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Primary Considerations PowerPoint Presentation
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Primary Considerations

Primary Considerations

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Primary Considerations

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  1. Primary Considerations Sample AT 201 September 11, 2013

  2. Objectives • Discuss key site considerations, restrictions, zoning and codes. • Evaluate a site with respect to important considerations. • Record topographical features of a site. • List family needs that should be considered when planning or purchasing or constructing a house. • Develop a budget for purchasing or constructing a house. • Describe the basic construction drawings used to build a structure.

  3. Key Terms • Building Codes • Construction Details • Deed • Electrical Plan • Elevation • Equity • Expansion Plan • Floor Framing Plan • Floor plan • Foundation plan • Furniture plan • Gross annual income • Heating and Cooling Plan • Landscape Plan • Modules • Pictorial Presentation • Plot Plan • Plumbing Plan • Roof Framing Plan • Roof Plan • Site • Specifications • Take-Home Pay • Title • Topography • Zoning

  4. Site Considerations • The site is more that just a plot of land it is a part of a larger community. • Topography is the characteristics of the land on the site. • A hilly or sloping site is ideal for a split level home. • The Structure should appear to be part of the site.

  5. The Community • The community and neighborhood should be evaluated on the following points. • Is the neighborhood a well-planned community, as shown in figure 3-2? Or, Has the Neighborhood developed with no central theme or for thought, as shown in Figure 3-3?

  6. Cost and Restrictions • It is not possible to state exactly what percentage of the total cost of a home should be allowed for the site. • The cost of the lot should also take into account the amount of frontage it has and whether or not it is a corner lot. • Ownership of the property is transferred through a legal document called a deed.

  7. Zoning and Codes • Zoning creates areas that have certain building requirements for the size, location, and type of structure. • Building codes specify requirements for construction methods and materials for plumbing, electrical, and general building constrictions. • Generally all construction and remodeling requires a building permit from the town, city, or village.

  8. Topographical Features • The topography of the site is a primary concern. • These factors may limit the type of structure that may be built. • If the site is rural and you must provide water and septic system, extra care must be taken in the selection of the proper site.

  9. Family Needs • Family size is a major consideration in a house design. • Ample space should be provided for each member of the family to perform their chosen activities. • Consideration should be given to providing space for: Accommodating guest, Bathing, Dining, Dressing, Entertaining, Family recreations, etc.

  10. Budget for Housing • When choosing a house to build or buy, you need to determine how much you can spend on housing. • Take-home pay is your earnings after taxes and other deductions have been subtracted. • Housing cost is not limited to the monthly mortgage or rent payment alone. • It also includes utility cost, property taxes for an owned residence and insurance.

  11. Other Considerations • A house should not be planned entirely from an “inside-out” approach. • Construction materials are available in different size increments or modules. • The location of the site, the characteristics of the site itself, the size and layout of the house and many other factors all add up to a certain quality of living.

  12. Drawing Included in a Set of Plans • A set of plans or drawings is the collection of all drawings and related specifications needed to construct a house. • Like Plot Plans, Foundation Plan, Floor plan, Elevations, Electrical Plan, Construction Details, and Pictorial Presentations.

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  14. Questions • Zoning Creates what? • Topography is what? • Building Codes Specify what? • What kind of chosen activity do you need to consider that a family needs. • Taking-Home pay is what? • A house shouldn’t be planned entirely on what?

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