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Vocabulary Quiz Review

Vocabulary Quiz Review. Friday, September 5, 2014. Housing. Housing Choices. Physical Needs. Psychological Needs. Vocabulary Review. Housing : any structure built for people to live in. Physical Needs :

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Vocabulary Quiz Review

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  1. Vocabulary Quiz Review Friday, September 5, 2014 Housing Housing Choices Physical Needs Psychological Needs

  2. Vocabulary Review • Housing: • any structure built for people to live in. • Physical Needs: • all the things the body needs to survive such as air, sunlight, food, shelter, and sleep. • Psychological Needs: • the needs related to thoughts and emotions. • Universal Design: • designing homes to fit people with a wide variety of physical needs and abilities.

  3. Physical Needs of a Home Physical needs of a home provides the basic needs of the individual(s) living in the home. • Shelter • Comfort • Protection • Safety

  4. Psychological Needs of a Home • There are five main needs for personal growth that a home can provide: • Emotional Needs • Social Needs • Privacy Needs • Intellectual Needs • Aesthetic Needs

  5. Psychological Needs of a Home • Emotional needs: aspace that has enough light and heat, is quiet, and reduces stress. • Social needs:a space that provides interactions with others. • Privacy needs: a place that allows them an individual to be alone. • Intellectual needs: a home can provide books, toys, games, hobby materials and music to create a learning environment that improves people’s minds. • Aesthetic needs: the needs to have art and beauty around them.

  6. Breathing, food, water, sleep, homeostasis

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