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Partner Pitch Pack IP Office R7.0. Speaker Name and Date Goes Here. Agenda. Executive Summary SMEC Market Solution Offers Market Segmentation Partner Business Proposition Training Investments Complementary Offers Additional Resources & Links. 3. 3. Executive Summary.

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Partner pitch pack ip office r7 0 l.jpg

Partner Pitch Pack IP Office R7.0

Speaker Name and Date Goes Here

Agenda l.jpg

  • Executive Summary

  • SMEC Market

  • Solution Offers

  • Market Segmentation

  • Partner Business Proposition

  • Training Investments

  • Complementary Offers

  • Additional Resources & Links



Executive summary l.jpg
Executive Summary

IP Office R7.0 provides a unique window of opportunity to beat the competition, grow your share in the sub-20 market and migrate the existing heritage customer base

Solution Offers

  • Convergence

  • Data Migration tool

  • RJ21 connector eases BCM to IP Office PBX upgrades w/ exiting phones

  • Support for BCM/Norstar Digital and DECT sets via new

  • hardware

  • Enhanced functionality on Nortel IP sets

Investment protection

40%- 60% investment protection

by migrating existing BCM/Norstar IP

and digital sets

Simplified Installation

Data migration tools and RJ21 connections for heritage Nortel customers

Quick Mode Install for IP Office Essential Edition

DevConnect Partner Integration

Leverage existing Dev Connect partners and penetrate the Healthcare vertical which is growing at 3% YOY

Grow sub 20

Cool new sets that offer Enterprise class functionality

Enhanced messaging capabilities

  • Enhancements for Sub-20

  • Quick Mode Install

  • Increased messaging storage

  • New 9500 Digital paperless sets

With the release of IP Office R7.0, Avaya delivers on it’s promise of an integrated portfolio. The ability to migrate all popular vintage sets to a single platform offers unique migration opportunities coupled with investment protection.


First let s define the market sme communications l.jpg
First, Let’s Define The MarketSME Communications

Est. Historical %

Total SMEC Sales:

What s driving our market l.jpg
What’s driving our Market?

  • Fastest growing space is in 50-99 with 7.9% growth expected next year

  • Very small businesses (sub-20) comprised of 82.5% of SMB market

  • 64% of SMB’s will be replacing outdated systems

    • PC replacement cycle driven by SMB support for Windows 7

    • PC ownership as well as notebook purchases fueled by lower prices and advanced capabilities

    • Replacement of desktop PCs by notebooks driving new refresh cycles

    • SMB LANs/Server-based LAN penetration will exceed 64% by end of 2011

According to Dell’Oro, 2011:

Now is the time to defend and migrate the installed base l.jpg
Now is the Time to…..Defend and Migrate the Installed Base

Be the only one to offer 40-60% investment protection

Upgrade Norstar, PARTNER, BCM (>3 years) and other customers to IP Office Release 7.0




More than 1.6M of Installed systems worldwide about to refresh with a maximum potential market of


Protect recent BCM investments <3 years to BCM R6.0 extend new functionality …….


Avaya fit for purpose solutions serving small midsize and large enterprises l.jpg
Avaya Fit for Purpose Solutions Serving Small, Midsize and Large Enterprises

Avaya IP Office

Designed for SME Markets,

Simpler communications needs

Avaya Aura®

Designed for Midsize and Large Enterprises,

more advanced communications needs

Avaya Aura® Solution for Midsize Enterprise

Avaya Aura®

Avaya Aura® Branch Solutions

For 1-450 users/location











Fortune 1000

# of Users


Avaya ip office unique investment protection l.jpg
Avaya IP OfficeUnique Investment Protection

IP Office 500

Single, Modular Platform

Scales to 384 users per system, 32 sites

Simple, role-based solutions












Merlin Integration

PARTNER® Integration

BCM, Norstar Integration Part 1

BCM, Norstar Integration Part 2

Avaya AuraTM Integration

Integral Integration


Avaya ip office r7 0 solutions offering convergence l.jpg
Avaya IP Office R7.0 Solutions OfferingConvergence

BCM/Norstar Digital Phone and Digital Mobile phone Integration

BCM/Norstar IP Phone Enhanced Functionality

Feature set similar to IP Office terminals

New Hardware for Easy Migration

TCM8, DS16A and DS30A for set integration.

