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Career Clusters

Career Clusters. Andrew. Peach State Pathways.

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Career Clusters

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  1. Career Clusters Andrew

  2. Peach State Pathways A career cluster organizes careers and pathways with similar knowledge and skills. Georgia recognizes 11 career clusters. A pathway is usually represented by three sequenced courses in order and can begin in the ninth grade and help prepare you for a career or college.

  3. Agriculture Pathways Veterinary Science Offers animal science courses with a greater focus on animal health. Classes in agriculture, small animal care and veterinary care. Offering theoretical and practical knowledge. Helps prepare for careers in animal breeding, animal training or veterinary science and is perfect for students who intend to pursue this pathway. • Agribusiness Management • Agricultural Mechanics • Agriscience • Animal Science • Forestry/Natural Resources • Plant Science/Horticulture • Veterinary Science

  4. Arts and Humanities Pathways Foreign Language Offers a wide range of coursework that provides numerous opportunities in the world of work. Georgia offers courses in Romance, German, Slavic and classical languages, Asian, African and Semitic languages, also American sign language. Occupations may include translator, interpreter, language teacher or linguist. • Foreign Language • Journalism • Preforming Arts • Visual Arts

  5. Architecture, Construction, Communications, and Transportation Pathways Flight Operations This pathway is to prepare students with knowledge and skills for a career in the aviation industry. Careers include air traffic controller, commercial pilot, airfield operations specialist, and aerospace engineer. • Aircraft Support • Architectural Drawing & Design • Broadcast Video Production • Climate Control Technology – HVACR • Collision Repair • Construction • Flight Operations • Graphic Communications • Graphic Design • Metals • Transportation Logistical Operations (Ground/Marine) • Transportation Logistical Support (Ground/Marine)

  6. Business and Computer Science Pathways Computing This pathway is a high growth field. In this pathway students will learn about computer programming, computer safety measures, as well as business practices. Students will have the opportunity to learn skills that can help them become gamedesigners, computer software engineers or computer programmers. • Administrative/Information Support • Computer Networking • Computer Systems & Support • Computing • Financial Management – Accounting • Financial Management – Services • Interactive Media • Small Business Development

  7. Culinary Arts Pathways Culinary Arts This pathway offers coursework in food preparation and presentation, spices and flavorings, proper temperatures and food storage. • Culinary Arts

  8. Education Pathways Teaching as a Profession This pathway offers coursework that will enable them to provide care for babies in daycare centers to teaching students in elementary, middle and high schools. • Early Childhood Education • Teaching as a Profession

  9. Engineering and Technology Pathways Math/Science This pathway affords students the opportunity to study life and physical sciences and varied levels of mathematics. • Electronics • Energy Systems • Engineering • Engineering Graphics & Design • Manufacturing • Math/Science

  10. Family and Consumer Sciences Pathways Nutrition and Food Science This pathway trains workers to help lead their lives healthier lives through balanced diets. Nutritionists are one of the jobs in this occupation. • Consumer Services • Interior Design • Nutrition and Food Science

  11. Government and Public Safety Pathways Junior ROTC – Army This is a leadership and citizenship education program. This will help students build a strong knowledge of self discovery and leadership skills applicable to many leadership and managerial situations. • Homeland Security & Emergency Services • Junior ROTC – Air Force • Junior ROTC – Army • Junior ROTC – Marines • Junior ROTC – Navy • Law & Justice

  12. Healthcare Science Pathways Biotechnology Research & Development This pathway gives students the opportunity to be part of a field that uses scientific information technology, research and hands-on skills to help solve medical problems, design needed devices and discover new treatments. Specialties within the industry include biomaterials, biomechanics, medical imaging, rehabilitation engineering and orthopedic engineering. • Biotechnology Research & Development • Diagnostic Services • Health Informatics • Personal Care Services-Cosmetology • Physical Medicine • Therapeutic Services – Emergency Services • Therapeutic Services – Medical Services • Therapeutic Services – Nursing

  13. Marketing, Sales & Services Pathways Marketing & Management This pathway consists of the following concentration courses: marketing principals, entrepreneurship and advanced marketing, along with one ‘’choice’’ course from the following list: marketing research, international business & marketing, and professional sales and promotion. • Fashion Marketing • Marketing & Management • Marketing Communication & Promotion • Sports & Entertainment Marketing • Travel Marketing & Lodging Management

  14. Business and Computer Science The planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations available in every sector of the economy.

  15. Careers in Business and Computer Science Cluster • Accountant • Court Clerk • Energy Broker • Indexer • Word Processing Typist • Website Designer • Tax Preparer • Stockbroker • Office Manager • Secretary

  16. Word Processing Typist A person in this career does many things. They check for spelling and grammar on documents. They also answer telephones, sort and distribute mail, they run errands and send faxes. They print and make copies of work. Another thing that they do is adjust page layouts and other style requirements.

  17. Working Conditions and Physical Demands of a Word Processing Typist You sit most of the time and occasionally walk and stand. You might have to lift and carry books, papers or tools they weigh less than 10 pounds. You are inside most if not all of the time. This involves sitting more than one third of the time.

  18. Skills You Will Need The skills you will need for this job are as followed: reading comprehension, active listening, writing, speaking, mathematics, critical thinking, active learning, and learning strategies. These skills are necessary but not as important as the others: science, monitoring. These skills are used in other careers and in this career: operating word processors, following spoken instructions, proofread data for accuracy, working as a member of an office support team. Workplace skills- practiced activities that help people become successful in all kinds of careers. Here is a list of the workplace skills used in this career: coordination, instructing, judgment and decision making, social perceptiveness, time management.

  19. Money Georgia Earnings Cities in Georgia • Average Annual Wage $31,140 • Entry Annual Wage $17,820 • Experienced Annual Wage $47,220 • Average Hourly Wage $14.97 • Entry Hour Wage $8.57 • Experienced Hour Wage $22.70 • Median Hour Wage $13.90

  20. Outlook

  21. Summary • I have learned that there are 11 career clusters. And not all of them are right for me.

  22. Web Resources • www.gacollege411.org

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