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Why choose one winter adventure? Grab them both. PowerPoint Presentation
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Why choose one winter adventure? Grab them both.

Why choose one winter adventure? Grab them both.

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Why choose one winter adventure? Grab them both.

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  1. Why choose onewinter adventure?Grab them both.

  2. Welcome to the launchof WRC Winter A spin off that offers added value to the rallies to the spectators to tourism Initiated by Rally Norway and Uddeholm Swedish Rally Your launch host and guide: [name]

  3. WRC Winter– Unique opportunity We have a great winter region We are the world’s no 1 winter rally region We make them join forces

  4. A WRC Winter Vision (1/2) 50.000 guests arrive in WRCWdecorated airplanes, and register at their WRCW licensed Rally Hotelwhere the Rally Pass is room key, and follow their favorite drivers from SS to SS, and meet them in the service park, and

  5. A WRC Winter Vision (2/2) continue the winter adventure with theirRally Pass as Ski Pass, or drive real WRC cars in theWRC Winter Rally Camp, or attend the WRC Winter gastronomic week, or spend some days in a WRC Winter log cabin

  6. WRC Winter– the project A new way to cash in on rally opportunities Create, market and develop a unique new brand Serve the travel industry and make themmore profitable

  7. WRC Winter– where do we aim? A business boosting organization for travel industry companies Financed by public grants, membership fees, sales kick back

  8. WRC Winter– the rally link Unique opportunity to use the WRC name and profile – in-the-heart communication to a world of rally fans Door opener for the travel industry to Rally Norwayand Uddeholm Swedish Rally– exclusive access to VIP-zones, VIP-meetings, WRC Test Camp

  9. WRC Winter– a service partner Building a common brand Generic marketing, PR activities,fair participation Producing marketing tools– web site, ads, brochures

  10. WRC Winter– an ally Generic negotiations of favorable member facilities– air plane decorations, multi purpose electronic passes

  11. WRC Winter– an inspirator Think tanks for new ideas forthe industry to productify

  12. WRC is not A competitor selling travel products An excluding alternative to existingtravel industry umbrellas

  13. WRC Winter Timing 2007: Planning, testing and evaluating 2008: Operative

  14. What would you prefer? Let’s see where our creativity could take you

  15. WRC Winter Rally VIP You as a WRC team member– attending tests, lunching with the team, VIP-view of the race, driving a real WRC car

  16. WRC Winter Alpine First rally, then ski in olympic World Cuphills or family slopes

  17. WRC Winter Nordic First rally, then ski in perfect tracks throughthe world’s leading cross country terrain

  18. WRC Winter Extreme First rally, then wild life winter adventure– Spitsbergen, Lappland, ice hotels, snow caves,dog mushing, powder skiing, heli skiing

  19. WRC Winter Corporate Rally and company presentations at Ericsson,Statoil, Volvo, PanFish, meetings with politicians,seminars, teambuilding, conferences

  20. WRC Winter Royal The best rooms at the leading hotels or manors,helicoptering between SSs, guided tour at theroyal palaces in Stockholm and Oslo.