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Creating a Culture of Learning

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Creating a Culture of Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating a Culture of Learning. Modeling a Vision for Technology Use in an Online Environment to Impact the Use of Technology in the K-12 System. TCC 2009 Worldwide Online Conference April 14-16, 2009 Dr. Silvia Braidic (Associate Professor) at

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creating a culture of learning

Creating a Culture of Learning

Modeling a Vision for Technology Use in an Online Environment to Impact the Use of Technology in the K-12 System

TCC 2009 Worldwide Online Conference

April 14-16, 2009

Dr. Silvia Braidic (Associate Professor) at

Mr. Joe Oliphant (Graduate Student/Technology Integration Director) at

session overview
Session Overview:

This session will share ideas of how to create a culture of learning in an online class at the university level so that it will impact the vision and use of technology at the K-12 level.

as a result of this session you will develop an understanding of how
As a result of this session, you will develop an understanding of how:
  • The infusion of various technology tools establishes a robust digital age learning culture to address the needs of different learners and
  • The infusion of these technological tools looks to promote excellence in professional practice
topics addressed
Topics Addressed:
  • Background
  • Lead the Way - Lead by Example
    • How to Model and Infuse Effective Practices of Technology
  • Technology Tools
  • Enabling Others to Act
    • Steps to Increase Technology Awareness
  • Research on Coaching
  • A Little Trivia
  • The Evolution of Technology
  • Resources
  • Q & A
background context
  • California University of Pennsylvania Administrative Program for Principals
  • Standards based program (ELCC, PDE, QM)
  • Online
  • Who are we?
consider this if
Consider this…IF

“Your own expectations and technology use can have a profound effect on the way your school’s existing technology resources are used”

(Moses, 2006).


What steps can you take to impact the way technology is utilized to maximize student learning in the K-12 classrooms?

lead the way model a vision
LEAD THE WAYModel a Vision
  • Awareness of technological tools
  • Understanding of the capability of various technological tools
    • Learner-centered environments to meet diverse needs
  • Infuse effective practices
    • Promote participation
    • Examples: Model effective communication, collaboration, and use
  • Instructional Coaching for technology
technology tools
  • Skype
  • Aggregators/Feed Readers-RSS feeds
  • Google docs
  • Google forms
  • Wikis
  • Data Collection Tools/Handhelds
  • Electronic Portfolio
technology tools1
  • Support Communication
  • Foster Collaboration
  • Address Diverse Learner Needs
  • Stimulate Innovation and Creativity
  • Promote Student Learning

What is it?

  • Skype is software that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet, participate in chats, and various other features.
  • Highlights
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for meaningful conversation beyond a written chat format
  • Connect with others anytime, anywhere
  • Audio/Video features
  • Offers another venue to access students/instructors
  • File transfer capabilities
  • Example
  • Communication Tool (Instructor-Student, Small groups) or Group Work
  • Playing Live Via Skype Webcam



Playing Live Via Skype Webcam


aggregators feed readers

What is it?

  • An Aggregator or Feed Reader is a tool that lets the content come to you, not the other way around.
  • Highlights
  • Free
  • Technology Helps You
  • Site starts feeding your feed reader/aggregator
  • Start with a few blogs
  • Add more as you come across blogs
  • Set aside time each day to read/skim the blog posts that appear in your feed reader/aggregator
  • or to set up an account
  • Example
  • Leadership

Aggregators/Feed Readers

google docs

What is it?

  • Google Docs lets you create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets and
  • presentations. Create a doc from scratch, upload an existing doc or
  • browse the template gallery for a format that suits your needs – it’s easy.
  • Highlights
  • Free
  • Simple
  • Create and edit docs
  • Documents stored safely online
  • Easy access - anytime, from anywhere
  • Collaborate with others
  • Eliminate confusing email attachments and version-control issues
  • Example
  • Course Assignment – Look Fors

Google Docs

google forms

What is it?

  • Google forms allows you to create a form, invite others to fill it out, and compile information in one place to use.
  • Highlights
  • Free
  • Simple
  • Creates a form
  • Allows you to invite people to fill it out
  • Answers will automatically be added to a spreadsheet
  • Easy access - anytime, from anywhere
  • Example
  • Create our own form – TAKE HOME

Google Forms


Creator can create

various question types.


What is it?

  • A Wikispace is basically a group of web pages with “edit” buttons on them. It’s a simple way to edit web pages and to have others edit them with you. Wikispaces is designed to be easy and fun so that you can focus on getting things done with students, teachers, and anyone else you need to work with.
  • Highlights
  • Free
  • Easy to use – Up and running in minutes
  • Easy to monitor
  • Allows for creativity
  • Promotes Communication
  • Encourages participation
  • Resources
  • Professional Development with Teachers/Student Projects
  • Example
  • New Teacher Induction



To me, it is funny that principals have tools available for walkthroughs, but no specific walkthroughs for their tools.

iste classroom observation tool

What is it?

  • ICOT is an online tool that provides a set of questions to guide classroom observations of a number of key components of technology integration.
  • Highlights
  • Free
  • Can share reports
  • Aligned with NETS for teachers
  • Tool can be downloaded to whatever computer you use
  • Teachers can use ICOT to learn from colleagues
  • Administrators can use the tool to document the effective use of technology in their schools.
  • Researchers and evaluators can collect observations to study school programs or curriculum interventions.
  • Utilize online tool with video clips (training in principal preparation program) or for actual classroom observations
  • Example
  • Teacher Observation

ISTE Classroom Observation Tool

electronic portfolios

What is it?

  • The Principal Candidate Program Portfolio serves as a collection of evidence that documents the knowledge and skills that are necessary for principal candidates to become effective leaders of schools.
  • Highlights
  • Portfolio Template
  • Electronic - LiveText
  • Easy to use
  • May revisit throughout the program to add or change artifacts
  • Serves as a reflection tool
  • Utilized for goal setting
  • Data collection and analysis from a program level
  • Moves from a Program Portfolio to a Professional Portfolio for interviews
  • Example
  • Principal Candidate Program Portfolio

Electronic Portfolios


A Look At How Technology Can Make Things Easier…

Walkthrough and Learning Objectives


Possible Steps to Increase Technology Awareness for Principals

  • Understanding of how technology supports teaching and learning
  • Modeling expectations for effective use
  • Advocacy for instructional tools available
  • Differentiation of skills to staff members
  • Professional development for principals in usage of resources
  • Sharing of best practices for principals using technology
  • Positive relationships between principals and technology coordinators

Does coaching lead to implementation?

Research indicates that coaching does indeed lead to successful adoption and effective use of proven instructional methods, with one crucial caveat: The right conditions--in the form of administrative support and qualified coaches--must be in place. In schools in which either of these elements is missing, implementation success rates have been low.


A Little Trivia

The Question is…

The inventor or introducer of [this] system deserves to be ranked among the best contributors to learning and science, if not among the greatest benefactors of mankind.

What is the Question?



Josiah Bumstead, 1841: Speaking of Invention

of the “blackboard system”



Student slates


Interactive whiteboards

What’s next?



Common Craft: Explanations in Plain English

resources google take home form
  • Join a learning community
  • Share ideas
  • Collaborate
  • Establish a research base
  • Continue the conversation
  • And more…

We Want YOU!

contact information
Contact Information

Dr. Silvia Braidic

Associate Professor

California University of Pennsylvania

Department of Educational Administration and Leadership

Mr. Joe Oliphant

Graduate Student/Technology Integration Director