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Employee Development Process

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Employee Development Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Employee Development Process. 360 Degree feedback. Objectives. Enabling the Management to understand the employees’ career aspirations and career plan. An avenue for the superior and employee to identify the strengths and areas of improvement – both behavioral and functional.

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employee development process

Employee Development Process

360 Degree feedback

  • Enabling the Management to understand the employees’ career aspirations and career plan.
  • An avenue for the superior and employee to identify the strengths and areas of improvement – both behavioral and functional.
  • Enables superior and employee to work out an action plan to overcome the shortcomings identified.
  • Translating these inputs into Training need.

This policy is applicable to all the employees who

have put in a minimum of six months service in the

company as on 31st Dec of every year

[irrespective of whether they have been confirmed

or not], but excluding Trainees and FTCs

year period of implementation
Year/ Period of Implementation
  • The system is being administered once every year on a ‘Calendar year’ basis.
  • To be administered during 1st January of all the year.
  • To be completed within 30 days from start date.
changes made this year
Changes made this year
  • Created a behavioral dictionary and converted as a template for providing feed back
  • Modified the proficiency level in line with the competency frame work
  • Created a functional competency dictionary [ please see competency mapping icon]
  • Based on the role based competency, the functional and behavioral feedback would be assessed by the superior
  • Employee comments column provided after determining the action plan by the superior
  • Completion of this exercise is mandatory for all.
  • Further, this exercise gives opportunity for the employee to consider their candidature for discussing career path, career progression.

COMPANY WIDE COMPETENCIES( WITH THEIR DEFINITIONS)We have reviewed, accepted and finalized Company wide competency [Behavioral] requirements that are critical for our company’s growth. These competencies are Behavioral indicators. All employees would be given feedback on the behavioral indicators shown below.

company wide competencies with their definitions8

Each of the above mentioned competencies are freezed by the Company to be assessed with all the employees.

With a view to standardize our requirement and also to make every one to have a common understanding, we had identified the behavioral indicators and defined it.

These competencies are Behavioural indicators. All the superiors, internal customers etc would be giving their feedback on the above behavioural indicators for all the employees.

career discussion norm
  • All employees are required to complete the form.
  • Only after completing this exercise, employees will be allowed for the 360* feedback exercise
career discussion new employees
  • Log on to my.cavinkare.com
  • Click Employee Development plan LINK
  • Click Employee Development process
  • Select the appropriate period LINK
  • Click on to the “Career discussion” caption
  • Career Discussion Form will be displayed
  • All 11 questions are required to be answered.
  • Click “Submit”
career discussion existing employees
CAREER DISCUSSION -Existing Employees
  • For the benefit of the employees who had already filled in the form last year, the system is designed to reflect whatever was keyed in last time.
  • Employees can key in the changes, if any, and then submit them.
career discussion sample questions clarification
CAREER DISCUSSION-Sample Questions & Clarification
  • What is your short term (1- 3 years) career vision? (Please specify the role, the scope of responsibility, area etc.. E.g. I would like to Head the Training and Development function of the company covering all the businesses and be responsible for devising training and development strategies for the employees OR I would like to be a specialist in the field of Intellectual Property Rights)   
  • What according to you are the competencies (functional and behavioral) required for fulfilling your short term goals in the next three year period?  
  • What according to you are the competencies that are perceived as strengths and areas for improvement which is based on your career goal and CavinKare’s list of competencies? 
  • What are some of the constraints that can prevent you from achieving your career vision (eg location, family, resources etc…)?    
  • What is a potential career derailer according you? (Deraliers – everyone has one or two derailers, including strengths that could become a weakness while handling a new area. Eg.. having control over things can be a strength for sometime, in the event of leading a team this can lead to difficulty in delegating.Employee submits the document and the same will be forwarded to his or her immediate superior.
for employees

Who will give the feedback?

  •  Direct reportees
  • Superior/s
  • Peers [ To be selected by the employee]
  • Key customers [To be selected by the superior, and only where applicable]
for employees18

Direct Reportees

  • No option for selecting this category.
  • It is mandatory for all the sub-ordinate to give their feedback to the superior
  • If there is no reportee, only superior would evaluate.
  • It is automated that the feedback forms would be sent to all the reportees by default
for employees19


  • No option for selecting this category.
  • It is mandatory for the superior to give their feedback to their subordinate/s.
  • If there is no subordinate, the system would not generate the feed back form for that link.
for employees20


  •  To be selected by the employee.
  • Minimum 3-5 people have to be selected [Please ensure that the person you are selecting has an operational interaction with you or is someone who can assess you on all these competencies].
  • Employee to ensure that they select peers either one level up or one level below for generating the feedback form.
  • They can select any employee as peers other than subordinates and superiors.
  • How to go about the selection process -
    • Log on to my.cavinkare.com
    • Click Employee Development plan LINK
    • Click the Employee Development process
    • Select the appropriate period LINK
    • Click on the Competency feedback
    • Click the “Select department to nomination”
    • Department list would be displayed; check the box of department to view the names to nominate the peers [if you need to select peers from more than one department, please click all departments together so that you get the entire list for you to select appropriately]
    • Select the names of peers whom you wish that they need to give feedback to you and submit.
    • All selected peers the feedback template would be generated automatically in their “Competency feed back link”
for employees25


  • Superior can decide whether customer feedback is required for his subordinate.
  • Customer means External customer. For example : Bank, financial institution, Vendors, Ad agencies, recruitment consultants etc
  • Employee to give the customer name, designation, mail id and contact no to his superior to enable him to send the feedback form from the superior id.
  • If customer feedback is required, Min 1 and max 3 customers list to be provided to the superior.
for employees26

