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High School

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High School

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  1. High School

  2. Welcome to Academic Year 2011/2012

  3. The High School TeamKevin Ebenezer Guidance CounsellorTanya Gingell High School SecretaryDaniel Johnston Dean of StudentsRobert Fronk Grade 9/10 CounsellorWendell Hausdorf Guidance CounsellorMarleenRobberechts IB DP CoordinatorHilary Saugstrup Learning and EAL SupportGrade Level Coordinators and Advisory TeacherSubject Teachers

  4. Some interesting statistics: There are 327 students in High School 33 are brand new to St. John’s this year We have 75 new ninth graders We have 42 different nationalities represented in High School We have 62 teachers and support staff We offer 135 different courses We offer 61 different activities in addition to academic courses

  5. Additions for this Academic Year Personnel: • Ms Ramirez Math HOD • Ms Kerr Math • Mr. Scott English • Dr. Metz Science • Ms De Voe EAL/English • Mr. Fronk Grade 9/10 Counsellor • MrJohnstone Dean of Students

  6. New Additions this Academic Year (Fabric) • Math offering has increased in Grade 9 and 10 • Grade 9 students are now on campus and more involved in the planning of their learning experience • C Level a more invitational space • Net books and 21st Century approaches to learning

  7. Why would you do this? Vision, Mission and Values Our vision St. John’s students live our values to impact the world. Our mission St. John’s International School provides an English-language education based on Christian values, demands personal excellence and stimulates individual responsibility within a culturally diverse environment. Our values St. John's embraces its historical tradition and, in particular, the Christian values of: Companionship - the gentleness to befriend and strength to accompany  Integrity - being true to ourselves, to each other, and to our world Respect - of people, languages, cultures, beliefs and values 

  8. Impact the World? • Why? • St. John’s students are being educated for life in the world not just college or university • Students need to be adaptable and they have differing expectations • They live in a challenging world • They will meet stiff competition • Their learning will have to be lifelong

  9. Companionship for a High Schooler? • High quality relationships adult to adult, adult to student, student to student, school to home. • Gentleness • Strength

  10. Integrity for a High Schooler? Students are looking for role models • Students need a moral compass • Students need to have unimpeachable core values

  11. Respect for a High Schooler? We encourage our students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right This is taken from the International Baccalaureate Mission Statement We also respect a student’s prior learning We respect their stage of development and specific needs based upon research


  13. What’s on offer for my High Schooler? • Diplomas not just the IB • Certification of Completion of Studies • General Diploma • Academic Diploma • Academic Diploma with Honours • International Baccalaureate Certificates • Advanced Placement Programme • Full International Baccalaureate Diploma • It’s about PERSONAL EXCELLENCE

  14. What about results? 61 full IB diploma students 98,4% pass rate The world average is 82% St John’s students average score was 33.3 of a possible 45 points The world average is 30.4 % of students world wide who scored 45 points is 0.2% approximately • The highest score attained was 42 points (of the maximum 45), achieved by two of our students, while 28% of our IB full diploma students scored 37 points or higher.

  15. Some Universities United Kingdom: Cambridge, Warwick, University College London, Kings College London, Imperial College London, Edinburgh, Exeter, YorkCanada: McGill, Toronto, University of British ColumbiaUnited States: MIT, Columbia, Brown, Stanford, New York University (NYU), Vassar College, Johns Hopkins, Davidson College, Denison College Europe: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne IE University Vesalius College University of Zurich

  16. What about the Grade 9 and 10 Students? • You will hear about the pre IB courses • Breadth • Balance • Continuity • Progression • Relevance

  17. So how can we help our kids? • CARE • Communicate • Assist • Respect • Encourage

  18. We are in PARTNERSHIP • ‘Today’s parents are demanding more…they want some say in the values and behaviour standards followed by a school…they see themselves as partners in the education process and want teacher advice on how they can support their child’s learning’ (Edgar D (2001) The Patchwork Nation

  19. How we Communicate Back to School Night 22nd September Progress Reports Parent\Teacher Conferences Principals weekly bulletin Headlions Email the teachers Email the High School Secretary Study Whizz and Net Classroom September 8 – Meet the Board College Visits September 9 – PTP Soiree for new families and buddy families September 14 – PTP AGM

  20. A word about good quality effective communication • Conversation is better • Community conversation is best • Margaret Wheatley

  21. Where are we going?

  22. What have you been working on? • Individual Schedules and correct placement • Communication of Specific Learning Needs • Student Leadership and The Student Voice • Planning for the Day Away (September 16th) • Publicity of Learning Outcomes • Careers Day • Canvassing student opinions about furniture

  23. Thank you for your kind attention!