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General Info. Purposes In Leviticus 23, God appointed seven holidays for the Israelites as times to meet with him. Other holidays developed later.

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General Info

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    1. General Info • Purposes • In Leviticus 23, God appointed seven holidays for the Israelites as times to meet with him. • Other holidays developed later. Passover Feast of Trumpets Unleavened Bread Day of Atonement Firstfruits Feast of Booths Feast of Weeks

    2. General Info • Calendar • The Gregorian calendar used by most Western nations today is a solar calendar. • The Jewish calendar uses both lunar and solar movements. • The months are determined by the moon; the year by the sun.

    3. General Info • Calendar • Following the Babylonian exile in the sixth century BC, the Jewish calendar reflected the Babylonian names of the months. • These names still exist today in the current Jewish calendar.

    4. General Info • Calendar

    5. Passover • Background • Commemorates God’s deliverance of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. • Pesach means to “pass over.” • In biblical times, Passover was commemorated with a sacrifice. • Today, it is commemorated with a meal.

    6. Passover Moses before the Burning Bush by Domenico Feti, 1613-14 • Background • The Lord called Moses to lead the Israelites from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land.

    7. Passover • Background • When first confronted by Moses, Pharaoh refused to let the people go. • After sending nine plagues, the Lord said the firstborn male of every house would die unless the doorframe of that house was covered with the blood of a perfect lamb.

    8. Passover • Background • That night, the Lord “passed over” the homes with blood on the doorframes. • The tenth plague brought death to the firstborn sons of Egypt, even taking the life of Pharaoh’s own son. • Pharaoh let the Israelites go.

    9. Passover • Background • Passover was to be a lasting ordinance for generations to come. • Observed on the 14th day of the first month (religious year) beginning at twilight. • The Passover lamb must be a perfect male with no spot or blemish.