Complete feedback asked by your peers

  • How to go about in giving feedback to your peers -
    • Log on to my.cavinkare.com
    • Click Employee Development plan LINK
    • Click the Employee Development process
    • Select the appropriate period LINK
    • Click on the Competency feedback 
    • Click the “Feed back tab ”
    • Feed back for employees - you can see the list of people asked for feed back from you
    • you need to give feed back for all the employees who had opted you to give feedback. Select the name to get the feed back form page and provide the necessary response and submit.
    • With this, feed back for  an employee this is the process.
    • If it is more than one employee, you need to follow the same procedure for all other employees request for feedback
for employees31

In a Nutshell

  • Complete career discussion
  • Complete selection of peers
  • Complete selection of customers and give it to the superior
  • Complete feedback asked by your peers
for superiors

Career Discussion

  • Once received, the superior to review the career discussion form.
  • Sit with the concerned employee and give feed back after analysis of strengths and improvement areas in Behavioral and/or functional competencies.
for superiors38

Competency Feedback

Band 6 & 7:

  • No 360 degree feedback on competencies
  • Only superior feedback would be considered for behavioral and functional feedback
competency feedback
Competency Feedback

Band 5 to 4

  • Based on the following, a superior would do the carrier discussion and GAP analysis
  • Carrier discussion form
  • Competency consolidated report which is given by superior / subordinate and peers for the respective employee
  • Customer feedback report
  • Identify strength and areas of improvement in both functional and behavioural competencies
competency feedback40
Competency Feedback

Band 3 and above

  • Consciously, we had eliminated the feedback system for GM and above cadres.
  • They will have the following system in place:  
  • A] Career discussion form
  • B] Behavioral and functional feedback from superior
  • C] Arriving at the action plan by the superior
identification of behavior and improvement areas
Identification of behavior and improvement areas

A sheet containing the list of competencies and the rating obtained by the employee through the feedback forms would be displayed.

     From the above the superior to correlate the “role based competencies needed for this slot” and his current rating.  

    If the rating is less than he required level, the same would be categorized as improvement areas by clicking on Yes in the training intervention column.

     Also the superior has to give his comments on each and every competencies listed.

functional competencies improvement areas
Functional competencies / improvement areas

To be done by the superior empirically.

A sheet is being provided with a blank column on the following areas:

Functional competencies

Level with selection button

Training intervention


 This sheet is slightly different from the behavioral sheet since,

A] the behavioral competencies are standardized and listed permanently

B] the rating would also be pick up based on the feedback forms

C] Hence the superior roll is only to compare the final rating with the role based competencies needed.

Here in the functional competencies, the superior is expected to do the following:

pick the functional competencies from the role based competency template available

Type the same in the column provided

Assess the individual

Compare the result with the role based competency matrix

If the rating of the superior is less than the competency matrix identified, the same has to be categorized as improvement areas and link it with the TNI.

customer feedback
Customer Feedback

Based on the list and details provided by the employee, superior would do the following:

1.Send the assessment form – soft or hard copy – to the customer for their `evaluation

2.Once the feedback is received, enter the data in the link provided as per details given below:

Log on to my.cavinkare.com

Get into Superior log in

Select the subordinate name

Click on the link in the name of “feedback” in the last column

You will see a list of feedback for employees by the customer

Click on to the customer 1 or 2 or 3 and type the feedback received from the customer

annexure h action plan
Annexure H - ACTION PLAN

Based on a] career discussion form filled by the employee b] competency feedback form – areas of strength and areas for training intervention, the superior and the employee to jointly discuss and priorities the improvement areas for the role and chalk out the action plan for the Employee development.

Arriving at the action plan, means what?

 A] While arriving at the action plan for improvement area, the superior to ensure that the areas for improvement has a definite target date

 B] A review for the target to be agreed upon specifically

 C] An action plan need not necessarily be a class room training. However, the superior also has the following options:

             I] On the job training

Ii] Special project / Assignment

Iii] Presentations

Iv] Self study project etc

 D] Operating procedure

Log on to my.cavinkare.com

Get into Superior log in

Select the Development plan / period

Select the employee

Click on to the”Action plan” and after this it is menu driven

in a nutshell
In A Nutshell
  • Review the career discussion sheet of the individual /sub ordinate
  • Identification of behavior strength and improvement areas
  • Identification of Functional competencies / improvement areas
  • Determine whether Customer Feedback required for the sub ordinate or not And communicate through by selection of Yes/No button
  • Send the feedback forms to the customers and key-in the feedback in the appropriate column once received from the customer
  • Sit with the concerned employee and give feed back after analysis of Strengths and improvement areas in Behavioural / functional competencies
  • Arrive at the action plan for the improvement areas
  • Review it at the end of the calendar year
review of the action plan
Review of the action plan

This is to be done for all the employees – irrespective of bands.

 This is to be done by the employee

 To be completed before Dec every year.

 Operating Procedure

   1.During December, a link for review will be enabled next to the Action plan ikon.

2.Employee to give his comments for the action plan and target assigned to him

3.As like appraisal, once the employee submits his comments, superior can view and jointly assess the progress for development

for clarification if any
For clarification if any

Please contact Mr V Ganesan Senior Manager HR at HQ

Mobile 97909 27356

Ext 701

mail id : ganesan@cavinkare.com