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Continuing Active Commissioned Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Continuing Active Commissioned Service

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Continuing Active Commissioned Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Continuing Active Commissioned Service. Operation Blue to Green Inter Service Transfer Program. Commander’s Intent.

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continuing active commissioned service
Continuing Active Commissioned Service

OperationBlue to Green Inter Service Transfer Program


Commander’s Intent

The Blue to Green Inter Service Transfer program is an initiative developed in response to Air Force and Navy Force Shaping Programs. Blue to Green allows officers impacted through Force Shaping the opportunity to continue serving our Nation on Active Duty in the Army. It provides officers from other services an alternative to civilian life.

It’s about People!


Officer Blue to Green Process

  • Qualified Active Duty Officer submits request through Service Secretary to Army Human Resources Command (HRC)
  • HRC reviews packet, coordinates with branches for any required certification/education and branches officer
  • HRC forwards through G-1 for approval by ASA (M&RA)
  • Once approved, HRC notifies and processes officer for training and assignment

Individual Officer

Individual Officer

Army HRC



Individual Officer

Individual Officer

Many currently serving officers from the other services are eligible for the Blue to Green Inter Service Transfer program

Approved Officers retain their Date of Rank and Grade when they transfer

Continues family benefits and programs

Educational programs are available

Career Officer opportunity, working toward retirement benefits

Why Consider Army Service?



  • Commissioned Officers of other Services currently serving on active duty
  • Officer has not been passed over for promotion


  • Officer lists three Army Basic Branch choices in the order of preference on their application for IST (to date 85% first choice with most receiving in top three)
  • Upon approval, the Officer is scheduled for initial training by the Accepting Basic Branch
  • Orders are issued for start date of the initial training
  • Upon completion of training the Officer reports to first duty assignment in the Army

Where Can I Get More Information?

  • United States Army Human Resources Command Blue to Green Inter Service Transfer Program Website:
  • United States Army Human Resources Command Accessions Branch: Mrs. Beth Hutsko, telephone; commercial (703) 325-3764 or DSN 221-3764.
  • DCS, G-1, DMPM B2G IST POC: CPT Newlon, tele. com. (703) 695-6644 or DSN 225-6644.

Reserve Opportunity

  • Officers who have already separated or are interested in Reserve (Army Reserve/National Guard) Opportunities can contact one of the below POCs:
  • ARNG: MAJ Christine Langin-Faris (703) 201-2761
  • USAR: LTC Robert Humphrey (404) 464-8929

$10K Bonus for coming

into the Reserves!


Cross Commissioning into the Army

  • As part of ongoing force shaping initiatives in all services, the Army, Navy and Air Force have agreed to allow cross commissioning between Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs.
  • Cross commissionees will be directly appointed under the authority of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), are guaranteed active duty, and will sign an agreement transferring their contract to the Army.
  • Individuals interested in cross commissioning are encouraged to contact localArmy ROTC Professors of Military Science (PMS) for assistance.
  • For Information on Army ROTC:

Blue to Green Transition Summary

  • Keeps qualified officers of the other Services on Active Duty
  • Enables qualified Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Officers continued Service without the hassle of a break in service

Army Basic Branches

Combat Arms

Air Defense ArtilleryArmorAviationCorps of EngineersField ArtilleryInfantry

Combat Service Support

Adjutant General's CorpsMedical Service CorpsFinanceOrdnance CorpsQuartermaster CorpsTransportation

Combat SupportChemical CorpsMilitary Intelligence CorpsMilitary Police CorpsSignal Corps