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The Application Process

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The Application Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Application Process. Where the sub-application will go and how will it be scored. PDM Application and Sub-application Flow. February 15, 2005. Subgrant applicant creates subgrant application. Subgrant applicant submits subgrant application to State grant applicant. State grant

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the application process

The Application Process

Where the sub-application will go and

how will it be scored

pdm application and sub application flow
PDM Application and Sub-application Flow

February 15, 2005

Subgrant applicant

creates subgrant


Subgrant applicant

submits subgrant

application to

State grant


State grant


reviews subgrant


Revisions as needed

State grant


approves subgrant


State grant

applicant creates

grant application to

include approved

subgrant applications

State grant

applicant submits

grant application


by March 14, 2005

Kent Baxter

fy05 pdm national review a quantitative ranking
FY05 PDM National Review: A Quantitative Ranking
  • All projects sub-apps will be ranked as follows
    • 21% Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA Score)
    • 21% Confidence in BCA based on Technical Review
    • 16% State Ranking - Priority
    • 14% Engineering Feasibility
    • 10% Mitigation Activities (CRS, FireWise, Codes)
    • 5 % State has FEMA-approved Enhanced Plan
    • 5% Protection of a Critical Facility
    • 4% Percentage of population benefiting
    • 4% Status of sub-applicant as Small and Impoverished

Kent Baxter

fy05 pdm national evaluation a qualitative approach
FY05 PDM National Evaluation: A Qualitative Approach
  • FEMA will review the Top 150% of eligible projects ranked to the funds available
  • At least 2 sub-applications per State (as eligible) will be included
  • Evaluations will be in the form of a panel reviews with Federal, State, and Tribal evaluators.
  • Each sub-application will be scored based on qualitative factors, such as its merits, completeness, and ability to demonstrate that it will solve a problem

Kent Baxter

projects identified for selection
Projects Identified for Selection
  • Informed that project is “identified for selection” by letter
  • Letter may request clarification or additional information, such as environmental documentation
  • If an acceptable response is received, FEMA will begin the environmental clearance review
    • No funds may be awarded until the project is environmentally cleared
  • If cleared, FEMA will begin the award process
  • State will accept the award through e-Grants, though standard forms of money movement will be used
  • State will be the grantee; community the sub-grantee

Kent Baxter

fema e grants management system

FEMA e-Grants Management System

An Overview of Registering

and Putting Together a Sub-Application

fema mitigation e grants management system
FEMA Mitigation e-Grants Management System
  • This is FEMA’s second year to use the e-Grants (electronic grants) system for PDM
  • Secure web-based system whereby the applications are entered through menu driven screens
  • FEMA, States and locals will use to
    • Prepare and generate applications
    • Submit and then review applications
    • Report quarterly (financial and performance reports)
  • e-Grants Help Desk is available for system questions
    • Toll free phone: 866-476-0544
    • e-mail:
  • Program questions should be directed to your State EM POC

Kent Baxter

registration process as a sub applicant
Registration Process as a Sub-Applicant

1. Contact State for

Access ID #

Ensures your viability

as a sub-applicant

2. Logon to FEMA


Register as a New

User with Access ID#

3. Submit e-Grant


to State

4. State Reviews

Pending Registrations

If approved, an automated

e-mail will be sent

to you confirming rights

Kent Baxter

logging on to e grants https portal fema gov
Logging on to e-Grants

Click on Mitigation Grants

Kent Baxter

logging in as a new user
Logging In as a New User


Click on “New User”

Once registered, enter User Name, Password and Login

Kent Baxter

enter state issued access id
Enter State Issued Access ID #

Only your State can provide

you a valid Access ID#

Kent Baxter

subgrant applicant homepage
Subgrant Applicant Homepage

Print Blank Application

Create New Application

Update Un-submitted Applications

Revise Submitted Applications

Kent Baxter

create new application
Create New Application
  • Enter Application Title
  • Enter Application Type
  • Save and Continue

Kent Baxter

start new subgrant application
Start New Subgrant Application
  • If new sub-app, enter “Start New Application”
  • If wanting to draw from previous sub-app stockpile, “Select” and enter “Copy Existing Application”

Kent Baxter

returning to e grants to complete an unsubmitted sub application
Returning to e-Grants to Complete an Unsubmitted Sub-Application
  • Find your Application Title
  • Update the Application
  • Authorize Access allows you to

share application with other users

Kent Baxter

submitting your sub application
Submitting Your Sub-Application
  • Ensure Sub-app is 100% Complete
  • Enter Your Password
  • Check Signature Box
  • Submit Application Button

Kent Baxter

e grants vs paper sub applications eliminating e grants phobia
e-Grants vs. Paper Sub-applications: Eliminating e-Grants Phobia
  • Paper sub-applications may be submitted, as long as they follow the exact format of the sub-application
  • But e-Grants does have many advantages
    • Internet accessible (home or office, no special software)
    • Ability to share sub-app with other registered users (Engineers, Emergency Manager, Development Authority, other staff members, etc.)
    • Auto-fill capabilities (once inputted, info will carry over)
    • Auto-checks sections to confirm completeness of sections
    • Ability to save sub-app and work in more than one sitting
    • Sub-application will be electronically submitted to the correct agency and official at the State Emergency Management Agency – no lost sub-applications!

Kent Baxter

e grants tips
e-Grants Tips


  • Required Fields: Denoted with a red asterisk “ ”
  • Save at least every 30 minutes or you will lose your information
  • You may attach a variety of word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and photos files from your computer to support your sub-application
  • Comment fields are available for each section to provide additional information
  • Use radio buttons on screen to go forward or backwards, not the Internet Explorer Front-Back buttons
  • You may not submit a sub-application to the State unless it is complete

Kent Baxter

program guidance and supplemental information
Program Guidance and Supplemental Information
  • Program Guidance has been released and is available online at
    • Supplemental information is also available at this page
  • Application Period closes on March 14, 2005
  • Sub-applicant projects must relate to mitigation plan’s strategy goals and objectives
  • e-Grants will be used by grantee and possibly sub-grantees for quarterly reporting narratives

Kent Baxter

project technical assistance and system helplines
Project Technical Assistance and System Helplines
  • FEMA is providing assistance to help you understand how to develop information for your sub-application
    • Engineering Feasibility Assistance
    • Benefit-Cost Analysis Assistance
    • Environmental/Historical Preservation Compliance
    • Contact 866-222-3580 for any of the above
      • 48-hour response time guaranteed
  • System Issues: e-Grants Helpline
    • 866-476-0544 (8 am – 4pm Central)
  • Program Issues: Your State PDM Point of Contact

Kent Baxter

to remind you again
To remind you again

Sub-applications which are…

  • Eligible projects from eligible sub-applicants
  • Supported by strong technical merits, including a documented and technical accurate Benefit-Cost Ratio
  • Provide enough information to prove they can be technically be accomplished
  • Complete, accurate, and polished

…will have the strongest chance of being selected

Kent Baxter


Questions, Comments, and Discussion

Kent Baxter

Senior Mitigation Specialist

FEMA Region VI – Denton, TX

The Department of Homeland Security

Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region VI

Kent Baxter