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Welcome to Bronson Elementary School

Welcome to Bronson Elementary School. Annual Title 1 Back to School Open House Meeting 2010-2011. Check In and Check Out. Always sign in or out at the front office, even for parent pick-up.

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Welcome to Bronson Elementary School

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  1. Welcome to Bronson Elementary School Annual Title 1 Back to School Open House Meeting 2010-2011

  2. Check In and Check Out • Always sign in or out at the front office, even for parent pick-up. • Send a note with your child to the teacher when they are late, absent, or there are transportation changes for the afternoon! **SCHOOL TIMES HAVE CHANGED** 8:10am-2:35pm

  3. Parent Pick Up Please pick up your child at the designated times that your teacher gives you. If you park and walk to get your child you must sign in. Only the person on the emergency card can pick a child up from school.

  4. Volunteers/Field Trips • See Debbie Costa in the front office. • Orientation must be complete to participate as chaperones for classroom fieldtrips.

  5. Teacher Conferences • Please make an appointment with your child’s teacher. • If needed they may contact you for a conference. • Teacher’s will not be able to meet with you in the mornings if it is not a scheduled appointment. Mornings tend to be very busy, so please wait to schedule a time so that they can give you their full attention.

  6. Dress Code • No hats or spaghetti straps. • Be careful with the length of shorts and skirts. • Know when your child has P.E. so they are dressed appropriately for activity. • Be aware of cold weather! Students are outside every morning before homeroom.

  7. Who are our students… • *PreK-5th grade students • 3rd-5th grade students take FCAT • *K-12 Physically Mentally handicapped students • PMH students take Alternative Assessment • *K-12 Trainably Mentally handicapped students • TMH students take Alternative Assessment **We are considered a “Combination School” due to the range of grades that are presented at BES. **

  8. Important Information about… School Grade Calculated into our school grade are points obtained through FCAT tests in grades 3-5. These tests are in Reading, Math, Science (5th grade) and FCAT Writes (4th grade). Also, calculated into our school grade are the alternative assessments that students in our PMH/TMH classes. These students range in grades K-12. Due to budget cuts, Florida Department of Education changed their scoring method for the FCAT writes in 4th grade.

  9. School Grade More Important Information about… Our school is made up of 82% Free/Reduced lunch students. All students in grades 3-5 classrooms are required to take FCAT, including those that are part of an ESE program.

  10. BES School Grade Report Our grade is calculated based on our level of meeting high standards, according to the state’s expectations. High standards are considered a score of 3, 4, or 5 on FCAT Reading, Math, Science, and Writing. Our highest percentages in meeting high standards were in Reading and Math. In Reading 70% of our students met high standards and in Math 67% of our students met high standards. Also included in our school grade is our overall percentage of students making gains. This includes the students in our K-12 PMH and TMH classes that take alternative assessment. According to the state guidelines, our school grade is a C.

  11. AYP In Reading, Math, and Science our student subgroups (white, economically disadvantaged, and students with disability) are in need of improvement With the change in scoring the FCAT writes, we did not meet the requirement within that category. Our lowest quartile did not make sufficient growth. The percentage of students making growth was not as high as it was in 2008-2009. BES, along with all other Levy County schools, did not make AYP for the 2009-2010 school year.

  12. Student/ Parent/ Teacher/ Principal Compact This compact is an agreement between all parties involved in your child’s education. These compacts are designed to emphasize that student performance is a shared responsibility. Everyone works together to help a child achieve the State’s standards. While in your child’s classroom this evening, teachers will review this compact and request your signature. Your signature will signify your willingness to be a part of your child’s educational team.

  13. Due to our percentage of free and reduced lunch students Bronson Elementary School qualifies as a Title 1 School. The components of a Title 1 School Wide program include: Comprehensive Needs Assessment Conducted Instruction by High Qualified Teachers High Quality and ongoing professional development for teachers, principals, and paraprofessionals, as well as other appropriate staff. Strategies to increase parental involvement Strategies to attract high-quality, highly qualified teachers to high need schools BES is a Title 1 School WIDE PROGRAM

  14. continued Plans for assisting preschool children in the transition from early childhood programs Measures to include teachers in the decisions regarding the use of academic assessments Activities to ensure that students who experience difficulty mastering the proficient or advanced levels of academic achievement standards shall be provided with effective, timely additional assistance Coordination and integration of federal, state, and local services and programs. BES is a Title 1 School WIDE PROGRAM

  15. As a Title 1 school we are required to submit a School Improvement Plan annually to the Florida Department of Education. Our School Improvement Plan is written based our FCAT results and our identified areas of deficiency. Goals are set each year for us to improve in our identified areas of deficiency. School Improvement Plans are reviewed and approved by the School Advisory Council, before being submitted to the Florida Department of Education. School improvement plans

  16. Parents are invited to join and participate in our School Advisory Council (SAC). Meetings are held monthly, here at Bronson Elementary School. Our next meeting is Monday, September 20 at 4:30pm. This is your opportunity to provide input into the operations of your child’s school. We welcome all of you to attend! School Advisory Council (SAC)

  17. *Participate in our School Advisory Council *Attend monthly Family Learning Nights (First one this year is Thursday, Sept. 16) Information is shared state assessments, Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, strategies that can be used to help your child be successful in reading and math. Computer access to complete assignments, conduct research for class projects, and Accelerated Reader. *Attend Parent Conferences (Evening conferences offered twice a year) *Volunteer (MUST attend annual Volunteer Orientation) *Eat lunch with your child *Help the teacher with projects from your home *Be a reading buddy to a student *Help with class celebrations/projects/and special events How can you be involved in your child’s education?

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