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NSW TAB. By Amy, Ben, Rebecca and Rochelle. Presentation Overview:. What does TAB mean? TAB – A look at history Filling in the betting card Literacy practices used by the TAB Text types used by the TAB Getting the TAB to the public Conclusion. What does TAB mean?.

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  1. NSW TAB By Amy, Ben, Rebecca and Rochelle

  2. Presentation Overview: • What does TAB mean? • TAB – A look at history • Filling in the betting card • Literacy practices used by the TAB • Text types used by the TAB • Getting the TAB to the public • Conclusion

  3. What does TAB mean?

  4. Totalizator Agency Board

  5. Totalizator Agency Board (TAB):A look at history- • First TAB created in Vic. In 1961 • Est. in NSW in 1964 by NSW Government • Aim of TAB: - To provide safe, corrupt free off course wagering service in thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing • Replace legal off course book makers • Provide support by returning profits to the racing industry • Responsible for accumulating the investments of various pools and calculating dividends

  6. Can you fill in the betting card?

  7. How did you know how to fill in the card? • Previous experience with the TAB • Someone else gave you assistance • If you are not a part of the TAB discourse filling in the betting cards correctly is impossible if you don’t get assistance • There are no alternatives for individuals who are blind • The operations differ in the TAB between states

  8. What literacy practices are used by the TAB?

  9. Tabtext • Information screens assembled throughout the TAB displaying the following information: • Dividends (price) • Races that are coming up, including place, time and date • Next race to jump • Results including runner, jockeys name and full dividend details for all bet types • Interstate price comparisons • Quinella/Exacta screen which allows for instant comparison of quinella and exacta price

  10. Customer Coupons • These are a paper-based form of cash • A customer coupon is used to provide customers with ‘change’ that result from a transaction with a self-serve terminal • Cash value of the coupon is labelled on the receipt

  11. Phone TAB • Phone TAB is a telephone account which is held with the TAB in your state • It enables individuals to place bets from home using the telephone • Your account is paid by entering a TAB and giving them you account details, which they then use to top up your account • Winnings are credited to your account • Losses are debited from your account • Bets are made through calling the phone TAB number and following the prompts

  12. Race TAB • Internet TAB, race and sports TAB • www.nswtab.com.au

  13. What text types are used by the TAB?

  14. Graphs • Graphs are used in various TAB web sites to illustrate: -The slowing of wagering growth in NSW along with the reason for this occurrence which is the increased growth in gaming eg. casinos

  15. Graph examples.Total NSW wagering revenue 1973-1977

  16. NSW Gaming Revenue by Product - FY 1987 to FY 1997

  17. Tables • Used to display information on the tab text screen • The horse, rider, time and price are displayed in tables so that they are easy to read • Tables are also used in information and instruction booklets

  18. Instructions • Used to assist individuals with filling in the betting card • Used to assist with using the terminals (ticket scanning machines) when placing bets and collecting winnings

  19. Getting the TAB into the public • News paper – full race guide lift out • Television – Sky Channel • Radio – 2ky radio station dedicated to racing and sports betting • Internet – betting including full race guide and sports TAB

  20. Conclusion: Our group found after extensive research that, in order to fully understand how the TAB works one needs to be an insider in the TAB discourse. We discovered that the instruction booklets were difficult to understand and did not provide enough information to adequately allow us to fill in the betting cards. We found it was much easier to ask an attendant and have them give us a visual demonstration.

  21. We also discovered that the TAB used various text types and literacy practices. Such as graphs, tables, forms and abbreviations. All of which if you weren't familiar with, would be difficult to process the information in order to be able to use the TAB successfully.

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