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Year End Procedures 2012/13 PowerPoint Presentation
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Year End Procedures 2012/13

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Year End Procedures 2012/13 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Year End Procedures 2012/13. Izzy Clayton and Tanya Hitchen. Introduction. • Overview including changes to prior year • High-level Timetable • CD forms – When to use them, how to use them and examples • Internal trading – David Phillips • Premises recharges – Jane McCartney

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Year End Procedures 2012/13

Izzy Clayton and Tanya Hitchen



• Overview including changes to prior year

• High-level Timetable

• CD forms – When to use them, how to use them and examples

• Internal trading – David Phillips

• Premises recharges – Jane McCartney

• Other year-end procedures

• Summary



• Year-end debrief with ACMs after 2011/12:

• Earlier production of a draft timetable

• FAQs – Finance Services webpage

• More examples included here

•CD form process amended – no longer sent to SFAs, revised format

• Impact of IPA/IMS

• Plan-on - to be covered by Jane McCartney


High level timetable

HEFCE filing deadline 30th November

HESA Return deadline 14th December

Council – virtual meeting end of November

Audit Committee – 5th November

KPMG audit - commences 16th September

APTOS Closedown to all except Corporate Accounting – 31st August 5pm – with temporary closedown on 31st July 5pm until 1st August 10am to allow critical year-end reports to be processed


CD forms

•What are they?

•Where can they can be found?

•What process do they follow?


CD forms

  • Types of CD form available:
    • ‎ CD1_2013-A Creditors
    • ‎CD1_2013-B Prepayments
    • CD1_2013-C Non-Staff & Student Expenses
    • CD2_2013-A Debtors
    • CD2_2013-B Income in Advance
  • CD3 forms for internal transactions are available on request from Tanya Hitchen.
  • Code checkers now integrated, so please use these!!

CD forms

When should I use CD forms?

• Where we have received goods/services before 31st July 2013 but the purchase order has not been receipted on the system by the 31st July – CD1_2013-A

•Where we have provided services/goods but we have not yet raised an invoice by the year-end deadline – CD2_2013-A

•Where we have paid in advance for goods/services (this could include one that spans the year-end, i.e. an annual subscription starting in January) – CD1_2013-B

• Where we have paid for services/goods in 2012/13 but will not received them until after 1st August 2013 – CD2_2013-B


CD forms – Do’s and Don’ts

Look at dates goods/service has been received, NOT the invoice date

Use the code checker and ensure all codes are active beforesending them

Always send in supporting documentation to evidence the entries included to Corporate Accounting, Room 253, Northcote House

Check if you are uncertain which form to use/ whether an entry is allowable before the deadline

Use the minimum number of CD forms possible (consider materiality of £500)

Submit all electronic and paper copies by the 9th August 2013 to . Send them in as early as you like!


CD forms – Do’s and Don’ts

Never use a CD1/CD2 form for any internal income/expenditure

Never defer income that is not allowable by the funder

Do not send in a form without checking the codes are valid first. If invalid/closed codes are submitted the form will be returned to the sender and will only be input if form is returned before the deadline with valid codes.


Internal trading

  • Throughout the year
  • Supplying department issues invoice within 30 days of providing the service
  • Receiving department processes the invoices within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • Disputes
  • Need to notify both Finance Services and the service provider in writing within 10 days of the invoice receipt.
  • The person responsible for the customer account must
  • then work proactively to resolve the dispute.

Year end dispute process

  • Colleges/Services wishing to dispute an invoice must inform both the service provider and Tania Berry in writing (email is acceptable) by Wednesday 31stJuly.
  • The person responsible for the customer account must then work proactively to resolve the dispute, wherever possible before year end close on 9thAugust.
  • Where the amount is less than £100, the invoice will not be placed into dispute but will be charged to the customer’s account. The customer may then seek resolution with the supplier.

Unresolved disputes

Any invoices still in dispute as at 9th August will be cancelled in 2012/13 year, reinstated in 2013/14.

All other invoices (not in disputed) will be cleared and the charge will be ‘direct debited’ to the receiving College/Service header account


Key dates and deadlines

  • Any disputed invoices should be notified by email to the supplying department and Tania Berry by 31st July.
  • Disputes must be resolved by 9th August otherwise the invoice will be moved to 13/14.
  • All remaining invoices must be processed by 9thAugust
  • after 9ththey will be “direct debited” into the College/Service header account.
  • NB Invoices for less than £100 will not be placed into dispute.

