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Free Write. I was so scared when…,

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Free write
Free Write

  • I was so scared when…,

    I was so scared when I was five years old. One winter night my mom was making supper and she caught the steak on fire. She couldn’t get it put out. I was so excited when I heard the fire department was going to be there. Then I realized that they were coming to MY house. That’s when I became scared. I started running around and grabbing my coat and yelling at my mom “Why were we still in the house. We had to get out.” Then my mom had me go to a neighbor’s house while the fire department came in and they used a fire extinguisher to put out the small fire. They thought the whole thing was rather funny. I didn’t. My house could have burned down. At least I got a cup of hot chocolate from my neighbor.

    I was so scared this one time when I was at the mall. I hated and still do to this very day---escalators. I don’t know why, but they scare the daylights out of me. I am afraid that I’m going to fall down them. Since I hate heights, I get afraid if I look over the edge of them or they are high in the air. I’m also scared that sometime or another, my shoelace will get stuck in the bottom prongs and I will fall flat on my face. And then the escalator will drag me and I will get hurt.

    Well this one time when I was young my mom started down the escalator, but my fear overtook me. I was so scared that all I did was stand at the top. My mom kept calling to me, but I wouldn’t budge. I just stood there stark afraid. My mom was beginning to panic. She couldn’t leave my baby sister and go back up to get me. Some nice kind sweet lady watched my sister for my mom so she could come and get me. Ever since then I’ve been scared to death of escalatovers even to the point that when I go the american Airlines center to watch aDallasStyars game, sometimes I have to have my son hold my hand.