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Getting to know TEAM

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Getting to know TEAM. FTA’s Internet-Accessible Grants, Project, and Financial Management System. What does FTA do with it’s annual budget?. Administrative Payroll, rent, etc. Program Grants Program Support Paying contractors, consultants, other agencies, etc. Not tracked in TEAM.

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getting to know team

Getting to know TEAM

FTA’s Internet-Accessible Grants, Project, and Financial Management System

what does fta do with it s annual budget
What does FTA do with it’s annual budget?
  • Administrative
    • Payroll, rent, etc.
  • Program Grants
  • Program Support
    • Paying contractors, consultants, other agencies, etc.

Not tracked in TEAM

2006 team project types
2006 TEAM Project Types

2888 projects

Grants make up 90% of the projects, but 97% of the $

fta grant programs and corresponding managers
FTA Grant Programsand corresponding Managers
  • Metropolitan Planning (5303, 5305) , TPE
  • Statewide Planning and Research (5304, 5305) , TPE
  • Large Urban Cities (5307), TPM
  • Clean Fuels Formula Program (5308), TPM
  • Major Capital Investments (New Starts & Small Starts) (5309), TPM
  • Rail And Fixed Guideway Modernization (5309), TPM
  • Buses And Bus Facilities (5309, 5318), TPM
  • Transportation For Elderly And Persons With Disabilities (5310), TPM
  • Rural And Small Urban Areas (5311), TPM
  • Rural Transit Assistance Program (5311(b)(3)), TPM
  • Public Transportation On Indian Reservations (5311(c)), TPM
  • Transit Cooperative Research Program (5313), TRI
  • National Technology And Research Program (5314), TRI
  • Job Access And Reverse Commute Program (5316), TPM
  • New Freedom Initiative (5317), TPM
  • Transit In The Parks (5320), TBP
  • Alaska Railroad (5338(a)), TPM
  • University Transportation Centers Program (tea-21 5505), TRI
  • Over The Road Bus Program, TPM
  • Flexible Funds For Highway And Transit Flexible Funding, TBP
project types
Project Types
  • Formula & Discretionary Programs
    • Grants
  • Program Support
    • Cooperative Agreements (Hire a contractor to do a project that has significant Federal Involvement)
    • Contracts/Procurements (Hire a contractor to do a project)
    • General Working Agreements (ex: Volpe)
    • Inter-agency Agreements (Outside DOT)
    • Intra-agency Agreements (Within DOT)
the money is made available

The money is made available…

How do we get it to our grantees & contractors?

team tracks fta program funds
TEAM:Tracks FTA program funds


  • Where they come from (operating budgets)
  • Who they go to (recipients)
  • What they are used for (projects)
    • By Schedule (milestones)
    • By Activity (budgets)
  • Reservations & Obligations (promised & dedicated amounts)
  • Disbursements (payments)
grant projects have
Grant Projects have…
  • A place in their State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) or their local Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
  • A Project Record in TEAM (Application)
program support projects have
Program Support Projects have…
  • A place in the FTA Program Plan or in a Concept Memo (which serves as a modification to the Program Plan).
  • An Approval Package (attached to TEAM project)
  • A Project Record in TEAM (Application)
program support projects the approval package
Program Support Projects: The Approval Package
  • Set of documents which fully describe the project in all the necessary legal detail
    • Approval Request Document
    • A Statement of Work
      • Describes the scope and duration of the project, including any deliverables or other milestones.
    • A Government Cost Estimate (GCE)
      • A complete breakdown of the individual project activities and their associated costs
  • Templates for each project type found on FTANet/Electronic Forms, TEAM Forms
  • Questions? See Linda Sorkin, TCR
team project life cycle
TEAM Project Life Cycle
  • Project Application Created
  • Project Number Assigned
  • Project Is Submitted
  • Concurrences And Approvals Are Obtained
  • Funds Are Reserved to Project
  • Project Awarded
  • Project Award Executed
  • Project Managed
  • Project Closed
the team system

