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Bob Harshbarger

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Bob Harshbarger. Industry Updates April 23, 2014 Salt Lake City, UT. Traditional Moment for Raymond. TBD. Traditional Moment for Raymond. TBD. Wholesale Gas Quadrant (WGQ) Retail Gas & Electric Quadrant Wholesale Electric Quadrant (WEQ) Joint Electric Scheduling Subcommittee (JESS)

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Bob Harshbarger

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bob harshbarger

Bob Harshbarger

Industry Updates

April 23, 2014

Salt Lake City, UT

Wholesale Gas Quadrant (WGQ)

Retail Gas & Electric Quadrant

Wholesale Electric Quadrant (WEQ)

Joint Electric Scheduling Subcommittee (JESS)

OASIS Subcommittee (OS)

Business Practices Subcommittee (BPS)


North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB)

naesb weq jess
e-Tag 1.8.2 Status

WEQ-004 Coordinate Interchange Business Practice Standards

Electric Industry Registry

e tag 1 8 2
Developing Vendor Interoperability Test Plan

Target test dates July 22 & 24, 2014

If necessary, have cited following 3 weeks as potential testing

Requires a test registry

e-Tag 1.8.2
e tag 1 8 21
Testing for:

Verification For Ramp Duration Changes

Tagging of NITS resources

Allowing any Market Operator on the Physical Path to adjust the Market Level Profile

Test new methods QueryIDs, CallbackIDs, QueryCorrections, and QueryResolution

Test changes to QueryRequest method

Requiring all Approval Entities to re-assess tags for change to time classification due to a correction request

Correct calculation of current level due to multiple reliability limit profile modifications

Capacity & Recallable functionality changes

Target cut-over date November 5, 2014

e-Tag 1.8.2
weq 004 coordinate interchange business practice standards
Currently posted for informal comments

All interested parties, regardless of membership status within NAESB, are eligible to submit informal comments and/or proposed amendments to the NAESB Office ( or fax to 713-356-0067) by May 13, 2014.

Any questions, feel free to contact the NAESB Office at 713-356-0060.

WEQ-004 Coordinate Interchange Business Practice Standards
weq electric industry registry
Current tasks:

Considering three enhancement requests:

Support registration of Pseudo-ties

Provide notice of pending publication removal

New energy product code

Continue development of a publication timeline

WEQ Electric Industry Registry
naesb weq oasis subcommittee
Short-term pre-emption and competition continues

Redirects and resales

Long-term competition

Target for a recommendation in 4th Q, 2014

They also have a dozen other “Not Started” items

NAESB WEQ OASIS Subcommittee
naesb weq bps parallel flow visualization
Once cuts are needed, who gets cut and in what order – based on transmission service priority

Methods to include un-tagged flows

Coordinating with the Association on IDC modifications

They are still processing informal comments received Jan 31st

NAESB WEQ BPS - Parallel Flow Visualization
naesb mod a
ATC calculations

NERC submitted a standards request

R14002 with attachments

150+ former NERC requirements

WEQ EC scoping task force calls:

April 10th

May 5th

June 5th

nerc standards activities
MOD A (TTC/TFC) rewrite filed with FERC under docket RM14-7-000

Petition for approval of proposed Reliability Standard MOD-001-2.

Requests approval of

the associated implementation plan;

the associated Violation Risk Factors (VRFs) and Violation Severity Levels (VSLs); and

the proposed retirement of Reliability Standards MOD-001-1a, MOD-004-1, MOD-008-1, MOD-028-2, MOD-029-1a, and MOD-030-2.​

NERC Standards Activities
nerc standards activities1
INT rewrite filed with FERC under docket RD14-4-000

Petition for approval of five proposed Reliability Standards

INT-004-3 (Dynamic Transfers),

INT-006-4 (Evaluation of Interchange Transactions),

INT-009-2 (Implementation of Interchange),

INT-010-2 (Interchange Initiation and Modification for Reliability), and

INT-011-1 (Intra-Balancing Authority Transaction Identification).​​​

NERC Standards Activities