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Welcome to Champlain Elementary School. Return to electronic portfolio. Please come in. and. Watch us laugh and learn at CES. We practice respecting ourselves, others, the environment. and learning. We follow our Champ. Rules!!!. We respect. ourselves…. YES WE DO!!!!!!. We respect.

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Welcome to

Champlain Elementary School

Return to electronic portfolio

We practice respecting

ourselves, others,

the environment

and learning .

We respect


We respect


We respect the


And we respect


We put up our hands when

we have a question…

We ask for help

when we need it…

And we go get

help when necessary!

We respect instruction,

our washrooms by:

flushing the toilet, instruction,

washing our hands instruction,

with soap and water,

throwing our paper towel instruction,

in the trash,

and keeping instruction,

our bathrooms clean

We respect instruction,

our hallways by:

walking in the instruction,


hanging up our coats instruction,

and our book bags,

placing our outside instruction,

shoes under the bench,

walking into our instruction,


and by not making instruction,

markson the floor!

Learning and Practicing instruction,

Our Social Skills

and by going to get instruction,

help when necessary!

Emphasis on positive behaviour

Emphasis instruction, on Positive Behaviour

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care!!

Morning and afternoon announcements good teaching opportunity
Morning and Afternoon Announcements instruction,Good teaching opportunity!!!

Excellent time for friendly reminders and celebrating students who have receivedchamp cards

We pass out champ cards instruction,

to our classmates

See our new instruction,

Champ Box!!

We respect the instruction,

cafeteria by:

talking quietly instruction,

while we eat,

by sitting instruction,

in our chairs,

keeping the tables instruction,


by composting instruction,

our leftovers,

Yes we do!!!!! instruction,

throwing our garbage instruction,

in the garbage can!!!

and recycling instruction,

what we can!!!

We even make sure instruction,

we turn in the spoons!

Supervision is a instruction,


staying away from the instruction,


playing safe games instruction,

during recess and lunch

taking turns instruction,

on the equipment!!

Even in the winter instruction,

sliding feet first instruction,

down the slides!!!

and respecting instruction,

the equipment!!

We stay active by instruction,

respecting the rules at recess and lunch

We even follow the rules instruction,

in the gym!!!

and we put away the instruction,


We respect instruction,our bus


by walking to the instruction,


by sitting instruction,


keeping our feet in instruction,

front of us,

and allowing our bus instruction,


to get us all home instruction,


Kids Have The Power instruction,

Let’s celebrate it !!!!!

We love Champlain instruction,


Yes we do!!! instruction,

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