The TEAM System

A Few Basics to Get You Started…

getting team access
Getting TEAM Access
  • Request username and password through your Team Local Security Manager
  • User access forms
    • FTANet, Electronic Forms, Under TEAM Forms
    • Posted on the TEAM Home Page
team logging in
TEAM: Logging IN …
  • Open Internet Explorer
    • Username and password
  • Select your Database
    • Production (REAL Working Data!)
    • Quality Assurance (This is a copy of Production made every night – use it to test & play)
    • Training (Used only for special training scenarios)
  • Verify the database you are connected to by the title bar on the browser window
team logging out
TEAM: Logging OUT …
  • When exiting TEAM, Select “Exit” from the bottom of the TEAM Menu
  • If you exit any other way, you will lock up the project record you were working in
standards conventions
Standards & Conventions
  • Menu Bar at Left
    • Main Menu – (Home) Location for notices, memos, reports, files, links, and other items of interest to TEAM users
    • Menu Headers (begin with a + or a - )
      • Expand or contract the list of options under each heading by clicking the + or -
      • Clicking on the header brings up a Query Window for you to search for a Recipient or Project Application to work with
standards conventions continued
Standards & Conventions, continued
  • Query Windows
    • TEAM is not case sensitive when searching Project Applications or Recipients.
    • Project numbers need not have dashes in the Query Applications window
    • If you don’t know the exact project number – you can put in a partial number and TEAM will find anything that matches.
standards conventions continued1
Standards & Conventions, continued
  • Data Entry Window Icons
    • Red X - Cancel
    • Green check - Save
    • Magnifying Glass - look up a value from a list of codes
    • Printer Icon – Opens the Applications/View/Print Window
    • Diskette – saves the changes you have made in a data entry window
    • Diskette with Red Ban sign – discards the changes you have made in a data entry window
    • A Blue Outline around any field on a data entry window indicates you can edit that value
standards conventions continued2
Standards & Conventions, continued
  • Attachments
    • The title of the attachment window indicates which level you are attaching to
      • Recipient Level: click Paper Clip from a Recipient Record to access Attachment Folders
      • Project Application Level: click Paper Clip from a Project Application Record to access Attachment Folders
        • You can also switch to other amendments using the dropdown found on the top of this window
standards conventions continued3
Standards & Conventions, continued
  • Cutting, Pasting & Printing
    • Standard Windows Stuff
      • CTRL-C is the Clipboard “Copy to” for highlighted items
      • CTRL-X is the Clipboard “Cut to” for highlighted items
      • CTRL-V is the Clipboard “Paste from” for highlighted items
      • ALT-PRINTSCREEN will copy a screenshot of the Active Window to the Clipboard.
      • CTRL-PRINTSCREEN will copy a screenshot of the Windows Desktop to the Clipboard.
    • TEAM
      • Applications,View/Print allows you to view, save, and/or print Recipient and Project Data in a single document format.
team project number
TEAM Project Number

DC-26-5001-00 – Recipient State

DC-26-5001-00 – Section Code

DC-26-5001-00 – Activity/ Cost Center

DC-26-5001-00 – Sequence #

DC-26-5001-00 – Amendment

(must match the funding you reserve!)

If it is a GRANT, it MUST be 0 or X if multiple financial purpose codes are to be used for funding, if non-grant, use the 2nd digit of your cost center code

team recipient id
TEAM Recipient ID
  • Unique 4 digit number for all FTA Recipients


1398 WMATA


account classification code
Account Classification Code

Example: 2004.

  • 2004. – Funding Fiscal Year
  • 2004. – Appropriation Code
  • 2004. – Section ID
  • 2004. – Limitation
  • 2004. – Type Authority

Be absolutely certain that you are using the correct code to reserve funds for your projects!!! There are many new codes from SAFETEA-LU!!!

codes codes and more codes
Codes, Codes and more Codes
  • Activity Line Item (ALI) Tree

  • Account Classification Codes
    • Section & Limitation Codes

  • Other Codes?
    • TEAM Code Lookup Reference
getting help
Getting Help
  • TEAM Home Page
    • User’s Guide
    • TEAM Guidance-HQ
  • Systems issues:
  • Problems with projects in TEAM: see your.
    • TEAM Local Security Manager