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Silmarillion. Ainulindale. Major elements of Creation Myth. Music of the Ainur Vision of creation Ea! the substance of world Valar to realize vision/music. The Music of the Ainur. The first theme Ainur spring from Eru’s thought Eru gives musical themes to Ainur

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major elements of creation myth
Major elements of Creation Myth
  • Music of the Ainur
  • Vision of creation
  • Ea! the substance of world
  • Valar to realize vision/music
the music of the ainur
The Music of the Ainur
  • The first theme
    • Ainur spring from Eru’s thought
    • Eru gives musical themes to Ainur
    • Ainur sing mostly alone, few together
    • Eru propounds mighty theme
    • Ainur sing in harmony
the music of the ainur1
The Music of the Ainur
  • The second theme
    • Melkor includes his own thought
    • Melkor creates discord around him
    • Others follow Melkor
    • Music is like storm
    • Eru smiles, a new theme begins
    • Melkor’s sound battles with new theme
    • Many Ainur cease singing
the music of the ainur2
The Music of the Ainur
  • The third theme
    • Eru stern, new theme begins
    • At first soft and sweet, then deep and wide and beautiful
    • At variance with Melkor’s music, which is loud and in unison, endlessly repeating
    • Deeper music takes most triumphant notes of Melkor’s music and weaves it into its solemn pattern
the vision of the music
The Vision of the Music
  • Eru gives sight where there was only hearing
  • World unfolds its history (4th dimension)
  • Selfishness of Melkor is a part of design
  • Vision contains ideas Ainur had not thought of: Children of Iluvatar
the vision of the music2
The Vision of the Music
  • Melkor desires to go to Arda
  • Other Ainur marvel at the wonders of this new world, especially in water
  • Eru points out to Ulmo how Melkor’s interference created the miracles of snow and frost and clouds and rain
  • The vision fades; the Ainur become aware of darkness
ea let these things be
Ea! Let these things be
  • Eru sends into the Void the Flame Imperishable and the world is
  • Many Ainur chose to descend to the world and become part of it; they become the Valar, the Powers
  • They enter at the beginning of time and begin to realize the Vision
creation of the world
Creation of the world
  • Melkor claims the world as his
  • Manwe will not let Melkor do this; he recruits many other Valar to work with him, and Melkor withdraws
  • Valar take shape similar to Children of Iluvatar
  • Valar choose the sex of their shape
battle of the valar with melkor
Battle of the Valar with Melkor
  • Melkor envious of beauty, peace of the world
  • Melkor attacks
  • The Valar fight back
  • The earth is the battlefield; as the Valar try to create part of the Vision, Melkor tries to destroy it
earth is fashioned
Earth is fashioned

Out of the Battle of the Valar and Melkor comes the world as it is prepared for the Children of Iluvatar