what works in alcohol education
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What works in Alcohol Education

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alcohol concern
Alcohol Concern
  • Alcohol Concern is the national agency on alcohol misuse. We work to reduce the incidence and costs of alcohol-related harm and to increase the range and quality of services available to people with alcohol-related problems and their families.
  • Alcohol Concern is a member of the Drug Education Forum – an umbrella body for national organisations that deliver or support the delivery of drug and alcohol education. The forum promotes the provision of effective drug education for all children and young people in England.
aim of alcohol education
Aim of alcohol education

The aim of alcohol education is provide opportunities for children and young people to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of alcohol and appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Drugs: Guidance for schools, (DfES/DCSF 2004)

education and prevention
Education and prevention
  • Education is major component of prevention.
  • Its primary aims are educational (knowledge, skills and attitudes) rather than about ‘stopping young people’, which is overall aim of prevention.
  • As many people equate drug and alcohol education with prevention, there is often a public perception that it ‘doesn’t work’ or ‘has failed’.
the context alcohol education in england
The context alcohol education in England
  • Safe.Sensible.Social (2007), The Children’s Plan (2008) and Youth Alcohol Action Plan (2008) all support the aim of mainstreaming prevention and effective delivery of alcohol education.
  • PSA 14 “increase the number of young people on the path to success” will drive forward these aims.
so what makes effective alcohol education
So what makes effective alcohol education?
  • Have clear aims and objectives
  • Address knowledge skills and attitudes
  • Meet the needs of young people, including developmental and cultural needs
  • Challenge misconceptions which young people may hold about their peers behaviour and their friends’ reactions to drug and alcohol (young people frequently overestimate the prevalence of use amongst their peers and the approval of friends). This is normative education.
cont so what makes effective alcohol education
cont. So what makes effective alcohol education?
  • Use interactive methods such as discussion, small group activities, peer education and role play
  • Form part of a wider community approach, including parents and carers
  • These components are part of a programme and cannot be delivered in a single session or event.
  • Blueprint findings on delivery of drug (and alcohol) education in the classroom:
  • Active and interactive learning - young people are actively engaged
  • Normative education – challenge misconceptions
  • Reducing risk and harm- increase understanding about risks, develop strategies to minimise risk and supporting others who may be at risk
  • Focus on social influences approach – young people tend to focus more on immediate consequences for themselves
nice guidance on alcohol interventions in schools 2007
NICE guidance on alcohol interventions in schools (2007)
  • Ensure alcohol education is an integral part of the curriculum in line with DfES/DCSF guidance
  • Tailored for different age groups and different learning needs. It should aim to encourage children not to drink, delay age at which young people start to drink and reduce harm among those who do drink
  • Offer parents and carers information about where they can get help around parenting skills
  • Develop interventions for those who are thought to be drinking harmful amounts
  • Develop and maintain partnerships needed to deliver interventions
drug education an entitlement for all drug and alcohol education review 2008
Drug Education: An entitlement for allDrug and alcohol education review (2008)
  • Key recommendations:
  • The aims of drug and alcohol education – promote a wider understanding
  • Equipping parents and carers to protect their children
  • The quality of drug and alcohol education in schools – by making PSHE statutory
  • The quality for drug and alcohol information and education in FE and non-formal settings
  • Better identification and support for vulnerable young people
  • Research and evaluation
drug education an entitlement for all drug and alcohol education review 20081
Drug Education: An entitlement for allDrug and alcohol education review (2008)
  • Will ensure that all parents have access to accurate information and guidance through FRANK and youth drinking campaign
  • Issuing new guidance which cover early identification
  • PSHE status to change to statutory
what is alcohol concern doing
What is Alcohol Concern doing?
  • Completed a national alcohol and youth skills training programme across the UK.
  • Youth projects and initiatives to HubCAPP (Hub of Commissioned Alcohol Projects and Policies) www.hubcapp.org.uk
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