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  1. Alcohol Lesson 2 Harmful Effects of Alcohol

  2. Short Term effects of drinking • Brain: Effects are almost immediate, slows the CNS, Decision making is badly affected • Liver: Changes alcohol to water, CO2 and energy. Drinking faster than the liver can process alcohol, then person becomes intoxicated.

  3. Individual differences influences effects • Body Size & Gender-Small person feels the effects of alcohol faster. In Females, alcohol moves into the bloodstream faster. • Food-in the stomach helps to slow down passage of alcohol into bloodstream.

  4. Individual differences influences effects • Amount taken in-the more you drink the more moves into your bloodstream. When you drink faster than the liver can break it down, intoxication results. Metabolism-how fast the body breaks down substances

  5. effects continued • Blood Vessels: Alcohol causes BV’s to widen, increasing blood flow and aids in intoxication. Warm feelings are short lasting • Because more blood flows near the surface of the body, it causes one to lose heat and put you at risk of Hypothermia-(body temp becomes very low)

  6. More effects……….. • Heart: Rate & Pressure increase, linked to heart attacks and strokes • Kidneys: Alcohol cause the kidneys to produce more urine, leading to dehydration the next day. • Stomach: Alcohol molecules are so small they do not have to be digested by the stomach, they pass directly into the blood stream. Food can slow the rate of intoxication but not prevent it.

  7. Driving Under the Influence DWI=Driving While Intoxicated • DWI is when a person drives when their BAC is greater than the legal limit (GA is.08) • Signs of being intoxicated can show as low as .02 • BAC-Blood Alcohol Concentration-the amount of alcohol in ones bloodstream

  8. More on DWI’s Effects of alcohol and driving: • Reduces ability to judge distance, speed and turns • Increases tendency to take risks • Slows reflexes • Reduces the ability to concentrate • Forgetfulness of proper driving skills (Using turn signals)

  9. Consequences of DWI’s • Harm to driver and others • Restricted driving privileges • Property damage and death • Living with regret and remorse from injury to others and consequences • Loss of parental trust and respect • Jail time, arrest, fines, police record • Higher insurance rates

  10. Binge Drinking • Drinking 5 or more alcoholic drinks at one sitting. It is dangerous and possible to consume a fatal dose Alcohol poisoning-Fatal physical reaction to an alcohol overdose John Bonham-Led Zeppelin

  11. Effects of Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms: • Mental confusion, coma, • stupor, vomiting, seizures • Slow respiration • Irregular heart beat • Hypothermia-low body temp • Severe dehydration

  12. Comparing the Big 3 Liquor Wine Beer Contain the same amount of alcohol .5 oz

  13. Discussion Topics • With your non-dominant hand write the following: How does alcohol effect my penmanship and other body movements?