Premises recharges

Includes EDS projects & furniture, Property Services maintenance, Stores

Final Planon weekly recharges w/c 29th July - jobs marked complete

Work in progress charged via reversing journal

WIP to include time charges, actual costs plus receipts to 31st July

No CD3’s


Other year-end procedures– External sales invoices

2012/13 invoices – raise as soon as possible, dated when raised or 31st July 2013 (Period 12 closes 7th August 2013.)

Credit notes against 2012/13 invoices to AR by 7th August 2013.

Payments received re 2012/13 invoices send immediately to AR. Deadline 12 noon 31st July for inclusion in 2012/13.

2013/14 supplies to be invoiced as normal dated August 2013.

Invoices not raised by 7th August need to be included on CD2/2013/A received by 9th August.


Income received

Cash/cheques/card for cashiers, and cash for transit to the bank by professional carrier, for income up to and including 31st July 2013 to be with Cashier’s by 1st August.

2012/13 receipts MUST be kept separately from 2013/14 receipts.

Cash received by Finance Services after 1st August will be processed in 2013/14, irrespective of the date on the paperwork.

Additional cash collections can be arranged with Estate Patrol.


External purchase invoices

All invoices for goods/services where the invoice is matched to the purchase order and goods receipted before 31st July 2013 will be processed in period 12 on Aptos regardless of the date of invoice.

All invoices matched or goods receipted after 31st July 2013 will be included on 2013/14 purchase ledger.

An accrual will be run centrally for all purchase orders that have been goods receipted and not matched to an invoice by 5pm on the 31st July 2013.

Automatic accrual to be reviewed by Colleges and Services, all adjustments to be processed on CD1/2013/A and received by Corporate Accounting by 9th August.


Foreign Payments

2012/13 foreign currency requests to Accounts Payable by 19th July.

2012/13 requests not received until after 19th July need to be accrued on CD1/2013/A and returned to Corporate Accounting by 9th August.

During July and August please clearly mark each request with ‘2012/13’ or ‘2013/14’ before sending to Accounts Payable.


Purchasing Cards and Online expenses

  • All claims fully approved by 12 noon on Tuesday 30 July 2013 will be processed to Aptos in 2012/13
  • On Tuesday 6 August, electronic accruals will be generated from:
    • an extract taken from Aptos of all items dated prior to 1 August 2013;
    • an extract taken from Expenses of all claims submitted but not yet approved and dated prior to 1 August 2013; and
    • an extract taken of all un-reconciled purchase card transactions (ie these will not have been submitted). These items will be from all card statements up to and including the July 2013 statement.

Purchasing Cards and Online expenses

  •  These electronic accruals will be circulated to finance staff in Colleges and Services to confirm:
    • all items should be accrued
    • confirm/add coding where required (unapproved/unreconciled lines)
  • Once Colleges and Services have confirmed all the accrual data the accruals will be posted to 2012/13.
  • The deadline for returning the electronic accrual schedules is 5pm on Friday 9 August.
  • Detailed guidance of this process is set out on the finance webpages

Non-staff/student expenses

Hard copy expense claims for non-staff/students RECEIVED in Accounts Payable by 19th July will be processed in 2012/13.

2012/13 claims received after 20th July will need to be accrued on CD1/2013/C by 9th August.


Payroll claims

Any payroll claims received in August will be processed into 2013/14.

However, claims relating to work done in 2012/13 that are RECEIVED by Payroll by 9th August will be automatically accrued for in 2012/13.

July staff bank claims received by 9th August will be accrued for centrally, including recharges to Colleges.


Petty Cash

For expenditure up to and including 31st July 2013, send petty cash book and claim for reimbursement to Cashier’s office by 1st August.

DO NOT send in a claim for reimbursement which spans both years.

It is acceptable to close off petty cash earlier than 31st July 2013 and include all subsequent expenditure in 2013/14 unless material to the budget unit.



Capital Equipment schedules (> £25,000) to be issued in July 2013 and returned by 7th August 2013.

Inventory schedules (over £500) confirmations to be issued in July 2013 returned by 7th August 2013.

Inventory schedules may be requested for inspection during the external audit.


Journals and key dates

  • 19th July: Student Expense Claims, Foreign Payments, Non-Staff Expenses
  • 26th July: Internal Sales Invoices
  • 31st July: APTOS closed at 5pm, Central automatic accrual run
  • 1st August: APTOS re-opened 10am, last day for cash income
  • 7th August: Capital & Inventory Schedules, External Sales Invoices
  • 9th August: Internal Purchase Invoices, CD Forms, College/Service to post their own journals
    • NOTE: When entering journals in the period between 1st and 10th August you will have to overwrite the date to 31st July otherwise the voucher will default to current August date
  • 31st August: APTOS closed to all except Corporate Accounting


Contact us:

Izzy Clayton – Ext 3076

Tanya Hitchen – Ext 5009