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Retro Cartridge PowerPoint Presentation
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Retro Cartridge

Retro Cartridge

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Retro Cartridge

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  1. Retro Cartridge Nintendo Entertainment System Universal Cartridge Michael Folz Retro Cartridge

  2. What I’ll Cover • List of topics: • What is the Retro Cartridge? • Why am I designing/building this? • Who will use it? • How will it be Implemented? • What makes my product unique? • Basic system architecture. • Timeline/Future Design Considerations. • Closing Remarks and Questions. Retro Cartridge

  3. Many things… A platform for Application and Game development. A way to virtually reproduce the entire NES library in one cartridge. A device that will allow users to run homebrew applications. What is the Retro Cartridge? Retro Cartridge

  4. Purchasing of Classic Games: Are subject to increasing costs due to limited hardware. Superficially inflated by resellers (30-40$ for SMB3) Needs I want to address: Ability for less Affluent gamers to play games on the original hardware. Emulation is boring (but hardware is fun) Owning physical copies of a working cartridge is inspiring and motivating Why am I designing/building this? Retro Cartridge

  5. Needs we want to address: (con’t) Currently available platforms use expired or unsupported architecture (RS232), and all use a single FPGA solution that is both slow and unresponsive. All current platforms are unsupported/expired Don’t support homebrew roms Why am I designing/building this? Retro Cartridge

  6. Needs we want to address: (con’t) It is my goal to create a solution that will remain in support for as long as computers have SD card readers. Insert, Flash , & Forget It ! Why am I designing/building this? Retro Cartridge

  7. How will it be used? (con’t) • The user experience: • Transfer Rom Files (.nes) to SD cart (Fat16/32) • Insert SD into Retro Cart Place It in the Nintendo • Select game from SD Contents List • Run the program, Play the game • Repeat as necessary SD CONTENTS:FinalFantasy.nes kid icarus.nes >SMB3.nes Megaman.nes Metroid.nes …… SD Retro Cartridge

  8. Who will use it? • Initial target audience • Consumers specifically classic gaming enthusiasts. • Potential target audience • Anyone who wants a tool to learn application and game design using Assembly on the NES. Retro Cartridge

  9. How will it be Implemented? • Two use cases • 1 – Processor & CPLD combined • CPLD – Glue Logic • Microprocessor read from SD card and program ROM Chips • 2 – One Peripheral Board, Many Cartridges • A single peripheral board can be used as to represent NES cartridge hardware. Retro Cartridge

  10. Basic System Architecture SD Card Reader ATMEGA 128 * processor is subject to change due to cost, processor speed & configurable pins. Xilinx CPLD* CPLD is subject to change due to cost, CPLD speed & configurable pins. I2C BIOS * Holds initial program responsible for programming EEPROM chips & CPLD NES Lockout Chip W RAM CHR RAM CPU Addressing PINS PROGRAM EEPROM CHR EEPROM NES 60 PIN Header * Connected directly to NES PROCESSOR Retro Cartridge

  11. Timeline • Fall 2013: • Write software to the uC responsible for programming both EEPROMS • Support all NROM, SxROM & Ux ROMS • Winter 2014: • Expand support to all extend across all available boards. • Develop initial game to act as a front line GUI for the programmer. Retro Cartridge

  12. Future Design Considerations • W-Ram and CHR Ram one chip solution, this will cut cost by 10$ per unit. • Combine both CHR and PRG Memory modules in one 8Mbit module. Retro Cartridge

  13. Future Design Considerations • Implement circuits for programming the CPLD and uC to allow for easy software revisions and updates. (USB->R232->LPT) • d • Properly designed enclosure, designed specifically for my boards. Retro Cartridge

  14. Closing Remarks • Looking for anyone Interested in Testing & Playing: • I plan on having the NROM and boards simulated completely by the end of the month feel free to join me and test out an early beta. Retro Cartridge

  15. Any Questions?