RJ21 Connectors and Wall Mount kits for simplified


Data Migration Tool

Easy transfer of voicemail message content, voicemail greetings and associated configuration data

Avaya ip office r7 0 solutions offering ip office innovation l.jpg
Avaya IP Office R7.0 Solutions OfferingIP Office Innovation

New 9500 Digital Sets

New Line of 9600 IP Sets

New paperless digital phones

Color IP paperless phones

Color IP Gigabit Touch screen phones

96X1 available with 6.1 maintenance release. 9611 not available with this release

Enhancements for the Sub – 20 Market

Designed for the stand alone small business customer

IP Office – Quick Mode for rapid Install and simplified administration

Increased message storage, out calling notification for IP Office Essential Editions

Avaya ip office r7 0 new enhancements vs competition l.jpg
Avaya IP Office R7.0New Enhancements Vs Competition

Avaya ip office r 7 0 l.jpg
Avaya IP Office R 7.0

Market Segment

  • traditional key-system customers

  • PBX customers <250

  • BCM customers >3 years old

  • Heritage Norstar and Avaya legacy customers

  • Healthcare and Hospitality verticals

Customer Type

  • Current legacy Nortel or Avaya products

  • Healthcare with vintage products or net new

  • Expanding or Greenfield

  • Desires UC functionality

Customer Values

  • Reliability and scale

  • Ease of migration

  • Investment Protection

  • Simple to understand, purchase and finance

  • Enhanced functionality

Avaya ip office r 7 0 key messages l.jpg
Avaya IP Office R 7.0 – Key Messages

Total Cost of Ownership

Investment Protection

Enhanced User Experience

  • Customers can save 40% to 60% on new IP Office installation using their existing BCM or Norstar sets

  • IP Office allows for simplified installation which decreases customer installation costs and increases TCO

  • Simplified management tools – built for the sub 20 market to decrease cost of management and improve efficiency

  • Data Migration tool reduces time to migrate thus decreasing cost and increasing TCO

  • Migration of existing sets minimize disruption and need for customer training

  • Faster and simpler administration for customer with paperless phones

  • Cool new phones provide a more professional look and feel for the small business customer


Key messages based on customer type l.jpg
Key Messages Based on Customer Type

Customer Type: Current System—Spirit, Magix, Partner, etc

Key messages based on customer type18 l.jpg
Key Messages Based on Customer Type

Customer Type: BCM/Norstar

Why migrate norstar to ip office l.jpg
Why Migrate Norstar to IP Office

Why migrate norstar to ip office20 l.jpg
Why Migrate Norstar to IP Office

How avaya partners benefit avaya offers multiple ways l.jpg
How Avaya Partners BenefitAvaya offers multiple ways

Why should your Partners care?

  • Programs to offset costs, fuel growth, increase margins

  • Cool applications like mobility, SIP enhancements, remote worker and new sets address customers' hot buttons which ncrease loyalty

  • Up-sell capabilities open the door to complete solution sales

Increase Margin

BDF and MDF programs,

Promotions, Expanded

Product portfolios

  • Avaya programs help marketing dollars go further! Tested programs provide quicker ROI with a lower “touch”

  • Streamlined training reduces time away from selling, decreases SG&A. No Fees for Sales Authorization!

  • Learn, Sell and Maintain one product platform that scales the SME Market

Reduce Cost

Market LeadersCampaigns, Partner Marketing Central, Streamlined training,

One product line

Realize Cash


  • Utilize AFS leasing options to increase cash on hand

  • Free up credit lines previously used to purchase product

  • Advanced funding puts 50% of margin in your hands at the time of sale

  • Avaya Financial Services

  • (AFS)

Ip office r 7 0 it s all about growth transition to ip office l.jpg
IP Office R 7.0 - It’s All About Growth!Transition to IP Office

  • Natural Migration Path:

  • Protect your installed base from the competition

  • Support all Nortel IP and Digital phones on IP Office

  • Resellers use same BCM design and quote tools

  • Data migration tool, RJ21 Jacks, Wall Mount Kits

  • Increase Revenue Share

  • Refresh Nortel phones with Avaya 95xx and 96x1 phones

  • Offer Enhanced UC applications to existing and new customers

  • Increase Market Share

  • Attract new customers in sub-20 with 95xx digital phones

  • Attract new customers in the high end segment with 96x1 IP phones

  • Penetrate new vertical markets with Dev Connect solutions

  • Outperform your competition with “Green” solutions

Increase Revenue Growth

  • Migrate Nortel install base of +800,000 systems globally (210k BCM, 600K Norstar)

  • Accelerate sales (installation) in the sub-20 segment with simplified manager

  • Save at least 1 ½ hours per install with IP Office-Quick Mode; therefore decreasing quote to cash timeframe


Proven investment protection l.jpg
Proven Investment Protection

IP office 500v2, mix of Combo cards, TCM8, DS16A/30A, analog and/or PRI, (and supporting module(s)) Essential Edition (10 user) Preferred Edition 30 users and above.

