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ITS Development Trend and Advantech Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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ITS Development Trend and Advantech Solutions

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ITS Development Trend and Advantech Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ITS Development Trend and Advantech Solutions
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  1. ITS Development Trend and Advantech Solutions Andy Kim ATC of General Manager

  2. 교통 및 통행 관리 시스템

  3. 교통 신호 시스템

  4. 지능형 운송 시스템의 구축구조 From US Department of Transportation

  5. 어드밴텍의 성공적인 ITS 응용 구성 모식

  6. Story I: 고속도로 터널의 모니터링과 제어

  7. 여행자 정보 안내차원의 응용 구성

  8. Story II: 주차 관리 및 번호판 승인 주차장의 중앙 관리실 구성 어드밴텍의 무선 UNO-3072를 적용하는 번호판 승인

  9. Story III: 모바일 환경 모니터링과 쓰레기 수거차량 모니터링 시스템

  10. UNO의 차량 적용 응용 구성- Compact Size and Dual Power Inputs Car Key Control Backup Main Dual Power Inputs for Redundancy

  11. Story IV: MRT의 레이져 측정 검색 및 경보 시스템 雷射偵測追蹤系統(LMDS - Laser Measurement Detection System)

  12. MRT중앙 통제 시스템의 DVR모니터링 시스템

  13. Internet Open HMI HMI Station Internet Network Ethernet-enabled Networking TCP/IP& UDP Industrial Control Platform Control I/O Advantech의 ITS 솔루션 구축 구성 HMI and Soft-Logic S/W

  14. UNO-2058- GPS/GPRS enabled fan-less computing platforms • Features • On-board GX2-533MHz, 64/128MB SDRAM • Two RS-232/485 ports and one RS-232/422/485 ports • RS-485 automatic flow control • One 10/100Base-T RJ-45 port • Supports GPS positioning • Supports GSM/GPRS communication • Supports CDMA/WCDMA in the near future • Isolated 4-channel DI and 4-channel DO • One programmable diagnostic LED and buzzer • Power Management Design • Supports Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP devices • Windows CE.NET ready solution

  15. 산업용 제어시스템 디자인<Dual Power Inputs for Redundancy> Car Key Power Control Car Extra Battery Power input Car Main Battery input

  16. UNO-2170- Celeron M/Pentium M Universal Controller w/PC-104 expansion • High Performance • Celeron M 1G , 600MHz CPU • 256/512MB SDRAM • 512KB Battery-backup RAM • Extension Capacities • Storage: CF/ 2.5’’ HDD • Interface: 2 x PC/104 slots • One 32-bit PCMCIA slot • Communication Interface • Dual 10/100Base-T LAN, RJ-45 • 2xRS-232, 2xRS-232/422/485 • Dual USB 1.1 • One printer port

  17. UNO-3072- Celeron M 1G Front-access Universal Controller w/ 2 PCI slots extension System • Intel Celeron M 1G/600 MHz CPU • 256/512MB SRAM • 512KB Battery Backup SRAM Comm. & Expansion • 4 x RS-232/422/485 serial ports • 2 x 10/100M Ethernet ports • 4 x USB 1.1 ports • 1 x PC card • 1 x External CF slot • 2 x PCI slots • 2.5” HDD expandable Industrial Control Accessory • 4DI/4DO On-board I/O • Dual-power input for redundancy UNO-3072

  18. ADAM-5550 - Open Programmable Automation Controller • Dual CPUs Design for control tasks that meet robust and computing performance requirements for PLC and Industrial PC • X86 CPU design to migrate IPC application directly • PLC I/O system to offer flexible, robust I/O control • PCI backplane for high speed I/O, visualization, motion control • Dual LAN Design for link with other Ethernet devices or Redundant communication • Deterministic I/O • Safety Shutdown Function for power failure PLC PLC Open PAC System IPC

  19. Dual CPUs: AMD Geode GX533 CPU & ARM 7 RS-232/485 Port RS-232/485 Port VGA Port for Connecting to Display Directly 128MB DDR with 512KB Battery Backup Support Motion Control Modules 2 USB Port for KB/Mouse or USB Devices Special DI and DO Functions RS-232 Port 2 PCI Slot for Hi-speed I/O Modules RS-485 Port Deterministic I/O at 1ms Dual Ethernet Port 1. Connecting to HMI/SCADA Software 2. Sending Email Alarm/SMS Alarm 3. Connecting Modbus/TCP Remote I/O 4. HTTP and FTP Server ADAM-5550 Key Spec. DVR Monitoring System in MRT Central Control Station

  20. 산업용에 강한 적응력을 지니는 Ethernet Switch 시스템 구성 (Robust) • EKI-6558M (w/ multi-mode fiber) • EKI-6558S (w/ single-mode fiber) • EKI-6538M (w/ multi-mode fiber) • EKI-6538S (w/ single-mode fiber) • EKI-6558 • EKI-6538 • EDG-6528M (w/ multi-mode fiber) • EDG-6528S (w/ single-mode fiber) • EDG-6528 • EDG-6528L (Economic Switch) • EDG-6528I • (Operating temperature: -40~85’C) 8 Ports • ADAM-6521 (w/ multi-mode fiber) • ADAM-6521S (w/ single-mode fiber) • ADAM-6520 • ADAM-6520L (Economic Switch) • ADAM-6520I • (Operating temperature: -40~85’C) 5 Ports Un-managed Smart Managed

  21. EKI- Ethernet networKIntelligence Maximize Network Efficiency Solid and Reliable Communication • Redundant smart ring • Support SNMP to manage network devices efficiently • IGMP snooping for performance optimization Optimize network performance • Quality of Service (802.1p; QoS) • Bandwidth administration • Port trunking • EKI-6558 8-port Industrial Managed Switch w/ Redundant Ring (Fiber optic optional) Easy to Maintain • Self-diagnosis button for Ethernet port checking • On-board DI/O • Flexible configurations (console/web) Secured Communication • Virtual Local Area Network • Security gate control • Port mirroring • EKI-6538 8-Port Industrial Smart Switch w/ Network Managements (Fiber optic optional)

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