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Tab f, rsd , tab g Dwa , viewing archives PowerPoint Presentation
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Tab f, rsd , tab g Dwa , viewing archives

Tab f, rsd , tab g Dwa , viewing archives

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Tab f, rsd , tab g Dwa , viewing archives

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  1. Tab f, rsd, tab g Dwa, viewing archives Services- age 6+ By: Tonia Hoch

  2. my list • Ways a student shows on the ‘My List’: • By being listed as a service provider on page F, status will show as VLSP or PPSP (this includes a student who was in Child Find and going to an IEP, teacher would need a service added on page F) • By being listed as an activity only (no service), status would show as ACTY • By adding a student as a ‘Potential Service Provider’ to staff member, status will show PTSP • By adding a move-in student to staff (record will show as ATMI

  3. Student list • Students added as a ‘Potential Service Provider’ will not show on the student list. • Students show on a student list when they have a service or activity at that district and building or placed there for Child Find • When a transfer is requested, once it is processed then the student will show on the student list.

  4. Tab F: services • Services and activities – this is how the student shows on a teacher’s ‘My List’ • Service start date – this will be the first time the service started for the student – no need to update as when it prints, it prints the date of the meeting. • When service is no longer needed, you will ‘end service’ and most of the time it’ll be MGS for met goal still served in SE.

  5. Tab f: activities • The student will show for any staff that was picked via the bank ‘B’ on the activities. If they don’t have a service, the student will show as ‘ACTY’ under the status on their ‘My List’ • When doing a transfer, please update the activities otherwise it will show on previous staff member’s list until those are updated. • If student is still showing on your ‘My List’, it is either because a service or activity is still tied to your name.

  6. Tab f: future services • Includes any services that start more than 30 days after the meeting • They will not become ‘active’ services unless an Amendment is done and they are copied and pasted to ‘services tab’ • Future services, activities and supports will not automatically become "live," nor will they be used to calculate LRE. If it is necessary to move a future service to the Services or Activities tab, use the amendment process. When possible, secure parent consent beforehand for an amendment without a meeting – moving information is not changing information. • Make sure to remove any future services that are no longer needed on an IEP

  7. rsd • When a building change has been made, page F needs updated so RSD will calculate. • If RSD is not calculating for the majority of services and you have all services completed, go to tab F, put a period in the text field, click ‘Save’, then remove the period and click ‘Save’ again (have to do the save in between), this will then update RSD • Reminder on the question: The student receives special education in this location because it is:, the majority of the time it will be the ‘Normal Attendance Center based on where the Student lives’

  8. Tab g - dwa • All preschool children enrolled in a district-provided or district-supported must be administered the GOLD assessment, making the GOLD a “district-wide assessment.” All K-3 students enrolled in a public school are subject to universal literacy screening and progress monitoring requirements, making these assessments “district-wide.”. This includes students who receive competent private instruction and are dual enrolled and students who are shared-time (enrolled in both a public school and accredited non-public school). • Participation in district-wide assessment: •  Yes “Yes” is selected for any student enrolled in a school district program, including: children enrolled in a voluntary four year-old program, regardless of location or provider; children enrolled in an early childhood special education program; and dually enrolled or shared-time students •  No “No” is selected for preschool children who receive AEA support services, only, and students incarcerated in an adult correctional facility

  9. Viewing archives • When a new IEP is opened, you would not go to the previous IEP to view service information. This is only stored in archive. • Services are the same database so changes that have been made to the services page on the newest IEP will be reflected on the services page of the previous IEP. • To view the previous IEP services, you would click the ‘Val’ plan on the previous IEP. In example below, you would click the blue 11/18/13 (Val) to see previous services. • When you have created the first new plan in the new system, then when you create another new IEP, then the services would rollover and so then any changes you make to the services page would need a PWN.

  10. Viewing archives • When a new IEP is submitted, that will mark the previous IEP as Final. • In order to see the services and Reeval date from the original IEP (in picture below, the 3/14/13 IEP), you would need to click the Validated IEP (in this case the blue 3/22/13 date). • The Final archive will include any changes made to services and on tab A will include the new reeval date if the newest IEP was a reeval. It includes any changes to services from the newest IEP because they rollover from plan to plan and it is the same database.