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y6 literacy project PowerPoint Presentation
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y6 literacy project

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y6 literacy project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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y6 literacy project

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  1. y6 literacy project By Abby Mackie

  2. Creative Writing On a Saturday morning Alice, an inventor, was messing about in her garage thinking she was making a machine that did house work. Alice wanted to test it out, by pushing a button, but instead of doing the house work it opened a door. Alice’s hands started to shake, and she went inside it, as she goes inside it the doors slam and she zooms of into the future… Alice ends up on an island, but since know one, she could see, was there she called it the Land Of The Creatures as there was footprints. After the shocking first few minutes she decided to show courage and started walking and exploring the island. A couple of minutes into walking she spots some of the trees moving, also she saw some animal spots almost like leopard print. Suddenly, animals came rushing out of the bushes and straight for her, terrified, she turned around and almost starts to run but she stops and turns back around. Showing respect to the animals, she realises they are nice, after that moment the leopard came like a pet. The rest of my work is on the nest page

  3. After that terrifying moment she walked around the jungle and started taking pictures, also some of the animals. Alice even wrote a whole report about the creatures and how they were different from the creatures back at home. She added pictures to the report to prove she didn’t making it up. The next day she wrote a letter, still about the island, saying ‘stay away’ from it because of the endangered animals. As she went to pick some fruit, she saw threatening boats appear from the distance. To Alice the boats looked like hunter boats, but she thought they couldn’t be, she saw guns pointing at the island. Furthermore, after the first few minutes of thinking she new they where hunters and they where coming to get the animals! Her first instinct was to gather all animals and save them… Gunshots where getting louder which meant the hunters where getting nearer. As she got to the time machine, she was more of a selfless person, so she put all of the animals in the machine before her. A soon as she tried to push the red button, the time machine broke down. Luckily, the huntsman where far away, so she had time to fix the time traveller. However, as soon as the huntsman where in sight, and in reach of the machine, she took of and zoomed of back into the present. A couple of hours later, that day, she took all the animals into a safe, secure zoo.

  4. Non fiction Writing Alice, an inventor, has landed on an island into the future, and she wants to protect the animals. At first she is not so sure where she is until she sees no one is there, so she names it so she decides to explore… This island is called land of the creatures because it’s only got 1 human and a lot of animals. Also the animals are endangered. Alice wants no one coming to her island because the people coming mite spook the animals, or the animals could attack the humans and anyone could get hurt or even killed!! There are lots of different animals on this island because the people in the future have never noticed this island before as it’s very small. There are creatures on the island that live in different places all over the world!! Alice wants to protect the animals in the future so the animals that she has on the island will still be there, when is in that time. More work on the next page

  5. Some of the animals have beautiful patterns on them up closely. This is an endangered wild cat!! Lots of people kill animals for their fur, some animals for their bones to make jewellery. Alice is on that island to protect the animals from that sort of things from happening to them. Even though wild creatures are a danger to humans and anything that they can kill, the animals are getting killed as well.

  6. Persuasive Writing click here for a larger view

  7. There are about 2,500Bengal tigers in the world There are about 300 pandas left in the world !! Art Work There are about 200 leopards left in the world !!

  8. Thanks for watching BY ABBY