Phone Mix 10%1403, 10% 1408, 60% 1416, 10% 9504, 10% 9508

  • Keep the phones, change the core hardware

  • Grow with IP Office Digital or IP Phones

  • Protect your installed base

    • Don’t’ let the competition get a look in!


Key partner takeaways l.jpg
Key Partner Takeaways

Continue selling BCM where it’s applicable while rampingup on IP Office

Sell with confidence! IP Office is the on-going flagship product for Avaya’s SME space

Streamlined, cost effective training makes it easy to become authorized to sell

Protect and grow your base with the promise of investment protection

Grow your market share with decreased time from quote to cash

Grow your wallet share by up selling new 95XX and 96X1 phones,

Target your Maintenance customers to monetize the heritage base

Penetrate new markets with Dev Connect solutions for IP Office

  • Time is

  • Ripe for

  • IP Office

Fy11 sme expert market your expertise by becoming an sme expert l.jpg
FY11 SME ExpertMarket your expertise by becoming an SME Expert




Benefits of SME Expert

GSS Support is available to individuals holding either the ACS Implement IPO or ACSS SME

New to ip office training requirements l.jpg
New to IP OfficeTraining Requirements

* See Note section below

Ip office essential edition partner version training requirements l.jpg
IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER ® VersionTraining Requirements

Partners who traditionally sold PARTNER ® ACS and would like to continue selling our PARTNER ® replacement – IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER® Version must complete the following training:

* Partners are required to have 2 individuals with APSS Sales Authorization on IP Office in each country where they will be selling the product. This is the same course as the IP Office APSS (no PARTNER® specific version). Courses and assessments are available in French, Italian, Spanish, and German

** Available for those individuals who will be implementing and maintaining the IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER® Version in the NAR. Course is non-credentialed and is at Avaya University in the APSS SME Communication curriculum map under “to continue my training” section

Currently authorized optional training l.jpg
Currently AuthorizedOptional Training

For Partners currently APSS authorized, or planning to refresh their Implementation credential this course is recommended. There is no additional assessment required.

For Partners currently APSS Authorized and would like additional training on IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER® Version (NAR only)

Complementary offers additional resources l.jpg
Complementary offers & ADDITIONAL resources

Focus on healthcare increasing it spending l.jpg
Focus on: HealthcareIncreasing IT Spending

There are approximately 750,000 healthcare establishments in the US. 90,000 in the 20 to 99 employee size

small businesses in the

Small Healthcare Businesses spent more then $10bn: Telephony equipment ($500M) telephony services ($7B) and internet services ($3B)

(AMI Research 2009)

Total IT Expenditure in Healthcare in 2010 is expected to be $82.2 billion, up 3% on 2009

(Gartner – October 2009)

“Healthcare expenditure “is expected to grow with practices looking to use technology to improve efficiency and margins”

(IDC – 2009)


Understanding the healthcare vertical l.jpg
Understanding the Healthcare Vertical

Doctors Offices

Nursing Homes

  • Providing Residents access to phone and voicemail

  • Accurate billing

  • Staff access to full communications suite (mobility, contact center etc)

  • Quick response with on-site wireless phones

  • Immediate notification of 911 calls

  • Room status - guarantees the cleanest environment to the residents

  • Complete mobility, Doctors and/or delegates can quickly be found, without disclosing cell or home number

  • Automatic appointment reminders and reschedules reduce the revenue lost to missed appointments.

  • Automatic Lab result reader and Prescription Refill free staff for more pressing tasks

  • Specialists are free to seamlessly roam across office locations


Ip office devconnect partners creating healthy solutions l.jpg
IP Office & DevConnect PartnersCreatingHealthy Solutions

  • DevConnect Partners

  • Computer Instruments

  • RSI

  • DuVoice

  • TigerTMs

  • What this means

  • to Partners:

  • Increased revenue opportunity

  • Improved margins from software

  • Repeatable business (verticals)

  • Take share from competition

  • Key Capabilities:

  • Appointment reminders

  • Repeat prescriptions

  • Integrated DECT Mobile solutions

  • Invoice Reminders

  • Emergency notifications

  • Pre-surgical checklist

  • DECT Mobility


Why demos are important show and tell l.jpg
Why Demos Are ImportantShow and Tell

Good Demo


  • Now you have a choice!!

