The passport application process
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The Passport Application Process. What is a Passport?. According to the Law, a passport. Identifies the bearer as a U.S. citizen is valid for travel to foreign countries and return to the United States . A passport also….

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According to the law a passport l.jpg
According to the Law, a passport

  • Identifies the bearer as a U.S. citizen

  • is valid for travel to foreign countries and return to the United States

A passport also l.jpg
A passport also….

  • Is evidence of the bearer’s eligibility to receive the protection and assistance of U.S. diplomatic and consular offices while overseas.

Required documents are l.jpg
Required documents are…

  • A US Birth Certificate issued by State or County government

  • Previous passport

  • Naturalization certificate

More required documents l.jpg
More Required Documents

  • Government issued photo ID of parents with signatures. If parents live in Mexico, this ID should be an IFE.

  • Photo of the applicant with in the past 6 months for use in the passport.

Birth certificates we accept l.jpg
Birth Certificates We Accept

  • Long form birth certificates issued by a US state or county government

Birth certificates we do not accept l.jpg
Birth Certificates We Do Not Accept

  • Short Form or Abstracts

  • Birth Certificate Cards

  • Laminated Birth Certificates

  • Photocopies

Important documents l.jpg
Important Documents…

  • Proof of applicant’s identity such as an ID card with picture, school records with pictures or pictures from birth to present of applicant.

Even more required documents l.jpg

Proof of Mother’s presence when applicant was born.

Such items can be:

Hospital Documents when applicant was born

Salary receipts

Consular card

Tax statements

Utility bills

Passport and Visa

Even More Required Documents

Consent form l.jpg
Consent Form

  • A consent form is needed when one of the parents is not present to apply. By law both parents must sign a child’s application. A child is considered to be a person under the age of 16.

  • The consent form gives permission for one parent to apply for a passport for the child.

Requirements for consent l.jpg
Requirements for Consent

  • Must be Notarized

  • Must included the child’s name and date of birth

  • Must be signed within 90 days of the interview

Requirements for consent14 l.jpg
Requirements for Consent

  • Must say “apply for a passport”

  • Must be signed by the parent(s) and be accompanied by a copy of their valid, government issued photo ID with signature

Responsibility against fraud l.jpg
Responsibility against Fraud

It is EVERYBODY’S responsibility to guard against fraud

Responsibility against fraud16 l.jpg
Responsibility against Fraud

If an applicant knowingly commits Fraud in order to apply for a passport, the penalties are very strong.

Also if a person assisting the applicant commits Fraud or is a part of the Fraud committed by the applicant, punishment is severe.

Responsibility against fraud17 l.jpg
Responsibility against Fraud

If a person is found guilty of committing Fraud or assisting a person who is committing Fraud, that person could:

  • Be fined

  • Go to jail

  • Be permanently ineligible for a U.S. tourist visa

Cost and payment l.jpg
Cost and Payment

  • The passport for a minor costs $85

  • We will not accept cash, instead we will accept:

    - Cashier’s Checks from Mexican Bank

    - Cashier’s Checks from US Bank

    - Money Order

    Made out to “U.S. Embassy, Mexico City”

Our contacts l.jpg
Our Contacts


US Embassy – 55 5080-2000

Michael Cathey / Rocio Morales

[email protected]

Where to apply for a u s passport l.jpg
Where to apply for a U.S. passport?

  • US Embassy Mexico City - (internet appointments only)

    E-mail: [email protected] Fax: (01-55) 5203-5153

    Recorded information: (01-55) 5080-2000 ext 5700 (spanish) & 5800 (english)

Slide21 l.jpg

  • Consulado en Guadalajara, Jalisco- (internet appointments only)

    E-mail: [email protected]  Fax: (01-33) 3825-1951.

    Recorded information: (01-33) 3268-2200.

Slide22 l.jpg