strategies and initiatives for promoting physical activity n.
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Strategies and initiatives for promoting physical activity

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Strategies and initiatives for promoting physical activity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategies and initiatives for promoting physical activity. Government and non-government organisations promoting physical activity (PP73 -75) Settings based approaches : Schools (P77) Community (P82) Workplace (P85 )

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strategies and initiatives for promoting physical activity

Strategies and initiatives for promoting physical activity

Government and non-government organisations promoting physical activity (PP73 -75)

Settings based approaches:

Schools (P77)

Community (P82)

Workplace (P85)

A range of physical activity promotion initiatives and strategies across all 3 settings

(PP87 – 95)

the role of the government and non government organisations in promoting pa
The Role of the Government and non government organisations in Promoting PA
  • The Australian Government's Department of Health and Ageing is responsible for the monitoring and promotion of health behaviours.
  • The prime goal is to support Australian’s in leading a healthy and active life.
  • The Government commits millions of dollars to establish national monitoring, evaluation and research systems to promote PA
examples of aust gov campaigns
  • Examples of current and previous initiatives and project that have ben commissioned include:
  • They also develop the NPAG’s , the 2007Austrllian Children’s and Physical Activity Survey and offer grants to schools and communities.
web investigation
  • A healthy and active Australia
be active australia overview of determinants and outcomes
Be Active Australia- overview of determinants and outcomes
  • Inc. health and wellbeing
  • Dec. health and care cost
  • Dec inequity
  • Dec disease
  • Dec Disability
  • Individual
  • Pychosocial
  • Cultural
  • Environmental
  • Economic
  • Health System
  • Setting
  • Overarching strategies
  • Population groups

Increased Physical Activity

be active australia a framework for health sector agenda for action on physical activity 2005 2010
Be Active Australia: A Framework For Health Sector Agenda For Action On Physical Activity 2005-2010
  • There are many important reasons to encourage and support Australians to be physically active. For individuals, an active life imparts health and well being benefits, as well as an opportunity to mix with other people and take part in community life. For the health sector a physically active community will result in a reduction in illness and health care costs and for health professionals, a reduction in the frustration of treating preventable diseases. Physical activity can build community networks and reduce isolation. The environment will also benefit from more people more active with cleaner air through reduced car emissions. Increased membership of sport and recreation organisations will result in stronger community organisations with consequent community benefits and there is substantial potential for schools to recognise the benefits of physically active students.
state governments
State Governments
  • Also have an important role to play in funding research, mass media campaigns and local initiatives within a range of settings
  • The Vic Gov. departments (Department of Health, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) in partnership with other organisations ( Bicylce Victoria, VicHealth, Kinect Australia, Diabetes Australia, Can cer Council and Universities) fund a broad range of health initiatives and edcuational programs.
  • Such as:

ACT, TAS, WA Govenrnments

a setting approach
A setting APPROACH
  • A s a result of social, environemental and lifestyle changes over many years, there are limited opportunities to move and expend large amounts of energy as part of your daily routine.
  • What factors do you think cause this?
  • Urban planning which restrict movement
  • And increased reliance of motorised transport
  • Increased working hours
  • An increased demand on public open spaces
  • Increased demand on the educational curriculum
  • Changing leisure patterns and the emerging pattern of inactivity
  • A setting based approach is when promotional strategies are delivered within a targe setting and defined geographic institution.
  • It is reliant on having a large ‘captive ‘ audience that receives the same health message and the choice to be active needs to be made convenient, easier, safer and more enjoyable through initiatives designed to create an environment supportive of participation in physical activity.
  • You will be studying strategies implementation in schools, work places and the community
school setting
School Setting
  • Schools play an essential role in providing a physical and social environment that supports children, their parents and the whole school community in enjoying an active life.
  • A school setting has the potential to reach large numbers of children for significant proportions of their lives.
  • School setting provide access to at risk-groups such as inactive children
  • Study table 3.1 (p.77)which contains recommendations for school and community programs promoting PA among young people.
  • Work the Web
  • Review The Walking School Bus Program
an audit of marymede catholic college
  • Student Activity (p. 82)
  • Evaluating Physical Activity Behaviours and Environment
community setting
Community Setting
  • Community setting can be broadly defined to include groups of people from the same suburb, town or country.
  • Such broad groupings provide particular challenges in implementing intervention strategies but also provide great scope to have far-reaching impact on a significant number of people.
  • Strategies should be tailored to the meet the needs and interests of specific target groups within a community setting and to overcome the unique barriers each group faces.
  • Encompasses urban planning and green space development
  • Involves mass media campaigns which spreads important messages
  • Offers the opportunity to:
  • Support and partner local councils and organisations
  • Distribute information resources
  • Work collaboratively with local and regional government transport agencies through active commuting
  • Increase access to affordable, safe exercise and recreational facilities
  • Support media campaigns
  • Review Table 3.3 (p.83) which identifies some mass media campaign
  • Research and make note on two from the list
workplace setting
Workplace Setting

Workplaces are an ideal setting from promoting PA because:

  • The majority f the population work part-time or full-time for a significant proportion of their adult lives
  • Adults spend a large proportion of their waking hours at work
  • Workplaces bring together large groups of people who can provide each other with support and share resources
  • Benefits to employers include
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increase capabilities for employees to handle stress
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • What are some approach you can think of that could be adopted in a workplace setting?
  • Write a letter to Mr.D’Astoli expressing several suggestions leadership could make to promote PA amoungst staff and therefore benefit the Marymede. Community. Please ensure that you outline the intended benefits.
find thirty
Find Thirty
  • FindThirty TV ads
  • FindThirty Posters
  • Homework Task
  • In pairs develop your own video clip or poster in the theme Find Thirty
  • Due for presentation on ______________________. You must be able to talk about your advertisement.
other organisation s and initiatives to explore
Other organisation's and initiatives to Explore
  • Travel Smart
  • The Heart Foundation
  • Healthy Space and Place
  • VicHealth


Walking groups

Heart Movers

Read through page 88-89. What is the primary role of the heart foundation? Go on line to present a 5 report on one of the initiatives coordinated by the heart foundation.


1. Explain each of the 10 design principles recommended by Healthy Spaces and Place

2. What are the six processes for creating healthy spaces and places

vic health
Vic Health
  • What is the role of VicHealth
  • What are some examples of VicHealth initiatives and strategies