  • EZ Demo – updates coming! Also coming to an Apple App store near you

  • Flash Demo

  • Avaya Demo Sales Specialists


Reduce marketing expenses by leveraging avaya marketleaders 2 0 and partner marketing central l.jpg
Reduce Marketing Expenses by Leveraging Avaya MarketLeaders 2.0 and Partner Marketing Central

PMC is free to all partners

MarketLeaders is subsidized 50% upfront by Avaya and is at heavily reduced rates

MarketLeader Savings example:

A standard email (Excite) campaign includes 2 email blasts, telemarketing follow-up &1000 contacts for ~$1400

Cost estimate to create a campaign and purchase a list = $5K+

~$3600 Savings per




New sme campaign materials available on pmc marketleaders today l.jpg
New SME Campaign materials available on PMC & MarketLeaders today

  • Target: sub 20 market

  • Theme: “You didn’t know a phone system could do that?”

  • Assets: oft & html emails, online banners and telemarketing scripts

    • Horizontal

    • Hospitality

    • Healthcare

  • Offers:

    • IP Office Demo

    • Small Business Unified Communications for Dummies

PMC Link:

New sme campaign materials available on pmc today l.jpg
New SME Campaign materials available on PMC today today

Social media

Social media is a key component of the Avaya SME program, enabling us to increase awareness, showcase innovative SME solutions and forge deeper connections with SME owners.

Partners can take advantage of the power of social media by participating on whatever level they feel comfortable.

Social Media calendar posted each month

Partners can use this content exactly as is and post in your own social media efforts, or create their own– it's up to them!

PMC Link:

Seminar in a box (emails / landing page / telescripts, etc)

Quarterly eNewsletters (for SME & Enterprise)

Sme campaigns coming in q2 q3 l.jpg
SME Campaigns coming in Q2/Q3 today

IP Office 7.0 Campaign

Multi-touch campaign focusing on:

Growing your business

Pain points of an SME

Business benefits of IP Office


Nortel Legacy (BCM/Norstar)

Avaya Legacy (PARTNER, MERLIN)

Net New

Assets: oft & html emails, online banners and telemarketing scripts

Horizontal & Healthcare

New Premium Content

Nortel migration guide

Avaya migration guide

Avaya White Paper: How Effective Communications Deliver Real Results to Your Business

Avaya White Paper: Revolutionizing Patient Care Through Communications: helping nurses improve patient outcomes, patient care productivity, and hospital profitability

Slide40 l.jpg

SME Promotions & Programs today

Cheat SheetQ2 – Q3 FY 2011


Use this Cheat Sheet for a quick view of the promotions and programs available to help you win with your SME customers. View important details on the SME Promotions and Programs Page


  • Seed Program

  • Customers can trial IP Office for a two week period free of charge. Just provide an IP Phone.

  • Contact your CAM for details.

  • Trade-In / Trade-Up

  • Customers can easily trade-in their old equipment (Avaya, Nortel, Cisco) for a cash rebate when trading up to IP Office.

  • Available in U.S. and Canada.

  • IP Office

  • Finance/Lease Offers

  • Offer customers 0% (60-months) True Lease financing for new IP Office systems.

  • Through Avaya Financial Services

  • Can be combined only with Trade-In/Trade-Up

  • Free Software Trial Licenses

  • Enable your customers to try select IP Office applications for FREE for 60-days.

  • Contact your distributor.

Expires: June 30, 2011

No expiration dates: ongoing programs

Powerful sme focused portal tools for all elements of the selling cycle l.jpg
Powerful, SME Focused Portal todayTools for All Elements of The Selling Cycle

Case Studies




ROI Tool

Industry Kits



Demand Gen


Get started now l.jpg
Get Started Now! today

Next Steps

  • Take advantage of the SMEC market with the latest portfolio updates featuring:

  • A clear and simple migration path for our legacy customers.

  • Competitively differentiated technology based on an integrated, open standards, multi- media platform

  • New “Green” sets that outpace our competitors

  • One hardware platform that grows as your customers grow.

  • Dev Connect partners that will help you infiltrate the healthcare vertical.

  • Attend SMEC February Launch Webinars

  • Register for Authorization Training sessions

  • and access a wide variety of self and full service marketing assets and programs to support your lead generation efforts!