away from other players like you have a bubble around you


activity 2 team gates
Activity 2 – Team Gates


Every player on the ball dribbling

Have players dribble around the space and get comfortable with it

Players score by dribbling thru the gate

Play shorts rounds; play a couple of rounds as individuals then have the players add scores together as a team

Review basic moves then have players use them to get thru gates

Lunge, Pull Back, Matthews, your favorite


Demand body fake

Players must have change of speed

Where is the open gate


play throw ins
Play – Throw-ins


2 teams play max 5v5 make sure to expand field to a full 40x30 if you are playing 5v5

Encourage players to dribble when the cues dictate

Space in front of them

1v1 with space behind the defender

Be critical of throw-ins they must be proper if they are not have them re-take once then give to the other team


Effort is number 1 priority if effort is not sufficient pull player out and have them watch until the are ready to give effort

Willingness to Defend and Attack

Look for opportunities to score




Have fun, be detailed, be demanding!

u9 u10 week of september 3 dribbling
U9/U10 Week of September 3 – Dribbling

Play - SSG

  • Mentality
  • Relate to theme of the day
  • 3v3 up to 5v5
  • 4 Goal game – Attack 2 and Defend 2


  • Not a race
  • Focus on proper movement
  • Once you have 8 players begin formal WU

Activity 1 – Tag

  • Type of dribbling when you are trying to cover ground quickly
  • Surface choice to use
  • Change direction
  • Bubble
  • Every player with a ball
  • Start by carrying ball then get it on the ground dribbling
  • Play Pacman – name 2-3 ghosts keep space tight and once touched you become a ghost
  • Play short rounds
  • Give all players chance to start as ghosts

Activity 2 – Gates

  • Sharpness – moves sell if players are crisp
  • Body movement – highlight shoulder dips and hip wiggles
  • Change of speed – make the move and explode away
  • Every player on the ball – break into two teams
  • Let players put gates (2 cones) out in the space you have created
  • Gates won’t be the same size which will provide a variety of challenges
  • Have players keep track of gates they dribble thru – 1st keep score individually then have teams get together and add scores
  • Challenge players with different ways to dribble thru gates
  • Show lunge, pull back, Matthews, and your favorite

Play – Big as you can

  • Effort
  • Team attacks
  • Team defends
  • Split group into 2 teams
  • Make sure throw-in technique is good. Do a re-throw if it is not. After second re-throw give ball to other team
  • Show short GKick – push players high, keep one player short, set ball and play quickly
  • - Decisions

- Ownership

- Technique

- Attacking

- Standards

- Enjoyment

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