nutrition fitness energy test review n.
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Nutrition/Fitness/Energy Test Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Nutrition/Fitness/Energy Test Review

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Nutrition/Fitness/Energy Test Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nutrition/Fitness/Energy Test Review. Main topics on this test cover: Components of fitness/body types Steroids and Supplements Nutrition Fitness Terminology Cardio Vascular Fitness 3 Phases of energy production Anaerobic Threshold. PP on my website to know:. Intro to Fitness

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nutrition fitness energy test review
Nutrition/Fitness/Energy Test Review
  • Main topics on this test cover:
  • Components of fitness/body types
  • Steroids and Supplements
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness Terminology
  • Cardio Vascular Fitness
  • 3 Phases of energy production
  • Anaerobic Threshold
pp on my website to know
PP on my website to know:
  • Intro to Fitness
  • Fitness Terms
  • Conditioning Terms PP
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Fitness Jeopardy
  • Target Heart Zone
  • Energy
  • Anaerobic Threshold
general concepts
General Concepts
  • These are general questions that will focus your study. If you know the substance of the answer to these questions then you should be able to field questions on the test that relate to the concept.
  • I have tried to include focus questions on all the major ideas found on the test.
  • These are not the questions found on the test.
intro to fitness
Intro to Fitness
  • What are the benefits to improving ones fitness levels?
  • 5 components of Fitness are Flexibility, Muscle Strength, Muscle Endurance, Cardio Vascular Endurance and % Body Fat. Describe each component.
  • What systems make up CV fitness?
  • What are the 3 basic body types and how do they differ? Can you change your body type?
  • What does FITT principles mean in terms of training?
steroids supplements
  • What is the difference between a steroid and a supplement? What is the controversy with steroid use in sport? Are supplements effective in sport training? Why?
  • 50 nutrients found in food are divided into 6 broad categories. Name them and examples of foods that supply each.
  • What are the 3 macro nutrients? 3 micro nutrients? What distinguishes each?
  • What do calories measure? What is the average caloric amount needed for a teen male? Female?
  • How important is hydration to our performance?
  • How much fat is needed in our diet? Which is the good type of fat, HDL, Trans Fat or LDL? Why?
fitness terms
Fitness Terms
  • Know the PP definitions found on the 2 PP for Fitness Terms and Conditioning Terms
  • ie – Look on Fitness Jeopardy PP for samples of questions you could be asked on the terms.
cv fitness
CV Fitness
  • What is Max VO2?
  • When CV fitness improves why does HR go down? What happens to our heart? Lungs? Blood vessels that improves their ability to pump blood and O2?
  • How is target HR determined and what role does it play in CV training?
  • What is Glucose? What is an ATP molecule?
  • When is lactic acid produced and what effect does it have on the muscle?
  • Refer to your Hand Out on the 3 Phases of Energy Production and be able to compare the differences between the 3 energy phases:

1 Anaerobic Alactic

2 Anaerobic Lactic

3 Aerobic

  • Explain the meaning of Anaerobic Threshold. Be able to describe an example of when an athlete is pushed past this threshold.
study and prepare
Study and Prepare
  • Take time to get ready for this test
  • There are a number of concepts plus the terms found in fitness and it will take some effort to get ready
  • While much of what is on the test may be familiar to you it is important that you know the details in order to interpret questions and to give accurate answers.
  • Test Wed Dec 5th (3rd Period)