Esol end of year procedures
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ESOL End-of-Year Procedures. Hall County School District May 01, 2014 Cindy Tu, ESOL Coordinator. General Announcements. You will receive the following as they become available: Anticipating ACCESS results on week of May 6. Check with your administrator. ACCESS score labels

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Esol end of year procedures

ESOL End-of-Year Procedures

Hall County School District

May 01, 2014

Cindy Tu, ESOL Coordinator

Esol end of year procedures

General Announcements

You will receive the following as they become available:

  • Anticipating ACCESS results on week of May 6. Check with your administrator.

  • ACCESS score labels

  • New blue folders

Items sent to esol lead teachers
Items Sent to ESOL Lead Teachers:

Please notify Maria Iniguez ( if you have not received the following items:

  • ACCESS Parent Cover Letters (English and multiple languages)

  • Sample Parent ACCESS Score Report (multiple languages)

  • Two blue folders with tab labeled:

    1.“Transfer EL Student Information – spring 2014” folder: Use for keeping all necessary rosters to be transferred to the receiving schools.

    2.“ESOL Summary Information - spring 2014” folder: Use for annually retaining EOY rosters and forms for future reference.

Rosters to be sent by may 2 nd
Rosters to be Sent by May 2nd

Estela Martin will E-mailthe following to lead ESOL teachers:

  • EL Student Transfer Form pre-populated with current LEP students (elementary and middle only)

  • Second-year Monitoring Students’ Roster pre-populated with current M1 students (will be M2 next year)

  • Completed Monitoring Student Roster pre-populated with current M2 students (will be ESOL Former next year)

  • Blank Exited ESOL Student/Monitoring Roster for listing new exited students (will be M1 next year)

Documents included in zip file sent with this powerpoint
Documents Included in Zip-file Sent with this PowerPoint

  • K Eligibility flowchart

  • Grades 1-12 Eligibility flowchart

  • Program Status – Service Code Definition chart

  • Data Entry ESOL Assessment/Status Roster

  • “Transition of ESOL Records” form

  • Updated version of blue folder

  • On-line LAC Directions

  • Monitoring forms

  • Sample of PHLOTE Eligibility/Assessment Report (a running list of new PHLOTE students who took the W_APT in 2013-14 at your school)

    New forms in English, Spanish, Vietnamese:

  • “Parent Notification of Student Eligibility for Language Support Services”

  • Parent “Notification of Exit from ESOL”

Where do i begin
Where Do I Begin?

Step 1: Review EOY PowerPoint for updates

Step 2: Follow ESOL EOY Procedures (email attachment)

Step 3: Retrieve EOY documents and forms from zip-file (email attachment)

As always, please contact us with questions or requests.

Upon receiving access results
Upon Receiving ACCESS Results…

  • Follow each section on End-of-Year Procedures for a complete guide on meeting records keeping, legal documentation, and parent communication requirements.

  • Sections listed on EOY Procedures:

    • ACCESS Test Results

    • Determine Eligibility

    • Parent Notification

    • ESOL Student Blue Folders

    • Records Transfer

    • Exited ESOL Student/ Monitoring Roster

    • Roster Verification

    • Permanent Records

    • Roster Submission

2010 state kindergarten exit criteria
2010 StateKindergartenExit Criteria

Use 2010 Kindergarten

ELLs Exit Criteria

Use Accountability domain Scores on K-ACCESS report to determine exit/eligibility

Students may not be LAC’d

To exit, ALL accountability domain PL scores must be > 5.0

May 9 2013 state grades 1 12 exit criteria
May 9, 2013 State Grades 1-12 Exit Criteria

To minimize errors, it is highly recommended that teachers use this flowchart along with the Gr. 1 – 12 student

ACCESS score reports to determine continued eligibility.

Lac form updated
LAC Form (updated)

Language Assessment Conference (LAC)

Please record all pertinent test scores on LAC form.

LAC Form is completed on-line under Document Tab in IC.

