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Team Fillet. Luis Ruiz, Connor Pederson, Jacob Mullican , Andrew Thatcher . Team Norms.

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Team fillet

Team Fillet

Luis Ruiz, Connor Pederson, Jacob Mullican, Andrew Thatcher

Team norms
Team Norms

  • 1) All designated tasks are to be completed by the preset date. If not, personal evaluation is subject to strict penalty from other team members.2)If someone does continue to not complete the tasks by the preset date, the slacking individual will have a meeting with either of our engineering teachers be it our instructors.3)No vulgar or inappropriate language is allowed during meetings or posts.4)Team members are expected to fully contribute to the overall success of the team.5)Any problems with either meeting dates, completing tasks on time and or cooperation must be reported so that the team can be flexible. 6)Be sure to choose the job or part of the project that can easily suit your individual skills.7)Be sure to keep in contact with team for updates and or basic information.8)If needed we can exchange other information such as numbers and or email addresses to keep in contact.9)Be sure your finished part of the project is of very good quality and that effort shows, slacking off will not be accepted.

Norms continued
Norms Continued

  • 10)Make sure your design decisions are as well thought out and played as possible, we want our product and project to go well for everyone.11)All new ideas and opinions are welcomed and encouraged to be presented to other members within the team. Our greatest tool is our diversity and all ideas will be taken into consideration.12)Be sure to write in your own personal Engineering Notebook every class period for it will be graded and checked as well. Must have a summary of the day.13) No doing all the work and leaving no work for Andrew to do, forcing him to make useless posts like this.14)Try to cooperate fully with other team members in order to get work done fast and efficient.15) All group members must complete the same amount of work and not expect other team-mates to do it for them.End of Norms.

Design brief
Design Brief


  • Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

    Target Consumer:

  • Frank Lloyd Wright architecture enthusiasts


  • Ruiz, Pederson, Millican, Thatcher co.

  • Problem Statement:

  • The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation wants to market and sell a holiday season ornament that is inspired by one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural designs.

    Design Statement:

  • Design an ornament that emulates the style and geometry of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass windows from the Prairie Style period.


  • The total area of the ornament must be no more than 12.25 in2.

  • The ornament may be up to 3/16” thick. 

Part ipt s
Part IPT’s


Part ipt s1
Part IPT’s


Part ipt s2
Part IPT’s


Part ipt s3
Part IPT’s

Outer ring

Part ipt s4
Part IPT’s


Sketch of idw
Sketch of IDW


Sketch of idw1
Sketch of IDW


Sketch of idw2
Sketch of IDW

Outer ring

Sketch of idw3
Sketch of IDW


Team conclusion
Team Conclusion

What forms of communication did you utilize while working with your virtual teammate? A member would not respond to the discussion post.

Did you experience any conflicts with your partner, and if so, how did you resolve them? A team member would not work, so we did the work for them.

 What was the most challenging part of this design experience?

Communicating with the other teammates.

 How was the design process utilized through this design challenge?

We worked as a team and used the steps of the Design process to get our project completed.

What are the advantages of working in a virtual team over working in a team that relies solely on face-to-face contact? You do not have to travel to meet or communicate with them. Work can be done more efficiently and faster without travel.

Did you add any other constraints to your design challenge? If so, why? No