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~Pankhudi Foundation

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~Pankhudi Foundation. Welcome to the Pankhudi Parivaar!!. What is Pankhudi? A social development organization with an aim to uplift the lives of those children who grow with inadequate education, resources and psychological support. Why we do what we do?

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~Pankhudi Foundation

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welcome to the pankhudi parivaar

Welcome to the Pankhudi Parivaar!!

What is Pankhudi?

A social development organization with an aim to uplift the lives of those children who grow with inadequate education, resources and psychological support.

Why we do what we do?

We wish to enable the underprivileged children to become self-reliant and enjoy their childhood.

How it works?

We take up initiatives through which our efforts are rightly channelized to enable us help others on a larger scale.

Who are we?

Born on 18th April 2005, Pankhudi is a bunch of like minded individuals who share similar passion, vision and commitment.

Volunteering @ Pankhudi…is an experience that one cherishes throughout his/her life. It is similar to working together in a family (Parivaar).

in the last few years we have been involved in

In the last few years we have been involved in

Setting up a fully functional lab in SRAMB and Anatha Sishu Sevashrama (35 computers were installed for this purpose)

Teaching English & Computers to underprivileged kids and thus impart confidence in them by polishing their soft skills

Organizing events in schools and orphanages on the occasion of Sports Day, Republic Day, Independence Day to make kids understand its importance and relevance

Organizing Health check-up camps

Financially helping victims of calamities by organizing collection drives

on going projects in the pankhudi bangalore chapter

On-going projects in the Pankhudi Bangalore Chapter

Teaching activities across two places in Bangalore

Sri Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind (SRMAB) – JP nagar

Anatha Sishu Sevashram , Wilson Garden

20 active volunteers currently involved in teaching and support activities

Funding – Funds raised by the volunteers to meet the requirement for ongoing projects

Content preparation – Volunteers involved in creating and modifying the teaching content to make the classes more effective

volunteer opportunities @ pankhudi bangalore

Volunteer Opportunities @ Pankhudi Bangalore

1) Teaching

Computers –

1) SRMAB, JP Nagar – Visually impaired students learn computers with the help of Jaws software and follow the course structure from Enable India

2) Anatha Sishu Sevashrama, Wilson Garden

English –

1) SRMAB, JP Nagar

2) Anatha Sishu Sevashrama, Wilson Garden

Maths –

1) Anatha Sishu Sevashrama, Wilson Garden


If you are interested in teaching English or Computers we will first register you as a Pankhudi volunteer

Depending upon the availability and need we will assign you a class along with the existing set of volunteers

In the first two classes, you are not expected to teach but to observe and get familiarized with the way of teaching

During the same time period you would get to interact with other team members, kids and go through our course content (which is available online)


2) Teaching Content Management & Enhancement

Review the current course content and suggest changes

Design different shorter version of courses that could add to a child's skill-set for example 2-3 day course on health and hygiene, value systems etc.

The project can be done independently or in a group depending on the scope of the project

All the inputs on the project will be provided by the Content Representative

3) Organizing events

Recommended for those who cant take out much time from their daily schedule

You get to organize festivals, sports days, annual day ,republic day ,picnics, health camps, blood donation camps, collection drives

All the inputs on such events will be provided by the Financial Representative


4) Publicity and Fund Raising

Help us create awareness about Pankhudi and its’ activities

Bring in more volunteers to support the cause

Communication through blogs, articles and social networking sites

Create promotional material to communicate with potential partners, donors etc.

The PR Representative and the Financial Representative will guide you on these projects

5) Website Management

Activities updates to be posted on website

Photos of events to be uploaded on a regular basis

Blogs of events to be written on the website as and when required

The inputs for the same will be provided by Chapter Representative


6) Feasibility Studies

Intense research into the viability of starting new initiatives

In the past we have been approached by many other small orphanages for assistance and we need to come out with a plan to help them in the best possible manner

The inputs on this project will be provided by the Chapter Representative and the PR Representative

7) Serving HIV affected kids in the Desire Society ( near IIMB)

Helping close to 20 kids (class 5th-6th & 9th-10th)

Spending time with the kids and teaching through fun activities ( singing, dancing etc.)

Using our resources to bring in medication

The inputs on this project will be provided by the Chapter Representative and the PR Representative

why should you be a pankhudi volunteer

Why should you be a Pankhudi Volunteer?

If you share the same passion and commitment to create a difference to the lives of the underprivileged kids

If a smile on a kids face makes you smile

You get to be a part of the family (Pankhudi Parivaar) and learn the art of collaborative spirit

The Pankhudi team teaches you to be a team player

The team comprises people working in different sectors and interacting with them itself is a huge learning opportunity

You make life long friends

pankhudi bangalore representatives





Pankhudi Bangalore Representatives

Priyanka Varma

Chapter Representative


Minu Sharma

Content Representative


Aman Prakash

PR Representative