On to or onto
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On to or Onto:. That is the Question!. In the expression “ on to,” on is an adverb and to is a preposition . On to. Dexter held on to his winter dreams. Adverb:. -Modifies (describes) a verb ( run) Paul runs quickly . Quickly describes how he runs.

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On to or onto

On to or Onto:

That is the Question!

In the expression on to on is an adverb and to is a preposition
In the expression“on to,” on is an adverb and to is a preposition.

On to
On to

  • Dexter heldonto his winter dreams.


  • -Modifies (describes)

    • a verb (run)

      Paul runs quickly.

      Quickly describes how he runs.


-Relates a noun/pronoun to another noun/ pronoun



  • hill


To the hill

From the hill

Up the hill

Down the hill

Between the hills

Through the hill

Around the hill

The rabbit ran
Therabbitran. . .

  • Ontothe hill

Your turn to try
Your Turn to try!

  • 1. Step on to/ onto the platform and sing.

  • 2.Hold on to/onto your hats and glasses.

Check yourself
Check Yourself!

  • 1.Step ontothe platform and sing.

  • 2.Hold on to your hats and glasses.

  • 3.Jump ontothe boat!

  • 4.Grab onto the ladder!

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