d o g s a r e o k a y n.
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D o g s a r e O k a y PowerPoint Presentation
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D o g s a r e O k a y

D o g s a r e O k a y

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D o g s a r e O k a y

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  1. DogsareOkay BenandElise

  2. Pros • Some of them are cute • Usually loyal • Fun to play with • Can be cuddly • Excited to see you (sometimes) • Playful

  3. Cons • Attack chickens • Run over ducks • Lay ‘bombs’ all over the yard • Dirty • Loud dogs • Chase mailmen • Drool

  4. Ben’s dogs Cookie Pepper

  5. Elise’s Dream Dogs Sherman (dream name) Collin Klein (dream name)

  6. Tall Dog…Short Dog

  7. New Dog…Old Dog

  8. Famous Dogs Odie • Clifford Toto Airbud Lassie Scooby Doo

  9. Ben’s Opinion About Dogs My dogs are nice dogs besides how they don’t agree with each other, so they be all like “BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK” at each other, and then when the mailman comes my small dog barks his head off, but my old medium sized dog Pepper likes the mailman because he has dog treats in his pockets. Some dogs can be mean, like the pit-bull thingy that I wanted to kick because it was attacking Cookie, but I couldn’t kick it because I was to busy running I circles screaming. Thankfully the mailman was there with pepper spray, but since then I’ve wanted to carry a baseball bat around with me.

  10. Elise’s Opinion About Dog’s Dogs are great! Sometimes they can be messy, but they are very loyal and true. Dogs are also intelligent (most of the time). I have never had a dog, so I don’t know that much about our canine friends. Now cats on the other hand… well that’s a whole other PowerPoint, but let’s just say that they are lazy, boring, and…..okay, never mind. Anyway, back to dogs. The one thing that I’m definitely going to do when I’m older is get a dog. And…..that’s all I have for now.

  11. “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” ― Winston Churchill