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Bob Harshbarger Volunteer. NAESB Update August 29, 2013 Sunny Salt Lake. A slightly used 2008 Ferd Extreme SUV. Traditional Moment for Raymond. Three boys are in the schoolyard bragging of how great their fathers are. .

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Bob Harshbarger Volunteer

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bob harshbarger volunteer

Bob HarshbargerVolunteer

NAESB Update

August 29, 2013

Sunny Salt Lake

traditional moment for raymond
Traditional Moment for Raymond
  • Three boys are in the schoolyard bragging of how great their fathers are.
  • The first one says: "Well, my father runs the fastest. He can fire an arrow, and start to run, I tell you, he gets there before the arrow".
  • The second one says: "Ha! You think that's fast! My father is a hunter. He can shoot his gun and be there before the bullet".
  • The third one listens to the other two and shakes his head. He then says: "You two know nothing about fast. My father works for the government. He stops working at 4:30 and he is home by 3:45!!"
Wholesale Electric Quadrant (WEQ)

Joint Electric Scheduling Subcommittee (JESS)

OASIS Subcommittee (OS)

Business Practices Subcommittee (BPS)

North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB)

naesb weq jess
e-Tag testing and roll-out

e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification

WEQ-004 Coordinate Interchange Business Practice Standards

WEQ Electric Industry Registry Business Practice Standards

WEQ Electric Industry Registry and the WECC Adjacency Registry (or WIT Registry)

e tag 1 8 1 1 testing and roll out incorporates WEQ-012 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) requirements

Certificate based security

First test was August 8, 2013 with mostly failed results

Next test is August 29, 2013 (today)

Required EIR publication modification to include Authorized Certificate Authorities

September 10, 2013 roll out

Urge your vendor to get it right

e-Tag Testing and Roll-out
e tag 1 8 2 functional specification1
Modified 6.1.1 Transaction Types to include Recallable

Clarified ramp duration validation in 6.1.4. Included 2 graphics.

Modified 6.1.5 to allow multiple PSEs and a single Transmission Service Provider (stacked tags).

Modified 1.4.7 to reference a single Transmission Service Provider.

Clarified processing of after-the-fact adjustments for DYNAMIC and PSEUDOTIE e-Tags in multiple sections

Modified 6.1.1 definition of PSEUDOTIE transaction type

Created Appendix B – After-The-Fact Timing Considerations

Removed references to 168 hours and one hour durations and replaced them with a reference to Appendix B.

e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
e tag 1 8 2 functional specification2
Created Appendix C – XML e-Tag examples

Clarified ramp overlap and assorted related topics.

Modified Section 6.1.5 for tagging of NITS Resources.

Modified Section to allow any Market Operator on the Physical Path to adjust the Market Level Profile.

Deleted Interchange Transaction definition; added Tagged Transaction definition in Section 1.2.

Added Section 1.7, Service Transfers

Added Creating Purchasing Selling Entity (CPSE) definition

e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
e tag 1 8 2 functional specification3
Voted out of JESS on March 6, 2013

Posted for 30-day formal comment on March 7, 2013

Received 4 comments

NAESB WEQ Standard Review Subcommittee



ISAS Leadership

JESS met April 23, 2013, developed responses to comments

e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
e tag 1 8 2 functional specification4
JESS has, in its late comments to the WEQ EC, recommended the specification be remanded back to JESS for further development.

The WEQ EC remanded back to JESS and asked that two issues be worked upon:

Address standard request R13004 from BPA and CISO for consideration of expanded role of registered Market Operators in e-Tag

Address the long-standing multiple control of a single reliability limit profile per tag issue

e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
e tag 1 8 2 functional specification5
Request R13004: BPA and the CA ISO identified in both e-Tag and 1.8.2 and in NAESB WEQ-004 a lack of guidance for use of tagging fields in both the Market Segment and Physical Segment when entities sell to or buy from a Market Operator (i.e., ISOs and RTOs).

JESS participants at the July meeting considered revising “allowed” entities in various roles within an e-Tag, but some pointed-out that approach would require significant work.

JESS participants then suggested the registration of product codes in the EIR such as “Market”.

BPA and CISO were asked to consider this option

e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
e tag 1 8 2 functional specification6
At the August JESS meeting BPA and CISO were asked if the new product registration proposal was still good with them.

They said yes.

JESS created a “no action” recommendation on R13004 (since no standard would be changing).

The new EIR products can be requested via an EIR Enhancement Request form submitted to the NAESB office.

e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
e tag 1 8 2 functional specification7
Single reliability limit profile per tag and multiple entities that can request an adjustment.

ISAS leadership and representatives are seeking to resolve the long-standing issue.

At the July JESS meeting reviewed five possible approaches.

At the August JESS meeting settled on “option 5”, the most complicated but most effective approach.

Created a white paper and request for informal comments.

e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
e tag 1 8 2 functional specification8
Go to

Go to the August 15, 2013, WEQ JESS row

Read the request

Read the white paper

Discuss at dinner

Submit comments

Due date is Friday September 6, 2013

e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
weq 004 coordinate interchange business practice standards
Modifications to support Order 764

Western Timing Table

WEQ-017 default ramp durations

Recommendation voted out at August JESS meeting

Currently posted for formal comment at:

Corresponding changes related to NERC INT Rewrite effort (Project 2008-12)

General clean-up

WEQ-004 Coordinate Interchange Business Practice Standards
weq electric industry registry
Developed business practice standards to drive functionality of the EIR and behavior of its users.

Approved at August WEQ EC meeting

Currently out for member ratification – due date September 23, 2013

WEQ Electric Industry Registry
weq eir phase 3
Absorb the WECC “WIT” or “adjacency” registry into EIR


TSPs and BAs need to finish-up

Phase-out CSV and mdb publication formats leaving only the XML format

Also includes retiring the ftp site

WEQ EIR Phase 3
naesb weq os
Pre-emption/competition continued

FERC Order 890 related

8 “individual assignments”

Target for a recommendation 1Q 2014


naesb weq bps parallel flow visualization
Learning to work with the IDC Association since NERC no longer involved in ”tools”

Working on:

seams agreements


Will recommend a 12-18 month test period in 2014

NAESB WEQ BPS - Parallel Flow Visualization
nerc standards activities
MOD-A, Project 2012-05, ATC Standards, modification of MOD-001, 004, 008, 028, 029, and 030

“Informal Development” most of this year

First standards drafting team meeting this week in Colorado Springs, CO

West is fortunate to have Dede Subakti (CAISO) and James Randall (BPA) on the team

NERC seeking strip majority of the reqirements out of those standards

NERC Standards Activities
nerc standards activities1
Coordinate Interchange Standards Draft Team, Project 2008-12, INT rewrite

Informal comment period just ended

CISDT meeting next week in Alburquerque, NM to address comments and prepare for balloting

Tag Psuedo-tie and Dynamic Schedules

Tag intra-BA transactions

NERC staff has wanted more stripped out of those standards than the team

NERC Standards Activities