Online LAC directions is included in zip-file sent with this PowerPoint

Updated lac procedures
Updated LAC Procedures

For students who scored:

  • Between 4.0 - 4.9 CPL on Tier B or C with Literacy PL at or above 4.8: Complete LAC only if students are ready to exit.

  • At or above 5.0 CPL on Tier B or Cwith Literacy PL below 4.8: Conduct and complete LAC to exit / continue services.

  • Be sure on-line LAC form is accurate completed, saved, and signed with LAC date. If comments are added manually, make sure they are reflected in the on-line version.

  • Maintain a copy of LAC form in blue folder.

Parent notification refer to section iii of eoy procedures
Parent Notification(Refer to Section III of EOY Procedures)

  • New parent “Notification of Exit from ESOL” form – Send home with K-12 exitingstudents this spring.

  • “Parent Notification of Student Eligibility for Language Support Services” - send home with eligible Gr. 1-8 students in the fall.

  • Parent Notifications for rising 6th graders will be completed with ACCESS test scores and forwarded to middle school. Middle School ESOL teachers will complete contact information section and send home in the fall.

  • Parent Notifications for HS will be sent in the spring.

New parent notification form
New Parent Notification Form

Specific school contact information is an OCR requirement allowing parents the option to ask questions and/or waiving services.

As such, no NCR copies will be provided.


Retain copy of parent notification with completed teacher and school contact information.

Parent notification of exit form
Parent Notification of Exit Form

This is a new form to notify parents when their student met have exit criteria.

This form is sent home with all exiting students (k-12) this spring

Parent waiver reminders
Parent Waiver Reminders

  • The same monitoring form and process used for exited students are being used for parent waived students.

  • Parent waiver form (sent to you this past fall) is available in multiple languages and can be found at this DOE link:

  • In order for parents to waive ESOL services, they are required to complete a new parent waiver each year. Please contact parents who currently waived services to confirm their renewal of waiving services.

Records transfer for 5 th 8 th grades refer to section v of eoy procedures
Records Transfer for 5th & 8th Grades (Refer to Section V of EOY Procedures)


  • Both receiving and feeder schools should collaborate to establish a time to exchange folders and discuss specific information.

  • Please be aware that middle school teachers have to meet with both elementary and high school peers to exchange folders and may need special consideration in establishing a workable schedule.

  • Meeting with feeder schools by May 30th to receive ESOL blue folders is crucial.

  • At the records exchange meeting, have all ESOL teachers available to spot check folders prior to signing the “Transition of ESOL Records”form (included in zip-file).

Roster submission timeline refer to section ix of eoy procedures
Roster Submission Timeline(Refer to Section IX of EOY Procedures)

After completion of the listed rosters, please distribute as directed below by May 28th:

  • PHLOTE Eligibility/Assessment Report (Running list)

  • EL Student Transfer Form

  • Exited ESOL Student/Monitoring Rosters

  • Second-year Monitoring Students’ Roster

  • Completed Monitoring Process Student Roster

  • Forward one set to system ESOL Coordinator (Email to Estela Martin at Central Office – electronic copies only)

  • Provide one set to your school ESOL/SIS Administrator.

  • Place one set in “ESOL Summary Information - spring 2014” foldertoretain at your school.

  • Forward copy of Exited ESOL Student/Monitoring Rosterto your school ESOL Team Facilitator.

  • Place one set (items 2 – 5 above) in “Transfer EL Students Information – spring 2014” folder to deliver with all student blue folders to receiving school.

  • Access webinar reminders
    ACCESS Webinar Reminders

    1) If you have not already, please view this archived webinar first (now avail.):

    2)View ACCESS for ELLs Post-Assessment Q & A Webinar on May 7, 2014 @10:00am



    Note: It is important that all ESOL teachers complete the viewing of these two webinars prior to leaving for the summer.

    Alternate access required if you administered this assessment
    Alternate ACCESS (Required if you administered this assessment)

    Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Post-Assessment Q & A Webinar

    May 6, 2014 @2:00pm



    Contact us with any questions both big and small
    Contact us with any questions (both big and small)

    THANK YOU in advance for your diligence and hard work with EOY requirements.