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The Rainforest

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The Rainforest
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The Rainforest

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  1. The Rainforest

  2. Location of the Rainforest The Rainforest is on\near the equator. The Rainforest is in Central America, Northern South America, also Southern Asia and the middle of Africa. The top 3 biggest Rainforest in the world are the Amazon, the Daintree, and the Congo.

  3. Climate of the Rainforest Warm,wet,humid Rains almost every day Strong sunlight Most stable climate of any biome on earth. Average temperature of at least 75degrees F Always warm Some other tropical forests are part of southern Asia have season of very heavy rain and wind that last for several months. These are called monsoons. Some other forests are called monsoon forest or seasonal tropical forest and montane forest. No dry season at night temperature drops between 68degrees F and 77degrees F Rain can be up to 13 feet Humidly with heat can create cumulus cloud.

  4. Animals of the Rainforest Monkeys have prehensile tails for grasping tree branches, claws for defense and for gathering food. Toucanette has big beak for breaking open nuts/seeds and they also fly. Boa Constrictors squeeze their prey and swallows it whole, scales to keep moisture in. Jaguars have sharp claws and teeth and they also have camouflage.

  5. Plants in the Rainforest The Rainforest has 4 layers. Emergent layer – top layer-The branches spread out to the size of two soccer fields. Canopy- the trees grow loots of fruit. Understory –very little sunlight reaches the understory. The understory is also damp and shady when the huge rafflesia start rotting the plant is carried out by fungi and other parasites. Forest floor – only 2% of sunlight reaches the floor.

  6. Plants Cup Fungi-shaped like a cup. Pitcher Plant-the Pitcher plant is sometimes called the royalty of the carnivores. Also called carnivorous plants. Regular plants consume nutrients from the soil but carnivorous plants are usually found in poor soil.

  7. Plants Sundew plant- The sundew has 130 spikes. The spikes look like fireworks but they are very deadly to insects that fly near them. Pinguicula – almost one of the most beautiful carnivorous plants. The colorful leaves are covered in greasy hairs and substances that attract and trap certain types gnats.

  8. Credits Location-Levi Climate-Fatuma Animals-Levi Plants-Brynn Front Page-Levi